Sunday, 10 December 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2017

Hello everyone! Happy American Thanksgiving! It was so fun but first, something funny. Growing up back home around the holidays the attendance in my ward would always seem to increase. More people were there visiting family. However, as logic implies, if my ward is increasing in size, that means another ward is decreasing in size for that day. I found that ward. It is the Pyramid Lake ward. The Bishop, 1st Councilor, 2nd Councilor, the Executive Secretary, the High Priest Group Leader, and the Elder's Quorum President were all gone. Fortunately, the Stake President was in town, so Elder Doig and I and one other member got to give talks to the maybe 50 people there. Fun story about my talk too. I wrote most of one, but was then on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Sun Valley. My talk accidentally got left in there car, which was Sunday night, so... I came up with a new plan. It all worked out and I was able to give a good talk for my allotted time but not the one I planned on that's for sure.

Thanksgiving was so fun we got special permission from President to go play football with members early in the morning at 8am. It was sweet. We had so much fun but that next morning I have not felt that sore since before the mission. I forgot what it felt like to be that sore! We got to have a dinner with President Perry who is a councilor in the mission presidency and guess who else was there? President and Sister Chesnut! It was so fun to get to have a thanksgiving dinner with them. I was thankful for that cool experience. We then went to Doug and Lundy's, ate some really good food and played Mexican trains. For some reason that is a popular game on my mission.

The week before I had an awesome exchange with Elder Bond. We had dinner with a former mission president, though he was very down to earth and not intimidating. If I was at a dinner appointment with President Chesnut though, I would feel very nervous. Maybe because he is my mission president who knows? Elder Bond taught so well though. This week I went with the Zone Leaders. They are training. I went into their area with Elder Steck and Elder Hambrecht. I forgot my camera cord in the car so our selfie will be shown next week! It was so fun they are really good and fun Elders we were joking around a ton. We met a basher, and had 2 people poor out their life's problems to us. We taught a couple lessons and found a super solid potential investigator. Sun Valley is where it's at apparently. Not as good as my area but close.

Didn't really teach a lot of lessons this week but did do more of a q and a with Doug again. Sometimes it's hard to keep lessons focused. Oh well. He is working hard to get an answer so I'll keep going.

Let me know if any of y'all have any questions. Love you!

Elder Sorochan

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