Friday, 4 August 2017

You're in charge

 July 31, 2017

Well everyone this has been a good week. To start off we can talk about a couple exchanges that happened this week. First was with Elder Feichko. He is super fun and I will get yall a picture of our exchange next week. We had a fun time visiting Sister Price and having lesson with Tacio. Sister Price is an active member that had cancer last year and Elder Feichko every week came and mowed her lawn. They are very good friends. Something funny happened though we had to call the vehicle coordinator to switch our car with another companionship and when Elder Feichko asked when it should go down the vehicle coordinator told him he was in charge and could make the decision. Now since Elder Feichko is our Zone Leader I started teasing him the rest of the exchange that he was in charge. It was funnier in the moment. We stopped by Tacio and had an impromptu lesson on the priesthood which worked out. Sadly later in the week, we got this text from Tacio, "Hi Elder... I think I won't be continuing with our meetings. I'll need to make some progress on my own first before I eventually feel the need to have more guidance. I appreciate your interest in helping... Maybe in the future we can revisit. Is that ok?" It was neat to see that he recognizes he needs to be able to do things himself before he progresses. He will get there. It was a pleasure to find him and help him on his way!

The other exchange was with Elder McGee! I went into his area and we had a blast! We worked our butts off and although we didn't see a lot of outward success but we did a lot of good and just had fun! I would love to be his companion one day. Elko Zone is awesome! So many friends here and in the ward. 

My thought today is about how we don't really see ourselves as we really are. We judge ourselves about how we are doing when we can't really see our true progress. We are with each ourselves every second of everyday and it is hard to see how we progress. Always know that if you are trying you are getting better. God see's our progress and is always helping us along so we become more like him. Trust Him and it will all work out. Love you All! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

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