Saturday, 16 September 2017


September 11, 2017

Alright everyone I don't know what to write home about today so I will just talk about how cool Elder Lee is. He is so cool. Just so much. This manies.: |----------------------------------------| But honestly he is awesome! He is just getting so much better at missionary work. For the first few weeks together he would never talk to people as we went along but now he just comes in with me and can take the lead in talking to people. HE IS AWESOME!!!! And really funny too. We have come up with some Star Wars jokes. Ready, what is Yoda's favorite sport? FOURCE square! What is yoda's favorite dessert? Chocolate chip Wookies! Ok I'll stop before y'all get really mad but yeah! Awesome!

Ok Birthdays! First off happy birthday to Megan today! Happy Birthday as well to: Jenn on August 20th, Matthew on May 4th, Benjamin on September 13th, Laura on March 17, Matea on April 12, McKay on January 1st, Paula on May 5th, Colin on June 16, Nathan on May 14th, Spencer on January 1st, Keri on August 14th, Joseph on January 29, Sarah on May 24, and last but certainly not least, Simon on May 2!

Ok this week we had a really funny dinner where some members told me after my mission to send me my wedding invite. I am not going home that soon people! Ok this week was super uneventful I can't believe it but I will tell you about this neat minor experience Elder Lee and I had together. There was this one little short street that is really more of a long set of houses (I would a different word to describe it but I can't figure out how to spell it and spell check isn't working) We walked down it and we passed by a lady on her phone. We said hi and she looked up, said hi back, and looked back down at her phone. Normally that means someone doesn't want to talk to us so we walked away. After doing so though I felt like we should go back and talk to her. I asked Elder Lee if he thought we should and he said he felt the same prompting. We went back and had a really good conversation. She has talked with missionaries before and she was very nice. Not interested yet but she accepted a pass along card and said she would have her husband call us if he needed help with house and yard projects. Here's hoping!

I got a package this week! It was super good. LOTS OF COOKIES!!!!!!!!!

Well my thought for you is brief but is this for this week! It comes from Elder Holland and is one of my favorite quotes! "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is help and happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be all right in the end. Trust in God and believe in good things to come." This principle brings joy to those who apply it. I know this is true because I am living it right now. Love you all!

Elder Sorochan

 9 Square at Zone Conference

 Steak dinner at the marching band fundraiser

 Manning the missionary booth


 Chillin' with Sister Price during a rain storm

 Zone Conference

 On Exchanges with Elder Hadley

 My family loves me!

Zone Conference

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Charity Never Faileth

September 4, 2017

Hello again everyone! It has been a good week in the land of Elko. Can you believe I have been here for almost 6 months?!?!?!?!? Elko is awesome thankfully. My mission is just awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

Ok now on to the week. Something really funny happened this last Monday. Y'all remember how I mentioned I played the piano in sacrament meeting? Well there is this family name the Jones' that were, jokingly of course, mad at me that I had never played for them whenever I had been over for dinner. Well I told them it was because I never had my music. Well we made the arrangement that I would bring it and so I did this past Monday and they had me play for them before I could have my dinner. Sometimes we must work a little harder for what we need I guess. It was fun though I love getting to play. The next day we had an amazing Zone Conference, one of if not my favorite yet. Almost the whole conference was dedicated to learning how to recognize and understand the Spirit. The assistants gave a training on how to use our phones effectively which didn't really fit but oh well. President is inspired so it was for a reason. Side fact this is the last Zone Conference I will ever see Elder Latham and potentially the last time I will ever see him as a missionary! He goes home in 2 weeks and unless I go down to Sparks on the Tuesday of transfers if I get transferred I will never see him as Elder Latham. Next time he will be Brandon. (Weird) I got to give a talk at Zone Conference too which was really fun! They are just 5 minutes talks that we all have to prepare and President calls up 4 random people to come give them. I was one. The general topic was the same as what the conference was on so I talked about first how we know if we have the Spirit at all using the story from when I asked Elder Christofferson how we can have the Spirit more with us and then talked about how the Holy Ghost talks to us in small and simple ways using the scriptures Alma 37:6 and Moroni 7:13,16. It was a really fun talk to give.

I don't know if what happened in Texas is effecting us, doubt it, but we got a heavy rain for the first time I've been here for about 20-30 minutes. We were out in the trailer park area and it started to rain so we took over at Sister Prices. Talked to her while the rain subsided which was fun. It was really weird because the rain never really hits us here in my area at least it always just goes around us.

We got to have dinner this week at the band fundraiser. Every year the Elko high school band puts on a fundraiser with (at least for this year) a steak dinner. A member treated us to it and we got to be in the park. It was really fun. The band did a few performances and there was this really cool auction that took place. One of the things auctioned off was a pie that you got to smash in the band directors face. Went for 110$. Took some good pics and videos of the thing it was really fun.

Got to go on exchanges with Elder Hadley. Was really fun to get to go back with an old companion again. We went into his area. First time I have left my area here in Elko while on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! We spent sometime in the MeadowValley ward which covers a tiny part of Elko and these area's called Osino and Ryndin and a few other places. Very spread out and a LOT of missionary work there to do. We taught 2 lessons there and then went to Wells, this town that they cover that they go to about once a week. There is a Quiznos there that gives missionaries a free meal once a week. It was great! We taught this lady out there named Shaney said Shawn-ee. She is neat. At first you wouldn't think she would be interested by her appearance or what she is into. She has a ton of tattoo's all over and likes horror stuff, but while we were there she was very engaged and committed to baptism on the spot! She has already been reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon already from the previous visit she had from the missionaries. What was really neat was Elder Hadley felt prompted to commit her to the 30th of September to be baptized which is really soon. She has a lot to do to get there but she could make it anything is possible!

Elder Lee too has been doing really well. He is getting so much better at talking to people on the street and coming up with things to say. His exchange has already made a huge difference since he had to take over the area. It allowed him to see what he needs to learn. He is improving his studies and getting a bit more eager which is awesome he is such a great missionary! He will do so well out here!

This Labor Day weekend was also the Elko County Fair. We as missionaries had a booth out there with Book of Mormons, Pamphlets, and Pass Along Cards. It was really fun because we saw people of all types. There were some interested people, and there were some drunk people interested in one of the Sisters that was there when I was. Elder Lee and I got to help out on Sunday, which was surprisingly the day with the least amount of interested people. It was still fun though and we gave out some pamphlets and a few Book of Mormons.

We also this week got to have interviews with President Chesnut. This one was particularly powerful because I learned a lot about Christ like leadership. We have been trying to help out some missionaries here in Elko and were not too sure how to fully do it. Those involved trying to help, myself included, were not looking at it properly. During interviews I probably received one of the most amazing rebukings I ever have in my life, and President Chesnut never said a criticizing thing to me. He just expressed his love and just said things by the Spirit in a spirit of love that brought the Spirit in and the Spirit came in and helped me understand what President Chesnut was telling me. It was so powerful yet not a mean or demeaning thing was said! Just his own opinions of things and love. It took me twice as long to fall asleep that night because of what I was thinking about. (60seconds instead of 30). I testify that Charity indeed never fails. It brings the Spirit like nothing else can and does more good for others than anything else can. With it you will "always abound in good works." Alma 7:24

Love y'all! Love ya Mom Dad and Anna! Have a great week and Don't forget to Smile!

Elder Sorochan

The Elko Zone!

Sometimes you feel like nothing ever goes according to plan

August 28, 2017

Ok hello everyone. First off Shout out to my Dad for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 50 years old everyone. Hurray! I will give shout outs to everyone in the fam who has had bdays so far this year next week. Too much to do so little time. Ok so this week was a week where you just kinda go with the flow. Nothing really ever went according to plan.

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Chesley. He is a brand new missionary from Oklahoma. He has a great desire to do this work! We helped Robin move on exchanges. She is staying in area which is good. That means we still get to teach her!

On Friday I rolled my ankle again. It was very annoying, but I kept a good attitude about it fortunately! That day was mostly sitting around doing nothing except for a solid appointment we had with Thomas. He attended a baptism recently and he expressed his concern of how he didn't feel anything at it. He was super distracted by his kids which made a lot of sense, but we also talked to him about in order to get an answer from God we have to be willing before hand to do whatever God says. We related that to praying, talking to God about these specific concerns, reading looking for answers, and acting in other ways like coming to church. It seemed to make a lot of sense to him and he committed to do these things. On Sunday he didn't make it to church, but hey that is just how it goes sometimes. You just go with it.

Saturday was a crazy day. You all remember how we lost our car? Yeah so with my ankle I can't bike anywhere for a few days but I can walk. On Saturday the day started normal with going and trying less actives. We found a guy who got baptized for a girl. Note of advice don't do that. Then we met with an active member Brother Anderson. Followed up on the Book of Mormon initiative and he is doing great! He then was very kind and gave us a ride to a baptism. Robin was supposed to come but she got rather sick that day and couldn't make it. Since we didn't have anyone we didn't get to watch the baptism but we did comp study instead. Then 5th ward drove us to the trailer park area where we found out two people on the ward list have passed away and another member is moving next week. We also found out our dinner cancelled and our original ride out of there fell through but we were blessed that the people who gave us a ride last minute fed us pizza that they were just going to pick up. Thank you Garcia's!

Elder Lee is doing well. He has trouble with memorizing but nails the first vision every time now he is getting so much better! It is also really hot. Well I did not do a good job preparing for this email there have been a lot of other crazy stuff going this week with helping other missionaries and battling my weaknesses. It's so weird how I know they are there and I don't want to fall to them, but then just watch myself do it. It's like one time I was rock climbing. Sometimes your arms get really weak and you let go because of how weak you feel. One time I decided to fight through that and fight to hold on. As I tried that with everything I could muster I watched helplessly my hands let go. I did everything I could and yet I still fell. The feeling I got as I did that was just so depressing. I felt like really my strength was nothing. It's like that in life. We do everything we can and we end up having to just watch ourselves fail sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it because in all reality, our strength is nothing. That is why we must go to Christ. Without His strength we can do nothing. It is so hard sometimes, yet we must never give up. I will never give up out here. I have only 8 months left, now is not the time to quit. I haven't for the past 16, no reason to quit now. There is such joy in trying, because sometimes you get to see how the Lord magnifies your efforts. It was told to me recently you do more good than you know. So true. It is my trial right now to be patient and to remember that. Keep being awesome everyone and don't forget to smile! Bye!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Here's some pics of me and Elder Lee

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Piano Parable

August 21, 2017

Hello everyone! To be honest, not a ton happened this week. What we did have fell through and what we tried just didn't seem to work. Weeks happen that are like that. Elder Lee has been having a really good attitude about it all though he is good and focusing on the positive and taking things as they come. He is a great companion. Love having him. Tad odd at times, but look who's talking.

Ok some cool things. I had to get something done on my bike which was good but it wrecked an afternoon because they were super busy and couldn't do the minor thing quick so we had to call 5th ward, have them come pick us up, borrow Elder Johnsons bike, and then drive us over to Brother Norton's to fill the tires and that took a long time but it all worked out my bike is good.

We ended up giving Robin a blessing yesterday. She is in the hospital and her member friend Mary-Anne was there and asked if we could come over. There are so many obsticals right now for her and she just wants to be baptized. Mary-Anne's home teacher drove us over because oh yeah fun fact I lost my car again this week. I am really good at that it seems :D It was a great blessing and promised her how she will be able to gain the testimony she needs to be baptized!

I also yesterday got to play the piano in sacrament meeting. I did In Humility Our Savior. I want to use the experience as a parable. In life we try and prepare in a lot of things but often don't feel like we are good enough or won't be able to do well enough. When I perform on the piano I always get very nervous and my hands feel limp, I don't breath very much, and I over think everything I play. I had practiced enough for this and felt confident but was still very nervous about how it would turn out. I prayed that I would be able to play well and when I got up, the nervous conditions I mentioned didn't go away, but my mind was able to focus well enough in a way that I hardly made any mistakes. I had a lot of preparation as I played every morning this week and for fun I have played it at times on PDAY. If we just use our talents in casual times we will be ready to use them in more serious times.
My performance was great and I was very happy with how it turned out. Through my weaknesses my efforts were magnified to be great. That is how it is in life! We often won't lose our weaknesses, but our efforts will be magnified through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love Him and this work!

Love you all! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Flame on

August 14, 2017

Well hello everyone! This week is going to be a little all over the place in terms of what I talk about so bear with me, but I promise that it will still be really good.

Firstly I wanted to talk about the theatrics that was Elder Freeman’s departure. As we all know Elder Freeman went home this week, but his departure literally as they say, went up in flames! That’s right. As soon as we stepped outside we looked out across the parking lot and at the buildings right across from us to the right the bushes just burst into flame. We were just uh… that’s not good! We scrambled to try to help get it put out. Someone called 911 and fortunately the building the bushes were right next to did not burst into flame. Elder Freeman was flaming as he left the mission. You might even say say he was on fire at the end of his mission. He was smoking! (he literally did smell like smoke. He ran through it to go knock on some people’s doors) [insert another fire pun here] Ok those were really lame and not even funny so I will move on now.

Something I failed to talk about a couple weeks ago was Ruben and Amanda’s Baby Gender Reveal Party that we got to go to. It was really fun and there was some good food. They are having twins and there will be one boy and one girl! Woohoo! Super fun! Also on Sunday(not yesterday) one of the members in the ward, Brother Smith, made us Ukrainian food! He served his mission in the Ukraine so we had some Green Borsch, Perogies, and Cabbage Rolls! It was all super good. We also Monday night got to eat at the Star. It is this super fancy Basque restaurant and I mean SUPER fancy. You order your food and they bring you out soup, salad, spaggetti, fries, beans, and bread all before your main course comes out. It’s family style and with the first things they will keep bringing you more until you are done. Also with it being Basque (Basque are these people from over in Spain that back in the day came over here and settled so there is a lot of Basque heritage around here) there was garlic all over my steak. (Ha I first typed it out Stake. You know you’re Mormon when :D ) The Basque love their garlic. Good thing I’m a missionary and didn’t need to worry about kissing anyone ;)

After we dropped Elder Freeman off on Tuesday I spent the day going out and working with the 5th ward Elder’s, Elder McGee who is getting transferred to Reno, and Elder Johnson who is training. 8/10 of the Companionships in Elko are training, 7 of them getting brand new greenies with the last one having the person being trained only out 6 weeks so still in the training stages. It is going to be one green zone! We had fun and Elder McGee taught me how to make ties. I made 2 but failed hard on one of them so Elder McGee came in and saved the day by quickly making a third that was good so Elder Lee and I could have matching ties! Oh and yes my new companion is Elder Lee from Lake Orian, Michigan! Last time I had a companion who wasn’t from Utah or Arizona was when I was with Elder Jones. Apparently the only way to get variety in where my companions are from is to train :D

We have had a fun week so far. We had the chance to teach Robin a little bit. She is just going through some heavy opposition but she is reading the Book of Mormon, praying, fasting even, and she came to church all by herself this week for sacrament meeting! She even told us she wants to start staying for Sunday School. Ken and Mary Anne who she normally comes with weren’t able to come on Sunday but she was determined to come because she new that she needed the help church gave her! She has some awesome faith!

We got to meet Mr. Johnston this week too. He says he is from Ireland and we also think that he might have taken a trip to the pub before talking to us if you know what I mean. He was off to paint some blank wall they found in a cave with some spray paint. He admitted it might be a tad illegal but he said he would put a cross right in the middle just for us. How thoughtful!

I guess I should also tell you a little bit more about Elder Lee. He is 18 and just graduated. He likes reading, writing, drawing, and is into making short films with his friends. At school they had this class where they would do their schools tv news thing and do other film stuff. They had a lot of fun and entered film festivals and won awards! It is really cool.

Oh on Saturday we got to help build up more of Joe's deck! I have seen it since it's beginning stages which is really neat to have seen. It is almost done!

Alright my thought for this week is this. I have been pondering on how to improve. One night at dinner we were with the Lewis family. Brother Lewis is actually President Lewis he is our stake president and he is in the 4th ward. With he and his wife we got talking about some things and we got on the topic of daily repentance and talked about it for a little bit. With this I was reflecting back on when Elder Christofferson came. If any of you remember I asked him a question about how to have the Spirit more and he told me to repent. I realized that this one word answer has so much behind it. We need to strive to repent daily so that we are looking for how we can use the power of the Saviors Atonement daily in our lives. If we repent daily we will daily look for what we can do better, ask for that forgiveness of what we did wrong, commit sooner to do better, receive personal revelation on how we can do better, and daily experience the joy that comes from repenting. It takes a little more effort on our part in our daily prayers to be doing this, but if we truly take that time to do it we will feel so much more joyful on a more consistent basis. I have been starting to experience it as I started doing it this past weekend and I am feeling a lot more content. A lot of times we get down on ourselves because we are harrowed up by the pain of our sins. The more we repent, the less time these sins have to work on us, and we will draw even closer to our Savior! I testify that He lives and His arm is always outstretched to each and every one of us at all times, in all things, and in all places. Love you all! Keep being awesome and don't forget to smile! Bye!

Elder Sorochan

 Fire in a bush in our apartment complex

 Elder Freeman signs the companionship jersey

 Elder Lee (my new companion)

 Good bye Elder Freeman

Hangin with 5th ward Elders 

 My Steak at the Star

Patio we helped build (This has been going on since I got here)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Who will it be?

August 7, 2017

Alright y'all we have some news. Transfers are this week and as we all know Elder Freeman is going home so that means there will be a new companion. Who will it be I wonder. I would tell you but... I don't know! Why you may ask? Well... I'm training again! WOOHOO! Round 2 and this time I won't be as freaked out as last time! Good thing I love Elko 4th cuz it's looking like I will be here a long time... :D

Alrighty so for this week some fun things happened. First off Monday we had a super fun zone activity. We went on a hike to Lamiole Canyon up in the Ruby Mountains. They are some sweet mountains over here by Elko. At around 7 or so the way the sun reflects off of them causes them to glow red. Even though you can’t see the effect super well in Elko it still looks the bomb! We started off late and we had some funky car pool stuff going down. Elder Freeman and I got separated just how it ended up working out and I got stuck in the middle between Elder Hadley and Elder Feichko (I have some photos attached) We all went on the hike and just ran out of time before we could get to the top. While waiting for everyone we started trying to do some Mariachi shouts or something. We sounded pretty professional. Anyway it was fun.

Ok on Tuesday I had this super cool experience in following the Spirit. I haven’t normally felt too directly prompted to go to a specific place before. It is normally just me going and trying and we just end up being in the right place at the right time. This time though I felt like there was this former investigator we needed to go see. He isn’t very productive but the feeling persisted so I decided to try it. A saying I’ve heard a few times on my mission is that it is inspiration until proven otherwise so why not. We got to the point of the day when I had felt like we needed to go try the guy and I wanted to do something else but I still felt like we needed to try him. So we went. There was a lady sitting on the stairs of the apartment building across from this former’s building with some young kids. I said hello but she just said hi and looked back down at her phone. Now these ones are hard for me because I don’t want to force a conversation with someone who isn’t interested in talking. I just feel apprehensive about it. We went and tried the former and he wasn’t home. I was kinda wondering why we should go over here and when we walked down the stairs the lady was still there so I thought maybe her and I gave it one more shot and tried to make conversation. This time it worked! We talked for awhile and we were actually able to set up an appointment!!!!! Such a cool miracle! It was inspired to go over there. Plus we were able to talk to someone on our way out who’s car has a British Columbia licence plate. Turned out she grew up in Calgary Alberta and we were able to have a solid conversation with her. She mentioned how we were cool guys and although she didn’t want to meet, she was built up for future missionaries one day! Tuesday was also Elder Freeman’s last District Meeting so we took appropriate pictures.

Another couple of neat finding miracles came from Trudy and Clint. She is a less active member that we just randomly tried, and she very easily set a return appointment. Not too common but still awesome! We went back on the day we had set without even confirming and they were still there waiting for us! We sat down and talked about what has been going on with them. Turns out a year and a half ago he was taught but she was not interested. Through some big events happening in their lives they have had a softening of heart and say they are open to the lessons now! First lesson is on Friday!

Robin is doing well too! Came to church this Sunday and we had a mini lesson with her. She is facing a lot of opposition in her life right now but she is still determined to be baptized. We have another lesson on Friday with her as well and we will be able to help her be ready to keep moving forward! She is awesome!

Well I have a thought for y'all today and it comes from Alma 5:12-13 "And according to his faith there was a mighty change wrought in his heart. Behold I say unto you that this is all true. And behold, he preached the word unto your fathers, and a mighty change was also wrought in their hearts, and they humbled themselves and put their trust in the true and living God. And behold, they were faithful until the end; therefore they were saved." I really like this because this is what I am striving to achieve. I am trying to have that mighty change of heart. I had many hopes, dreams, and desires when I came out here on a mission. They were wrong. They were not what the Lord had in store for me. Now I want to have joy. Having desires and our will not in line with the Lords does not bring us joy. To experience true joy, we must align our will with His, and often that requires "a mighty change wrought in [your] heart." Now this change is not easy, nor is it convenient. It takes a lot to change, and a great deal of faith, not to mention time. Sometimes some change is fast and easy, but out here, it isn't. You even have to trust God that the change will even happen. I testify that it does. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am on my way there. Thank you for your prayers and support. They mean the world. Here's to an exciting six weeks with a new missionary. It's going to be incredible! Love you all, especially you Mom, Dad, and Anna! Y'all keep being awesome and don't forget to smile! BYE!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

 District meeting

District meeting 

District meeting 

 Elder Feichko and Elder Sorochan

Car ride to the Zone hike 

 Zone hike

 Squishy car ride

Friday, 4 August 2017

You're in charge

 July 31, 2017

Well everyone this has been a good week. To start off we can talk about a couple exchanges that happened this week. First was with Elder Feichko. He is super fun and I will get yall a picture of our exchange next week. We had a fun time visiting Sister Price and having lesson with Tacio. Sister Price is an active member that had cancer last year and Elder Feichko every week came and mowed her lawn. They are very good friends. Something funny happened though we had to call the vehicle coordinator to switch our car with another companionship and when Elder Feichko asked when it should go down the vehicle coordinator told him he was in charge and could make the decision. Now since Elder Feichko is our Zone Leader I started teasing him the rest of the exchange that he was in charge. It was funnier in the moment. We stopped by Tacio and had an impromptu lesson on the priesthood which worked out. Sadly later in the week, we got this text from Tacio, "Hi Elder... I think I won't be continuing with our meetings. I'll need to make some progress on my own first before I eventually feel the need to have more guidance. I appreciate your interest in helping... Maybe in the future we can revisit. Is that ok?" It was neat to see that he recognizes he needs to be able to do things himself before he progresses. He will get there. It was a pleasure to find him and help him on his way!

The other exchange was with Elder McGee! I went into his area and we had a blast! We worked our butts off and although we didn't see a lot of outward success but we did a lot of good and just had fun! I would love to be his companion one day. Elko Zone is awesome! So many friends here and in the ward. 

My thought today is about how we don't really see ourselves as we really are. We judge ourselves about how we are doing when we can't really see our true progress. We are with each ourselves every second of everyday and it is hard to see how we progress. Always know that if you are trying you are getting better. God see's our progress and is always helping us along so we become more like him. Trust Him and it will all work out. Love you All! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Sorochan