Friday, 28 July 2017

Don't say no to Spanish food

July 24, 2017

Hi everyone this was a really cool week and I have a couple neat miracles to share!

First is Robin. We taught her the first half of the Plan of Salvation and she is super on board. We had a good discussion and she committed to be baptized! When we extended a specific date to be baptized on (we are always making sure we are prepared to do this. Our mission has a goal to increase our vision to baptize, not to set quotas of people getting baptized, but our vision) and she wasn't sure. We asked if she would pray about it and she said yes and she would even fast about it too! How cool is that? She also asked if her friend Ken who sits in on our lessons and we teach at his house if he could baptize her!

We this week got to teach the Relief Society about doing missionary work at their Additional Meeting this week, but something really neat happened while we were there. While we waited to teach, we heard the church phone that hangs on the wall in some random place start to ring. No one ever calls these phones so we were super confused at first. We went and answered and on the other side of the phone was this woman named Liberty. She is super interested in the gospel and needs some help getting to her new place because she was in an accident. She has had help from Mormons a lot over the past number of years and wants to investigate. She is not in our ward but she had been calling and calling and we were the ones to pick up and hear her story!

We had lunch with the Rodriguez couple in the Spanish branch. They live in our area and when we passed their house they began to talk to us and invited to have dinner with them. The night they said we already had a dinner and we tried to tell them that and suggest another day but they didn't understand at first and began to get offended! We dodged it though and set something up but woops! Need to really learn Spanish. Dad help me out after the mission. Legitimately help me out!

We participated in a heritage celebration celebrating 75 years since the first stake was created in Elko. It was fun, had my first Tamale, and sang called to serve.

Love you all!

Keep being awesome, and don't forget to smile! Bye!
Elder Sorochan

 Dinner appointment

 At the Heritage Festival

 At the Heritage Festival


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