Tuesday, 6 February 2018

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February 5, 2018

Hello everyone hope your week has been better than a doughnut that someone just gave to you after you just tried to talk to them on the street! No lie that happened this week. This week was sweet let me tell you why!

We did some service for Mark again. Elder Christiansen is prepping a Book of Mormon for him. He does a lot with missionaries around so we are hoping to move him forward. He likes to drink but this week he says he hasn't drank for awhile. Hopefully that stays!

Dang I forgot my planner in the car and I'm short on time so I will wing it and add anything I forget next week y'all! It was a sweet week though! On Wednesday we FINALLY got our car back! Sing praises and hallelujahs we are so glad to have it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN GO PLACES!!!!! Our area is so big it is redonculous. We helped out at Davis Creek again and went to Bowers mansion. I have been so bad with sending pics I will do it next week I promise! Ranger Nick gave us a tour of Bowers mansion too which is closed for now but hey, VIP privileges you know :D Then we went to the Virginia City Highlands at night which probably wasn't the most thought out decision we have made. It was dark and in the middle of no where but we had a TON of banked up miles from not having the car for a week so we really wanted to go up there because we never do. It was fun!

Thursday Elder Christiansen finally got to the chiropractor and got all fixed up. He feels way better now. Love chiropractors.

Saturday I went on a crazy good exchange with Elder Tolbert. I've sent a pic of him before but we had a blast biking around a couple different parts of our area and teaching Jared a bit about the plan of Salvation. He is so helpful and a great example of a Christlike leader!

Elder Christiansen is awesome! I love being his companion he is a great missionary!

Love yall! Till next time!

Elder Sorochan

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