Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Pixy Stix!

March 19, 2018

Hey everyone! Quick funny story before we get started. A couple weeks ago I got a package. Who from you may ask? Well it was from Grant. Who is that? The formerly Elder McKenna! We had a joke when we were together that whenever I was stressed or anything he would take a pixy stick, throw it at me and say "Elder Sorochan, EAT A PIXY STICK" and then I would have to eat it and it would make me feel better. Well, he sent me TWO POUNDS OF PIXY STICKS. I'm going to just give them away... :D Make me fat!

This week was fun. WE GOT OUR CAR BACK!!!!!!! Monday afternoon Elder Bellamy dropped it off it was great. We can really do things again! Tuesday we went up into the Virginia city highlands which was super fun. We have about an average of 60 miles a day we can use. We are doing ok at using it. Our dinner that day fell through but the last less active family we tried, the Dixons, let us in! They even invited us to dinner with them so we know why our dinner fell through that night it was awesome! Sister Dixon used to come every week but just stopped for a little bit she should be coming back to church soon! That's good.

Wednesday we did a lot of service as per usual but the weather was good so we were happy!

Thursday we had a lesson with Andrew at the Crossmans! Chloe was sick but we had planned to talk about family scripture study, family prayer, and FHE and they were already doing the first two things! A talk in this last sacrament meeting inspired them to do it so essentially half our lesson was done! They are so solid it was cool. They are also really excited to go to the temple to do baptisms. That should happen in the next couple of weeks we are hoping.

Then it snowed. And snowed and snowed and snowed. I haven't seen this much snow in 2 years! we got like a foot and a half of snow! Needless to say we shoved A TON. We did some planned shoveling and some anonymous shoveling. I like to do things like that. People then don't know who did it!

Saturday we had a Easter breakfast in Washoe and that was really fun. A non member friend of someone came. We've had dinner with her a couple times. Her name is Isabella. She is from Poland.

On Sunday I learned something neat. Repentance works best when you include someone else. If others know you are working to improve and change, they will be more understanding and better able to help you improve and change. When they don't know, they are more likely to judge you and be unsupportive. They may even put you down not knowing you are trying. We need to do better at creating a culture where it's ok to talk about the things you struggle with so that you don't feel like people are mocking you for your imperfections and are going to knock you down rather than build you up. The Savior I know will always help you change and repent, you just have to go to Him for Him to help you.

Love you all!

Elder Sorochan

Sunday, 18 March 2018

I want dinner!

March 12, 2018

Hello everyone! It's been a great week!

Elder Christiansen had to say goodbye! We had so much fun together I am sad to see him go! His replacement is great though, it's Elder Casablanca!!!!!!!!!! He is from Atlanta Georgia but has spent time all over Florida and in Texas! He is cool. Kinda nerdy, but in a good way. Also loves soccer. He is a hard working obedient fellow who is good at biking which has been useful this week!

With our car gone we have been biking a lot. One round trip to Davis Creek is around 15 miles so that was fun to bike. Wind wasn't bad to us though so that was nice. Chloe's baptism interview went great. She came out of it crying which is a good sign. Happy cry!

We did some service for a man named Dennis digging some holes. He had some good tools which made it easy to dig them which was GREAT!!!!!!! My ankle is doing way better but it's nice to not have to worry about hurting it doing something like that. The Lord has been blessing my ankle to finally heal I am so grateful for it.

Saturday was the Baptism. I'll have pics next week. It was so fun a lot of people showed up. There was cookies after and the talks at it were on point! There is a nice peaceful feeling at baptisms. They are such happy times.

I didn't see Chloe and Andrew come into church so for the confirmation I thought they weren't there and I thought "this is really awkward, they aren't here for the confirmation." Then I saw they had somehow snuck in without me seeing and a wonderful blessing was said. I love seeing stuff like that!

All our dinners this week fell through it was so funny. Nothing worked out it was so random. As soon as Elder Casablanca showed up they all fell through each day. Today will be the first day it doesn't. It was so weird this has never really happened to me. Little random quirks.

Love yall!

Elder Sorochan

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Be still and know that I am God

March 5, 2018

Well everyone this week was C R A Z Y . If you think missionaries don't have hard and crazy weeks, well I'm going to tell ya, they do. The week started with on Monday me getting some kind of flu bug and it lasting till Thursday. Wasn't even able to go to District Meeting this Tuesday haha. On Friday the car got damaged and we spent all day dealing with that. That day the weather was terrible and roads were bad. We didn't have a dinner that night though and we had before the incident asked a certain member if we could have dinner with them. Turned out they were able to help us a ton with the car and we were able to get the car towed into Reno for free through their AAA insurance and then they took us to A&W for dinner. Saturday and Sunday were whack because we couldn't go really anywhere because there was snow so no biking and we are so spread out walking is hard. Sunday too one of the church services got cancelled but the other didn't but no one told us about the status of the second one. We were late to church because of it. MISSIONARIES LATE TO CHURCH ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I was so embarrassed but it was fast Sunday and without breakfast my mind doesn't think as well. Plus just the week.

At some point in the week I was wallowing in my difficulty because I sometimes do that and an interesting inspired thought came into my head. The phrase "Be still and know that I am God." I also on Saturday or Sunday watched a video documentary from President Hinckley we have in the house and he talked about that same scripture for himself. It has all still been hard but it is working out. I know His hand is with me and that it is all going to work out.

We met with the Zone Leaders referral. Her name is Chloe and she is getting baptized this Saturday! She is so prepared and normal. That sounds bad but a normal person amongst all the crazy is a blessing and a half sometimes. Her husband Andrew grew up in Washoe Valley so they are going to fit in great!

Well love yall!

Elder Sorochan

Saturday, 3 March 2018


February 26, 2018

Hello everyone! This week was yet another great one. The weather has been bad for Nevada standards but to me it's nothing. I have been acclimatizing so I'm feeling the cold at -7 to +5 so that's not great but oh well. I had an embarrassing moment on Sunday. We had ward conferences in both wards so we had church from 9 to 4 and had linger longers after both. In foothills I was talking to Sister Naylor who is feeding us on Wednesday about dinner. She asked what we would like. I said not chili because I don't like beans. Only after I said it did I realize that the family sitting at the same table as Sister Naylor was a family that this past week had fed us chili and heard me. It was so awkward. Oh well, they seemed cool with it. :D

Monday we had FHE with the Curtis's it was so sweet! We had each of the kids come up with a question or two about life/the gospel for Elder Christiansen and I to answer. It was such a good lesson they had great questions! I loved answering those questions with Elder Christiansen. It is so nice having a comp that is focused and works with me. It makes life that much more great!

Tuesday we had a meeting with Robert again. He is rather interesting. We found out he believes that Jesus is the human form of the Sun. Yeah so we are probably going to put him on the back burner for now.

Oh and we also had our zone activity last Monday! We had a volleyball tournament. With my ankle I couldn't play but I found the score board controls and with some help got the score board running. That is my favorite job when I can't play I was blessed to still be able to participate! Woohoo!

Tuesday we also had our interviews. I have built such an awesome relationship with President and Sister Chesnut. I feel so close with them. I also found out we will be getting phones before general conference. I will not have to buy one so I will just use one for a bit and learn the tricks of the church apps so I am a pro at them!

Our appointments fell through this week but it's ok! We got in some good service and found a new house in Foothill that is letting us come back this Tuesday! We also Saturday got a referral from YSA that someone in YSA got married to a member. She was already investigating and should be baptized in a couple weeks, but she lives in Washoe so Washoe ward will be doing the baptism! The ward will be so excited they need this! Also a member in Foothill was doing his home teaching and after helped out someone across the street with her recycling bin and ended up giving her a book of Mormon! We are going to stop by soon.

Saturday we helped out with a ward service project. An older couple has a beat up trailer that they want to rent out. They need the income and the person moving in is also in the ward and needs it so it was a double whammy! We got to weed wack and lay some fake tile. I got to wear some incredibly attractive eye goggles for the weed whacking.

Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Hambrecht. He is becoming an awesome missionary! He has been out for almost 3 transfers and he killed it on our exchange. He planned super well and talked to people like a pro!

Pictures to come next week. Something I learned from church is whenever we go to do some kind of service or kind thing we should always think "Is there someone I could invite to come with me?" Love y'all! Don't forget to smile!

Elder Sorochan

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Piano Time!

February 19, 2018

Hey everyone! Hows it going? Well, you can't answer me right now because this is not a text but oh well. Let's get started!

Monday nothing special really happened but Tuesday was sweet! At district meeting we had an awesome training on how to use the scriptures. Everyone was focused and wanting to learn it was such a fun meeting! We also after dinner got to help the husband give a blessing to his grandson which is always a great thing to do! I love being able to do that!

On Thursday we had dinner with the Gills and they invited a non member over for dinner! She accepted a Book of Mormon, said she would read it, and is very interested in coming to church! WHAT THAT NEVER HAPPENS.

Friday was zone conference. It was so fun. I got to play the piano for the hymns and nailed it! I am getting better at playing in front of people. Then after I went to go get my ankle checked out. Turns out the bone is perfect so it is just a cartilage and/or soft tissue problem. I will be starting physical therapy soon. Fortunately no surgery is needed yet so no going home! WOOHOO!

On Sunday I played my In Humility Our Savior piece in foothill ward and it went awesome too! Other than that it was a chill week with resting the ankle! Love y'all!

Elder Sorochan

Tuesday, 13 February 2018


January 12, 2018

Hello everyone to another week! Something funny that happened is one day we stopped by Jared's and he was outside with someone else and there was this giant random lego man outside. IT WAS REALLY WEIRD. We also saw this car go past us or turn or something and we looked away for a second. Then it was just gone. IT WAS ALSO REALLY WEIRD. Anyway this week was just good. Here's some reasons why!

The beginning of the week was pretty uneventful, but on Wednesday I went on exchanges with Elder McBride. We did a lot of service and got free chocolate milk! It was awesome! He is a really good Elder. Thursday we got a new gator (investigator) named Carla!!!!!!!! She is from Italy and works at Walmart. Her schedule is crazy but she is taking some time to meet with us. She said the closing prayer and was really touched by the experience of praying in the Savior's way. It was awesome!

Friday we met with Robert and he is a really smart man. He knows a ton about Christ's early church. We answered a lot of his questions and gave him some really interesting things to think about. He really liked what we had to say. He isn't investigating yet but definetely wants to meet again. Met with the Johnsons to read some more and they gave me SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS! They are so awesome. We read 2 Nephi 3.

Sunday we gave talks. Elder Christiansen's was on the Book of Mormon initiative and he killed it! Mine was on stuff I wish I knew before my mission on a more gospel focus.

Love you all! So sorry it's short had a lot of messaging.

Elder Sorochan

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Zoom Zoom

February 5, 2018

Hello everyone hope your week has been better than a doughnut that someone just gave to you after you just tried to talk to them on the street! No lie that happened this week. This week was sweet let me tell you why!

We did some service for Mark again. Elder Christiansen is prepping a Book of Mormon for him. He does a lot with missionaries around so we are hoping to move him forward. He likes to drink but this week he says he hasn't drank for awhile. Hopefully that stays!

Dang I forgot my planner in the car and I'm short on time so I will wing it and add anything I forget next week y'all! It was a sweet week though! On Wednesday we FINALLY got our car back! Sing praises and hallelujahs we are so glad to have it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN GO PLACES!!!!! Our area is so big it is redonculous. We helped out at Davis Creek again and went to Bowers mansion. I have been so bad with sending pics I will do it next week I promise! Ranger Nick gave us a tour of Bowers mansion too which is closed for now but hey, VIP privileges you know :D Then we went to the Virginia City Highlands at night which probably wasn't the most thought out decision we have made. It was dark and in the middle of no where but we had a TON of banked up miles from not having the car for a week so we really wanted to go up there because we never do. It was fun!

Thursday Elder Christiansen finally got to the chiropractor and got all fixed up. He feels way better now. Love chiropractors.

Saturday I went on a crazy good exchange with Elder Tolbert. I've sent a pic of him before but we had a blast biking around a couple different parts of our area and teaching Jared a bit about the plan of Salvation. He is so helpful and a great example of a Christlike leader!

Elder Christiansen is awesome! I love being his companion he is a great missionary!

Love yall! Till next time!

Elder Sorochan