Tuesday, 13 February 2018


January 12, 2018

Hello everyone to another week! Something funny that happened is one day we stopped by Jared's and he was outside with someone else and there was this giant random lego man outside. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. We also saw this car go past us or turn or something and we looked away for a second. Then it was just gone. IT WAS ALSO REALLY WEIRD. Anyway this week was just good. Here's some reasons why!

The beginning of the week was pretty uneventful, but on Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder McBride. We did a lot of service and got free chocolate milk! It was awesome! He is a really good Elder. Thursday we got a new gator (investigator) named Carla!!!!!!!! She is from Italy and works at Walmart. Her schedule is crazy but she is taking some time to meet with us. She said the closing prayer and was really touched by the experience of praying in the Savior's way. It was awesome!

Friday we met with Robert and he is a really smart man. He knows a ton about Christ's early church. We answered a lot of his questions and gave him some really interesting things to think about. He really liked what we had to say. He isn't investigating yet but definetely wants to meet again. Met with the Johnsons to read some more and they gave me SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS! They are so awesome. We read 2 Nephi 3.

Sunday we gave talks. Elder Christiansen's was on the Book of Mormon initiative and he killed it! Mine was on stuff I wish I knew before my mission on a more gospel focus.

Love you all! So sorry it's short had a lot of messaging.

Elder Sorochan

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Zoom Zoom

February 5, 2018

Hello everyone hope your week has been better than a doughnut that someone just gave to you after you just tried to talk to them on the street! No lie that happened this week. This week was sweet let me tell you why!

We did some service for Mark again. Elder Christiansen is prepping a Book of Mormon for him. He does a lot with missionaries around so we are hoping to move him forward. He likes to drink but this week he says he hasn't drank for awhile. Hopefully that stays!

Dang I forgot my planner in the car and I'm short on time so I will wing it and add anything I forget next week y'all! It was a sweet week though! On Wednesday we FINALLY got our car back! Sing praises and hallelujahs we are so glad to have it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN GO PLACES!!!!! Our area is so big it is redonculous. We helped out at Davis Creek again and went to Bowers mansion. I have been so bad with sending pics I will do it next week I promise! Ranger Nick gave us a tour of Bowers mansion too which is closed for now but hey, VIP privileges you know :D Then we went to the Virginia City Highlands at night which probably wasn't the most thought out decision we have made. It was dark and in the middle of no where but we had a TON of banked up miles from not having the car for a week so we really wanted to go up there because we never do. It was fun!

Thursday Elder Christiansen finally got to the chiropractor and got all fixed up. He feels way better now. Love chiropractors.

Saturday I went on a crazy good exchange with Elder Tolbert. I've sent a pic of him before but we had a blast biking around a couple different parts of our area and teaching Jared a bit about the plan of Salvation. He is so helpful and a great example of a Christlike leader!

Elder Christiansen is awesome! I love being his companion he is a great missionary!

Love yall! Till next time!

Elder Sorochan

Friday, 2 February 2018

Cars are for the weak

January 29, 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Turns out I'm still alive so that's good. It's questionable if in one piece but oh well. Hopefully I'll find my other arm one day ;) Well after that random and nonsensicle rambling let's begin!

Last Pday was really fun because we got to celebrate Elder Christiansen's Birthday! It was really on Thursday but due to details which I will not bore you with, we had his big birthday dinner planned for Monday night. The Curtis' who are an awesome family in the ward took us out to the Outback for some delicious food. One of my favorite parts is we got some appetizers! I love appetizers. Anyway that was super fun and Elder Christiansen is now 19. This is the fifth companion I have been with for their birthday and the second where we have been together for both our birthdays.

This week was a rather interesting week with many obstacles that were placed in our path so I will tell things in order from the less interesting to the more interesting. Firstly we have been without a car for most of the week. Our car has been having the problem of having the ignition switch not turn when you put the key in. Having the key not turn apparently makes the car not start very well, or really more not at all. Who knew? Any way after trying some tricks it would usually turn but Tuesday night it got to the point where it took us about 15 minutes atleast to get the darn thing to turn so that was when we decided it would be a good idea to call our handy dandy vehicle coordinator, Elder Bellamy! We called him the next morning and he came down to Washoe Valley to see if the other key would work at all. During the 20+ minutes of him driving to the our house from the mission office I proceeded to try to get the key to turn with no success. Fortunately when he got here he was able to get it to turn a couple of times and me once after he got there so we were able to get it to the dealership without towing it. We dropped it off and found out there was a recall on this problem which is nice, but they didn't have the part and so they had to order it. This means that we haven't had a car since Wednesday. The area in which I now live is bigger than a couple of my previous area's so walking takes FOREVER. Fortunately, I like walking. We can't really bike right now because this week Elder Christiansen's back has been giving him some bad problems randomly with an unknown cause so between these two things needless to say it hasn't been the most productive week, but some cool things still happened!

With the car being gone we have been getting a lot of rides to places we have been needing to go and we have seen a lot of miracles with that. We will literally get a ride from someone to one place and the next people will be willing to give us a ride, or someone will have come to that house to join us for what we are doing and they will give us a ride after, or we even were walking down the road to dinner and were late and someone we knew, Mark actually, picked us up and drove us to dinner! #Miracles

We got to help Mark out a bit with his renovations some more. It is been really cool to see the progress that it is making, kind of like the deck I helped make in Elko for Joe.

I had a neat experience of receiving some inspiration this week. Sitting on my desk has been a stack of old records that I have wanting to do something about for FOREVER but for some reason I never got around to it. This Thursday during weekly planning I had some time to go over them, so I did. As I first went through them I discovered that a bunch of them were just photocopies of ones already in our area book. It seemed like that was all that was in the pile so I picked the pile up and went over to the trash can. As I went to throw out the records I got this feeling that it wasn't right to throw them out but should still go through them. I did and it turns out that there were quite a few records that didn't belong in our area but in another area in my district so instead of them being lost they can go to where they need to be!

The last cool thing for the week is with the Johnsons. We had dinner with them on Tuesday and got to read the scriptures with them again! Their son who is 8 read and he read better than almost all my investigators ever have! He also gave me the hardest played game of checkers ever! He is a clever cookie. Sister Johnson the next day also asked to come give her niece a blessing.

Love y’all, till next time, don’t forget to smile. BYE,!!

Elder Sorochan

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Daily Mass

January 22, 2018

Well everyone this week was weird. Or at least some really weird stuff happened and we will get into a few of those. First though something really cool happened last week on PDAY while shopping. If any of you can remember back to the Dayton days there was a couple we were teaching named the Millers. Sister Miller was not baptized and couldn't be while I was there. Recently in our mission newsletter the "High Desert Disciple" I saw her name in the list of people who were baptized! I couldn't believe it I was so excited. Then by the tender mercies of the Lord and by divine design while we were shopping at Winco, this place a lot like Costco except you don't need a membership, I saw them in the meat section! I went and said hi and told her congratulations. It was so cool to see them. If we hadn't had a house inspection that morning, we wouldn't have been there at the right time either. It was really nice.

That night too we had Chicken Wings and fries at Sister Knox's house! She asked what we wanted and consented to chicken wings it was sweet!

Tuesday we got to watch the Special Broadcast with President Nelson it was sooooo cool! The Q&A that they did was awesome too. President Oaks was especially spot on in it. I know they have been called of God and President Nelson is our new Prophet and President. We also that day got to go to the temple which was really enjoyable. The more I go the more I like going.

We helped at Davis Creek again this week. It's for Justserve.org. We rake up pine needles. Woohoo!

Saturday is the more weird day that I will talk about. It started in the morning with us planning. In my prayer for it I asked for something spontaneous to happen. I don't ask for this all the time but sometimes I do and something usually happens. Well, this time was no different. On our way to the first person we were going to go try that morning, we met a man named Don. He is an older gentleman who was looking for his hearing aid that had fallen out of his ear while running. He really wanted to find it because they are $700 a piece. We offered to help him find it and at first he was hesitant to accept but we just kept talking with him and he finally accepted! We looked and weren't able to find it but he still drove us home. He is a devout catholic man who goes to Mass everyday. Apperently if you want to be a true devout catholic that's one of the things you do. Who knew? But he said he was very impressed with us and that we had really given him a high opinion of our church which is awesome!

Then we went to the Ballards. They are an old couple only the wife is a member. They are 90 years old! The husband isn't a member but is a 32nd degree Mason! They have a crazy house keeper too! She was not happy with us trying to get to know the Ballards before we tried to share a message or anything. She made us teach and then continued on after Elder Christiansen's closing prayer. The people you meet!

We also finally got to teach Jared most of the Restoration with Brother Huston our Ward Mission Leader in Washoe. It went really well. Jared is really progressing well. Love yall!

Elder Sorochan

Thursday, 18 January 2018


January 15, 2018

Hello everyone! You know, to be honest, it wasn't the most eventful week. Some neat things happened, but not too much. We will start from Monday.

Monday was fun because we had a zone activity. We got to go bowling which was so awesome! Have been campaigning to go since I left Dayton. My first game was bad with an 85 but then I killed it in the second with a 153. Not too shabby. Then we went and had fun all together at the church building. Some people bleached the Nevada flag into some shirts but I didn't have a shirt I wanted to use but it's all good.

Tuesday we had a fun district meeting and then had interviews! They have been changed up a bit by President Chesnut. We used to have interviews with just him but last transfer we also have them with our Zone Leaders where they talk to us about how our area is going and train us on some skills we can use to in our area's.

Wednesday we helped at the food bank again and we actually helped a less active in our ward grocery shop at the dollar general near our house. He has an addiction to alcohol and when he stopped by he said he was going there to get some fool. We decided that we would walk with him and talk with him. There was something there Elder Christiansen wanted to get so we used that as an excuse to go with him. We went in with him and he didn't buy any alcohol! We considered that our good deed for that day. ;)

Thursday for part of our weekly planning we did a little bit of cleaning in our kitchen. Our dishes and what not had gotten a little bit much so we fixed that up.

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Hambrecht again. He was being trained by the zone leaders in sparks while I was there but is now in my district. It was the first time that he had taken over his area and he did a great job. He is a good teacher too we got to teach the restoration to a less active member who is returning. She and the member we brought were talkers so we only got through about 3 points but Elder Hambrecht did this expert redirect back to being on topic. Not bad for 11 weeks out.

Saturday was a day of service. We had planned our day then after someone called for our help in the morning so we went and helped dig a trench. Just a shallow one. Then we helped Mark who works at Habitat continue to build a room in his house which is just down the road from us in the afternoon. There was a lot of good service.

Sunday was a lot of church. With meetings we were there from 7am till 2pm but it was really fun. Felt like I was fasting by the end though lol. That night we read with Sister Johnson from the Book of Mormon and her non member husband joined us! He didn't really say much just listened mostly but he kept the Book of Mormon I gave him to read from! Sweet!

Love yall!

Elder Sorochan

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Alpha Turkey

January 8, 2018

Hello Everyone! How's it going? This week was good. I have some good updates for you. First off I saw a turkey in Washoe Valley. Someone is keeping this very poofy turkey in Washoe Valley, another turkey, 3 dogs, and some chickens. When we were walking by the house 2 of the dogs started freaking out at us as dogs do. The other one just seemed so happy to see us but the 2 were barking a lot. We were just ignoring them when all of a sudden this turkey comes waddling over and it is BIG! It was so weird because you never imagine anyone owning a turkey. This turkey slowly came over to the dogs and then started making its turkey noise at the dogs. The dogs then ran away from the turkey! The turkey was in charge. The turkey then just seemed annoyed at the dogs and would occasionally walk towards them and gobble at them again and they would run away. It was awesome! There was also a dog walking down the street and this old Ford mustang pulled up to it, the dog got in, and then drove off sitting in the front seat like a human. #washoevalley

We had a super cool lesson with Jaclyn this week. It was at the Crossman's who are awesome! Brother Crossman is in the bishopric and they are both RM's. Jaclyn started by telling us this really awesome story about how she was led by the Spirit to be able to get the perfect apartment for her and her daughter! It is unfortunately in Carson but it was so divinely guided like so many things that have been happening with her that it's all good. She will be where she needs to be. She then after the prayer told us how she has been praying and thinking about being baptized. She then told us she wants to be baptized and how does one have that happen. We hadn't even asked her to do that! At the beginning of being taught she would not give up coffee, and she was very adamant about that but now she is fine doing it! She has set a date to quit smoking and is now listening to the Book of Mormon which is working way better for her in terms of comprehension. It is awesome!

I got to go on exchanges into the richest area of the mission, the Galena ward. It has the stake center in it which is, fun fact, the Edmonton building. There are some Canadian cities as street names and Edmonton is the one the Church building is on! It was a fun exchange with Elder McBride.

We also at church had a cool miracle. There is a lady who only in the more recent past has started coming back to church. She taught the lesson in Sunday school and asked about how to understand the Book of Mormon better. We offered, after talking about other things, to come over and read with her and whoever else in her family would like to sit in. She has a non member husband who might sit in! We met him at Christmas since they invited us over for dinner on Christmas. We are really excited about this!

Well, that's about all for this week. Love y'all! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

Elder Christiansen and I got a lot of potatoes from this food pantry we help out at and we decided to try deep frying and make fries. Worked pretty well. Except for when the smoke detectors... :D

 Poofy alpha turkey!

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018

Ok everyone I'm back! Happy New year! First off funny story. Ok, Washoe Valley has some interesting people. There is this one man named Garth. He is a sweet spirit. We love Garth. We were doing some service for Garth moving pieces of wood into his garage. Randomly throughout Garth would just tell us random stories about just something in his head. At one point we were moving wood into his truck and his tail gate was down. He had to move the truck and right before he told us to never drive with the tail gate down no matter how short a distance. Then without closing the tail gate he went into the truck and drove with the tail gate down. Garth!

Ok from 2 weeks ago I got to go on an exchange with Elder Miner into the Reno YSA ward. It was one of the most fun exchanges I have ever been on it was awesome! We just hit it off and were in our beds talking till midnight. I have not done that on an exchange in months. We talked just all day we just kept talking. We tried less actives during the day, went to Asian Garden for some solid chinese food, got to go to the hospital to give someone a blessing right before they died, and taught an investigator named Robert! We just had a really fun time and worked hard it was great!

Update on Jaclyn. We have had a couple of lessons but the first one a couple of weeks ago was powerful. For the first time that I knew it was happening while I was talking an investigator felt the Spirit really strongly. We were reading Alma 7 and I was explaining something about Christ's Atonement and after Jaclyn said while I was talking she felt this powerful feeling that everything is going to be ok. There is a lot going on in her life and it was a very important thing. Over the past 3 weeks she has come to church twice and stayed all 3 hours and loved it it is awesome!

The Christmas Party was so great! We had a mini Zone Conference before and President Chesnut said something that to me was incredibly powerful. He said "Don't let a solution to a problem become more important than a person who needs to be loved." That is so true!

Christmas eve and Christmas we spent a lot of time with the Curtis'. They are so fun! They are an awesome family who have helped us out a ton! We even got to play some games and decorate some cookies both days it was sweet! Skyping home was cool. Always good to see the fam jam.

Love yall! Bye!

Elder Sorochan

Chinese food on exchanges 

My Christmas package was beat up by the postal service 

 President and Sister Chesnut

At the mission Christmas party 

 At the mission Christmas party 

 At the mission Christmas party 

 At the mission Christmas party 

 At the mission Christmas party