Wednesday, 14 December 2016

You never know what will happen!

December 12, 2016

Well it was a good week. There was some really neat miracles that happened.

First I wanted to talk about was exchanges this last Tuesday. I went with Elder Hadley's MTC companion, Elder Stotts, into his area. It was fun because that night we were going to be going on splits with the priests in the Red Hawke ward. Good thing I know the area. Sike, I didn't. I was just kinda going along to do whatever the priest I was with felt like doing. We had a plan to go visit home teaching families which was good. The first priest I went with had the first person we stopped by not be home, so he decided that we would go try a priest aged boy who doesn't come to church. When we showed up where he lived, we found it was a gated community and that we didn't have the password to get in! We were about to turn around when this truck pulled up behind us and opened the gate! Miracles! We talked with the boy for a little bit and committed him to come to church! It was fun. The next priest I went with and I went and taught one of his families, well, single sister, the importance of home teaching to active members. She is active but doesn't fully get it.

While doing service for this lady named Glenna this week on Friday, she gave us Christmas presents! She gave us a heater for our apartment, since we need to get the thermostat fixed (yes mom we contacted the land lord) and she had gotten Elder Hadley a winter coat! He had been borrowing the inside liner of mine because all he had is a trench coat and you can't bike in those! So great!

Ok the big story of the week involves Jimmie. Remember last week when I said she came to church and she bore her testimony, well there is more to the story. When we met wit her on Thursday, we found out something really neat. By the way she fed us and it was super tasty. She told us that on Sunday while she was getting ready for church she felt prompted to bear her testimony, but she said no. That continued throughout the day and she kept saying no. While at church during the sacrament, she always is praying during the whole thing. She kept feeling that prompting and so she said to Heavenly Father that if one of us (the missionaries) would get up and bear our testimony, she would too. President Chestnut has asked us missionaries to bear our testimony frequently and so I was planning on it this Sunday. I wanted to follow the Spirit though as to when I should go up, and after the sacrament I felt I should go up as soon as possible. It was just a very simple testimony, nothing fancy or special. Little did I know though that it helped Jimmie get up and bear hers and she shared a very sweet testimony. Just goes to show you never know what will happen if you try to do what is right. God is a God of miracles. Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season, I love you all! Merry Christmas to my friends and family, and a big hug and "I love you" to Mom, Dad, and Anna!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Canada Dry for the Canadian! 

A picture especially for Mike

 This is the bishop's daughter Elsie.  She loves missionaries.

 Thanksgiving game time at Bishop Cocanour's

 Someone likes inflatables!

 A marshmallow platypus

 The new large Sparks Zone

An Elder Sorochan original 


 Riding my bike in the snow

The Beutlers

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