Thursday, 12 October 2017

Piano sorta shock

October 9, 2017

Hello Everyone! This has been a good week. Firstly this week I had a little bit of a heart attack. This last week we got to have a zone conference, and I was called on to play the piano. (I had a nice short break in Elko. Sister Thomsen could play any hymn on command so she got the gig) however I was very happy to play again! I was informed about a week in advance that I would be playing hymns 26 and 27. I thought, Awesome! I know both of these. I can do this! I don't practice much since I knew them and I was pretty confident in playing time. Now at the conference I sat down and started playing the prelude music. Elder Miner, who was conducting, got up and began the meeting. He welcomed everyone and announced the opening song. The only problem was, it wasn't hymn 26 Joseph Smith's First Prayer as I had been told. Instead he annouced Hymn 19, We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. I momentarily freaked out, but then it was all ok because fortunately of the few songs I know that happened to be one of them, but the thought of what if it wasn't came to mind. Fortunately, God takes care of those details so yeah. It was cool.

Last Monday when we were heading to dinner we got stuck. Turns out Carrolla's don't go through durt roads with a lot of sand very well. :D I've attatched a picture.

We got to have a super awesome lesson with Doug and his wife Lundy this week. We brought Brother McDoniels who is the high councilor over missionary work. He is also a convert. That greatly impacted Doug to hear his story. Doug is having a hard time believing that there is one true church. Brother McDoniels emphasized the Priesthood and Doug took interest in that. We were talking to him about what he knows is true, and he believes that Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Book of Mormon could be true, so we are getting there, but we aren't the whole way there yet. He wants to keep going because he is feeling this is right and wants to keep going. He is progressing which is awesome!

Zone Conference was awesome! It was on the Book of Mormon. It was so neat to see a video from the New Mission Presidents Seminar. Elder Christofferson talked to us about how the Book of Mormon is the greatest tool the Lord has given us for sharing the gospel in this dispensation. It is the sickle described in D&C 4 he said. Fun! The most powerful part was the testimonies at the end. President starts by picking 4 people to give a talk on a subject, this time the Book of Mormon, every zone conference. He goes by inspiration at the conference. I'm so glad he does they were so powerful!

Got to go on an exchange with Elder Bond it was so awesome! Will have a pic of him next week. Got caught up with school stuff so I will close with I know the Book of Mormon is true! It is such a powerful book you all need to read it! Read it everyday it answers the questions of the soul and provides instruction for everything because if it doesn't say it, the Spirit will and there are few better ways to get the Spirit than to read the Book of Mormon. I read it everyday in some way shape or form. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but regardless I read it! Y'all are awesome. Let me know if y'all ever have any questions. Love ya! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

 Elder Gailey and Elder Sorochan

 Elder Sorochan and Elder Clark

 Where our car got stuck

Zone Conference

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Maybe 1200 miles a month won't be enough

October 2, 2017

Hello everyone! Ok so the funny thing today is, this week we went through our area books like crazy (we finally got around to that. Not knowing what you are doing really makes things go a lot slower. Plus my mission seems to be speeding up. I think something will take so long and then it takes double. Time just goes faster that's what I'm blaming it on.) One of the records has a really funny sticky note on it. We cover a really big ward that goes on forever. After a certain point no one lives in the area but we cover it! One of the people who has a teaching record however does live in the boonies of the area. Apparently they live so far away that it inspired some missionaries to write this message "They live 30 minutes from here God Bless". I don't know if it's the missionaries that originally taught them that should be blessed, or us who would try to teach in the future, or the people themselves, but I found it funny.

Ok this week I got to go on exchanges with Elder Schow! For those of you who can remember he was my first exchange! It was fun to go into my area with him. He is now my Zone Leader which is crazy! It was such a fun exchange. We had a lady in her car stop us and talk to us, and we had a lesson with our investigator Doug. It was so neat. The lesson was all over the place and we weren't really able to do much teaching. He and his wife kept going on tangents and weird questions. Near the end of the lesson I was testifying of prayer and someone knocked on the door (or rang the doorbell can't remember what). I thought, "who in the world is knocking at 8:30 at night! Now a little background, during the lesson Doug and his wife Lundy talked about how they wanted fellowshippers and a home teacher. The home teacher might have been at a different appointment, but oh well. We told them we would bring someone next time, the reason we didn't have someone now being I don't know anyone really. Well as it so happened, the high priest group leader was the one knocking. He had just finished home teaching someone across the street and said he was going to be their new home teacher! He also ended up giving both them a blessing for health right there in those few minutes we were still there. It was so cool how the Lord provided someone for us right there when we didn't yet have the resources to provide it ourselves! We have also found a convert to take with us to the next lesson because Doug wants to talk to a convert!

We finally got through all our records. I have a testimony that keeping good records is so helpful and not keeping good records makes more work for future missionaries. TAKE GOOD RECORDS IT HELPS A TON! Most of the most recent updates are from march...

For those of you who remember Hunter, my mini missionary from the last time I was in Sparks, I had the privilege of seeing him open his mission call this Sunday evening. It was so neat to come back and see him now at this point. He is going to Orlando Florida English Speaking!

Conference was amazing. The whole day of Saturday was for me. These men and women are truly inspired. I loved how the emphasis of Humility and serving those immediately around you was so well repeated. I am striving to adopt those qualities in me even more. I need them. I want to leave my testimony to that which was said about Jesus Christ and the power of His Atonement. He is the source of peace, joy and comfort. Through Him we are not only forgiven of our sins but we are changed to become better. Look to Him and follow Him. That is how we become more like Him. Learn of the Savior and do as He did. Bye! Love y'all!

Elder Sorochan

Treats for Priesthood Session of General Conference! 

In someone's backyard!

Friday, 29 September 2017

Viva Canada!

September 25, 2017

It is PDAY again hurray! Well what a crazy wild week this has been. It has been awhile since I have felt so lost in my area. Double into an area is a crazy experience let me tell ya. You are deer in the headlights for a few days and everyone is talking to you as though you know what’s going on. After awhile you are just EVERYONE STOP I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING JUST LET ME FIGURE OUT WHAT MY NAME IS FIRST STOP!!!! And then you calm down and everything is fine and works out. If my mission hasn’t been a testament of it yet I testify that even though it may not ever seem like it this week alone has shown me that as long as you keep trying everything works out. Oh but before we move on I have a joke for y'all courtesy of Brother Anderson of the Elko 4th ward. Q: Why do Missionaries always cross their legs? A: Because they only get one P-Day a week! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m so funny! I bet you p’d yourself laughing! Ok sorry I’ll stop. Don’t give me that look. :D Ok now on to more serious stuff.

Monday was a great day. I don’t really enjoy packing, you have to go find all your stuff and try and fit it in your suitcase. I’m not always that great at either. That night was awesome though my last dinner in Elko was at the Nortons/Garcia’s and it was awesome! At the end we roasted marshmallows and I got some sweet pictures with Elder Lee. They have helped us out so much I am so grateful for all they did over my 6 months there. After dinner we had a lesson at the Martins. We were planning on inviting them to church. I honestly don’t know why they don’t go so my plan for my last night was to invite them, but during the lesson as I looked at them I received a distinct impression not to invite them to church or do our lesson plan on it. A few minutes later I started to feel like I should invite them but I received another prompting not to do it. I was then “Alright Spirit what should I do intead?” And I got the idea to commit them to have Elder Lee and his new companion Elder Abbott come and practice all the lessons with them so I shared a scripture and committed them to the practice lessons and they accepted. I don’t know why it changed to that but that’s what the Spirit said and who am I to question Him? We also got to go say bye to Amanda and Ruben which was nice. They are really cool people I’m glad I got to know them and will be able to stay in touch.

Tuesday was crazy. Saying good bye to Elder Lee was sad. I love Elder Lee a lot he has been a very good companion. He has made a lot of strides in becoming such a better missionary than when we were first together it has been neat to see. He knows the first vision, can talk to random people on the street and have a conversation, and so on. He is awesome and very funny! Then it was a long drive to Sparks where I picked up… Elder Doig! You will never guess where he is from… Cardston Alberta Canada! HE IS FROM CANADA AND LOVES HOCKEY HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!? Pretty dang awesome that’s how. Everyone loves that we are both from Canada it is pretty great. Anyway we got to our appartment which is brand spankin’ new by the way. No previous missionaries which means it’s CLEAN and we will be able to keep it clean. I have so much more motivation to clean right now and with having a car we can do what we want on PDAY and set aside time to clean thuroughly. Heck yeah! That night we got to go do a Q&A with the Red Hawk ward youth which was really fun. They had some good questions. Wednesday we went shopping and got groceries, had Elder Renniger who was serving in our wards plus Spanish Springs ward last transfer go over some stuff with us. It was all confusing and random didn’t really do a lot for us. That night though as I thought about how to do it better received some inspiration on how to better go through the area with Elder Renniger and to write what he said down in a specific spot. We did that the next day and it worked so much better! Wednesday we also got to drive some spanish Elders to the eye doctor. I got to drive someone somewhere! I’ve never done that that I can remember on my mission! BOO YA! We also got to meet the Pyramid lake Bishop Bishop Kahumoku. He is a rock star he knows what he is doing. Our other Bishop Bishop Gonda so far seems really good to we are setting up a meeting with him soon.

Thursday we met with both our ward mission leaders. Bother Lane is kinda intense and goes about it almost like a college professor where he just goes straight into the material it is neat. Our other one Brother Wales is very chill and just down for anything. We have a plan and when we suggest an idea he comes up with ways to make it work. Both are great. Brother Wales’ wife hooks us up with dinners too we didn’t have any this week due to how the wards last transfer divied up the days and she got us a dinner for Thursday on. Also with the move we helped with on Saturday she texted out to people for help because we know nobody.

Friday we had our train the new trainer meeting and there were at least 26 companionships in there it was cool. Introductions took about 45 minutes though which was crazy but sometimes some people need to let us know about every awesome thing about their companion but hey! At least we know we have some stellar missionaries right? President gave a really amazing training during it too. He has this parable of the bike ride experience of where he talks about a bike ride he did across the whole US. Best rendition of the story I have heard him give of it yet. We also had an excellent meeting with one of our investigators, Kevin. He has a goal of being sealed to his wife in the temple. We on temporary exchanges so that Elder Renniger could pass off Kevin and his wife Teeara to me and the lesson went really well. Brother Wales and Brother Lyman came and we taught mostly on the Word of Wisdom while touching on a couple other commandments but the word of wisdom is big for Kevin right now and trying to overcome some stuff. We talked a lot about how we overcome things through Jesus Christ with a lot of great testifying from Brother Lyman and Wales. Both were perfect for the lesson Brother Lyman had some amazing insights and Brother Wales was able to share an experience on how he overcame an addiction.

Saturday was a crazy wacky day. It started in the morning. We had planned on going to get our car checked since we have a dent in it from previous missionaries and we need an estimate on how much it will cost to fix it. However, just as we were leaving to do that we got a call from the Reno North Zone Leaders asking us to help move someone from their area into ours. We had to find the place first however and after a scramble to first get some gas and then check out one place then ask a worker at where we were where the place we were looking for was. The feeling that sentence gives you trying to read it is about how we felt at the time. Turned out the place we were looking for was all the way out in the middle of Uganda down Pyramid High way. Lets just say our miles got    W R E C K E D that day due to how many times we had to go up and down that road. It wasn't even to get stuff to move but we also had dinner down there with an appointment in between in the other ward we cover so it was crazy! We got permission to go into Stead which is a ways away to help more with the move. We helped move Guillermo (SP?) who is a really cool guy from the Dominican Republic. He has a lot of potential we are going to start working with the members in the area to befriend him. He will be solid. This move however took forever and we ended up being super late to both our next appointment and dinner. It all went ok though both families were super chill about it. The appointment was with our investigator Doug. He has some really good potential just has to start coming to church. We just had a brief get to know meeting since our time was short.

Sunday was cool. I haven't been to church at 2 wards since Dayton so it was really fun to be able to do that. We got to go to a family home evening with a family which was super fun. For the activity we played this shocker game where there is a generator thing that sends a current through these two metal bars. We all hold hands and the two end people hold the bars. We all feel the current go through us and it keep getting stronger till one of us quits. I never quit, though at one point I could no longer grip with my hands so my hand slipped out of the person next to me. It was fun. I had a neat experience with fasting though which is what I want to testify of today. Fasting and prayer works when it is according to the Lord's will. Since this last Sunday was fast Sunday, I fasted. Surprise! What was neat about it though is I didn't know what to fast for, so I prayed asking for suggestions and right away I got something. It was something I had been praying for throughout the week so I did and by the end of my time fasting right before dinner an event happened that answered my prayer/fast and helped improve immensely what it was about. The Lord will answer our prayers in His timing as we put in the work. I know this to be true. It happens all the time for me. Love you guys! Stay awesome and don't forget to smile! Bye!

Elder Sorochan

 Bye Spanish Elders!  Thanks for all the rides!

 Elder Lee signs the companionship jersey

 The jersey!


 The Garcias and the Nortons

 Goodbye Elder Lee


 The perfect marshmallow

My new companion Elder Doig!

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Who's up for round 2?

September 18, 2017

Hello one and all! To start I came up with a really good phrase to describe us missionaries! Here it is: You never know what you are doing, you just learn how to know how to not know what you are doing. Genius!... if I do say so myself. Well everyone, transfers have come yet again(they keep coming faster and faster every time. I don’t like this) This time however it will not be my companion leaving. My turn has come. This next announcement should explain the title though. I am going to be transferring into the Pyramid Lake and Red Hawke wards in none other than Sparks Nevada! Not only will I be going there, but I will be joined by a brand new missionary who’s name will be… told next week because I don’t know yet. That’s right, we are double transferring in (or white washing depending on how you want to say it). That means the 2 previous missionaries who were there are being pulled out and I and my new companion will be going in. I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!! It will be a bit of a bumby transition at the start but we should figure it out soon enough. We will kill it! Fun fact I have been on exchanges in both area's and Elder Jones a previous companion served in Pyramid lake.

Ok now we had a zone activity this last Monday at Brother Stones house. It was sooooooooo fun. Got to play Werewolf which was awesome!

Ok now to the week. Monday night and Tuesday we helped the Spanish Elder's move some couches out of a member's house that live in our area. The nasty part though, is that they were full of cockroaches and it was a tight fit to get out of the house. It was a miracle we did. Really nasty though. STAY CLEAN EVERYONE DON"T GET COCKROACHES THEY ARE NASTY!!!!!

This week I also got to finish the deck I have been working on since I got here 6 months ago. It was really cool to see the finished product from where we began. Sometimes we get to teach people, sometimes we get to build decks. Missionary work is the best!

We had a few good lessons this week. One was with Ken. We brought brother Blair the Elder's Quorum President with us to introduce them to each other since they are home teaching companions and it went great. We read from 3 Nephi 18 and talked about the sacrament to help encourage Ken to go to church. With the miner schedules it is hard so it was a bit of a pump up lesson!

We found and taught a less active lady named Buelah, who goes by Marie! She has been inactive for almost 50 years and doesn't really consider herself LDS. When we first knocked on her door she didn't seem to open to us talking to her, but something I try and do is ask if we can come just get to know them. People here have heard the same pitch time and time again, so we need to show we care about them! If we take some time, not a really long time or anything, but take some time to get to know them, we can show that we are here for them! If they are interested in us teaching, we go back, if not, we don't go back. When I asked Marie my question she just barely said we could talk to her for a bit on her front porch. We talked for awhile and she began to open up! We eventually asked her why she left the church and she said that life just got in the way. She has solid visiting teachers and although isn't interested in coming back to church, let us come back later in the week to do a practice lesson to get Elder Lee more experience teaching! It was good.

Taught Thomas as well. We went in with a plan but during comp study just before we were done I decided to find one more scripture to use. It was some of the last verses in Alma 32 talking about how when we act our faith grows and when it doesn't it goes away. It was just supposed to segway into the lesson, but turned out Thomas hadn't been keeping his commitments so the whole lesson turned into those scriptures. As we explained just doing a little everyday helps it seemed to click! Hopefully he acts!

Sunday was crazy. Gave a short testimony/talk thing last minute because I was leaving and gave the lesson in Elder's Quorum. The high light though was all the people saying bye to me. I've made some awesome friends here and had someone give me their contact info. So cool. We also found a new potential gator! She was a referral we had tried a few times but hadn't been able to contact. Sunday she answered. What was neat is someone had given her a book of Mormon and I was going to ask if she had any questions, but last second I had the prompting to ask if we could come teach her more about instead. She said yes and set up an appointment with us! It is true the Spirit gives us in the very moment what to say.

Love you all and see ya next week! Bye! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Love Elder Sorochan

Deck I have been able to help build from start to finish!

 Zone activity

Lunch with the Spanish Elder's after service at FISH


Zone activity

Saturday, 16 September 2017


September 11, 2017

Alright everyone I don't know what to write home about today so I will just talk about how cool Elder Lee is. He is so cool. Just so much. This manies.: |----------------------------------------| But honestly he is awesome! He is just getting so much better at missionary work. For the first few weeks together he would never talk to people as we went along but now he just comes in with me and can take the lead in talking to people. HE IS AWESOME!!!! And really funny too. We have come up with some Star Wars jokes. Ready, what is Yoda's favorite sport? FOURCE square! What is yoda's favorite dessert? Chocolate chip Wookies! Ok I'll stop before y'all get really mad but yeah! Awesome!

Ok Birthdays! First off happy birthday to Megan today! Happy Birthday as well to: Jenn on August 20th, Matthew on May 4th, Benjamin on September 13th, Laura on March 17, Matea on April 12, McKay on January 1st, Paula on May 5th, Colin on June 16, Nathan on May 14th, Spencer on January 1st, Keri on August 14th, Joseph on January 29, Sarah on May 24, and last but certainly not least, Simon on May 2!

Ok this week we had a really funny dinner where some members told me after my mission to send me my wedding invite. I am not going home that soon people! Ok this week was super uneventful I can't believe it but I will tell you about this neat minor experience Elder Lee and I had together. There was this one little short street that is really more of a long set of houses (I would a different word to describe it but I can't figure out how to spell it and spell check isn't working) We walked down it and we passed by a lady on her phone. We said hi and she looked up, said hi back, and looked back down at her phone. Normally that means someone doesn't want to talk to us so we walked away. After doing so though I felt like we should go back and talk to her. I asked Elder Lee if he thought we should and he said he felt the same prompting. We went back and had a really good conversation. She has talked with missionaries before and she was very nice. Not interested yet but she accepted a pass along card and said she would have her husband call us if he needed help with house and yard projects. Here's hoping!

I got a package this week! It was super good. LOTS OF COOKIES!!!!!!!!!

Well my thought for you is brief but is this for this week! It comes from Elder Holland and is one of my favorite quotes! "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be all right in the end. Trust in God and believe in good things to come." This principle brings joy to those who apply it. I know this is true because I am living it right now. Love you all!

Elder Sorochan

 9 Square at Zone Conference

 Steak dinner at the marching band fundraiser

 Manning the missionary booth


 Chillin' with Sister Price during a rain storm

 Zone Conference

 On Exchanges with Elder Hadley

 My family loves me!

Zone Conference

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Charity Never Faileth

September 4, 2017

Hello again everyone! It has been a good week in the land of Elko. Can you believe I have been here for almost 6 months?!?!?!?!? Elko is awesome thankfully. My mission is just awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

Ok now on to the week. Something really funny happened this last Monday. Y'all remember how I mentioned I played the piano in sacrament meeting? Well there is this family name the Jones' that were, jokingly of course, mad at me that I had never played for them whenever I had been over for dinner. Well I told them it was because I never had my music. Well we made the arrangement that I would bring it and so I did this past Monday and they had me play for them before I could have my dinner. Sometimes we must work a little harder for what we need I guess. It was fun though I love getting to play. The next day we had an amazing Zone Conference, one of if not my favorite yet. Almost the whole conference was dedicated to learning how to recognize and understand the Spirit. The assistants gave a training on how to use our phones effectively which didn't really fit but oh well. President is inspired so it was for a reason. Side fact this is the last Zone Conference I will ever see Elder Latham and potentially the last time I will ever see him as a missionary! He goes home in 2 weeks and unless I go down to Sparks on the Tuesday of transfers if I get transferred I will never see him as Elder Latham. Next time he will be Brandon. (Weird) I got to give a talk at Zone Conference too which was really fun! They are just 5 minutes talks that we all have to prepare and President calls up 4 random people to come give them. I was one. The general topic was the same as what the conference was on so I talked about first how we know if we have the Spirit at all using the story from when I asked Elder Christofferson how we can have the Spirit more with us and then talked about how the Holy Ghost talks to us in small and simple ways using the scriptures Alma 37:6 and Moroni 7:13,16. It was a really fun talk to give.

I don't know if what happened in Texas is effecting us, doubt it, but we got a heavy rain for the first time I've been here for about 20-30 minutes. We were out in the trailer park area and it started to rain so we took over at Sister Prices. Talked to her while the rain subsided which was fun. It was really weird because the rain never really hits us here in my area at least it always just goes around us.

We got to have dinner this week at the band fundraiser. Every year the Elko high school band puts on a fundraiser with (at least for this year) a steak dinner. A member treated us to it and we got to be in the park. It was really fun. The band did a few performances and there was this really cool auction that took place. One of the things auctioned off was a pie that you got to smash in the band directors face. Went for 110$. Took some good pics and videos of the thing it was really fun.

Got to go on exchanges with Elder Hadley. Was really fun to get to go back with an old companion again. We went into his area. First time I have left my area here in Elko while on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! We spent sometime in the MeadowValley ward which covers a tiny part of Elko and these area's called Osino and Ryndin and a few other places. Very spread out and a LOT of missionary work there to do. We taught 2 lessons there and then went to Wells, this town that they cover that they go to about once a week. There is a Quiznos there that gives missionaries a free meal once a week. It was great! We taught this lady out there named Shaney said Shawn-ee. She is neat. At first you wouldn't think she would be interested by her appearance or what she is into. She has a ton of tattoo's all over and likes horror stuff, but while we were there she was very engaged and committed to baptism on the spot! She has already been reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon already from the previous visit she had from the missionaries. What was really neat was Elder Hadley felt prompted to commit her to the 30th of September to be baptized which is really soon. She has a lot to do to get there but she could make it anything is possible!

Elder Lee too has been doing really well. He is getting so much better at talking to people on the street and coming up with things to say. His exchange has already made a huge difference since he had to take over the area. It allowed him to see what he needs to learn. He is improving his studies and getting a bit more eager which is awesome he is such a great missionary! He will do so well out here!

This Labor Day weekend was also the Elko County Fair. We as missionaries had a booth out there with Book of Mormons, Pamphlets, and Pass Along Cards. It was really fun because we saw people of all types. There were some interested people, and there were some drunk people interested in one of the Sisters that was there when I was. Elder Lee and I got to help out on Sunday, which was surprisingly the day with the least amount of interested people. It was still fun though and we gave out some pamphlets and a few Book of Mormons.

We also this week got to have interviews with President Chesnut. This one was particularly powerful because I learned a lot about Christ like leadership. We have been trying to help out some missionaries here in Elko and were not too sure how to fully do it. Those involved trying to help, myself included, were not looking at it properly. During interviews I probably received one of the most amazing rebukings I ever have in my life, and President Chesnut never said a criticizing thing to me. He just expressed his love and just said things by the Spirit in a spirit of love that brought the Spirit in and the Spirit came in and helped me understand what President Chesnut was telling me. It was so powerful yet not a mean or demeaning thing was said! Just his own opinions of things and love. It took me twice as long to fall asleep that night because of what I was thinking about. (60seconds instead of 30). I testify that Charity indeed never fails. It brings the Spirit like nothing else can and does more good for others than anything else can. With it you will "always abound in good works." Alma 7:24

Love y'all! Love ya Mom Dad and Anna! Have a great week and Don't forget to Smile!

Elder Sorochan

The Elko Zone!

Sometimes you feel like nothing ever goes according to plan

August 28, 2017

Ok hello everyone. First off Shout out to my Dad for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 50 years old everyone. Hurray! I will give shout outs to everyone in the fam who has had bdays so far this year next week. Too much to do so little time. Ok so this week was a week where you just kinda go with the flow. Nothing really ever went according to plan.

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Chesley. He is a brand new missionary from Oklahoma. He has a great desire to do this work! We helped Robin move on exchanges. She is staying in area which is good. That means we still get to teach her!

On Friday I rolled my ankle again. It was very annoying, but I kept a good attitude about it fortunately! That day was mostly sitting around doing nothing except for a solid appointment we had with Thomas. He attended a baptism recently and he expressed his concern of how he didn't feel anything at it. He was super distracted by his kids which made a lot of sense, but we also talked to him about in order to get an answer from God we have to be willing before hand to do whatever God says. We related that to praying, talking to God about these specific concerns, reading looking for answers, and acting in other ways like coming to church. It seemed to make a lot of sense to him and he committed to do these things. On Sunday he didn't make it to church, but hey that is just how it goes sometimes. You just go with it.

Saturday was a crazy day. You all remember how we lost our car? Yeah so with my ankle I can't bike anywhere for a few days but I can walk. On Saturday the day started normal with going and trying less actives. We found a guy who got baptized for a girl. Note of advice don't do that. Then we met with an active member Brother Anderson. Followed up on the Book of Mormon initiative and he is doing great! He then was very kind and gave us a ride to a baptism. Robin was supposed to come but she got rather sick that day and couldn't make it. Since we didn't have anyone we didn't get to watch the baptism but we did comp study instead. Then 5th ward drove us to the trailer park area where we found out two people on the ward list have passed away and another member is moving next week. We also found out our dinner cancelled and our original ride out of there fell through but we were blessed that the people who gave us a ride last minute fed us pizza that they were just going to pick up. Thank you Garcia's!

Elder Lee is doing well. He has trouble with memorizing but nails the first vision every time now he is getting so much better! It is also really hot. Well I did not do a good job preparing for this email there have been a lot of other crazy stuff going this week with helping other missionaries and battling my weaknesses. It's so weird how I know they are there and I don't want to fall to them, but then just watch myself do it. It's like one time I was rock climbing. Sometimes your arms get really weak and you let go because of how weak you feel. One time I decided to fight through that and fight to hold on. As I tried that with everything I could muster I watched helplessly my hands let go. I did everything I could and yet I still fell. The feeling I got as I did that was just so depressing. I felt like really my strength was nothing. It's like that in life. We do everything we can and we end up having to just watch ourselves fail sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it because in all reality, our strength is nothing. That is why we must go to Christ. Without His strength we can do nothing. It is so hard sometimes, yet we must never give up. I will never give up out here. I have only 8 months left, now is not the time to quit. I haven't for the past 16, no reason to quit now. There is such joy in trying, because sometimes you get to see how the Lord magnifies your efforts. It was told to me recently you do more good than you know. So true. It is my trial right now to be patient and to remember that. Keep being awesome everyone and don't forget to smile! Bye!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Here's some pics of me and Elder Lee