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Cars are for the weak

January 29, 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome back! Turns out I'm still alive so that's good. It's questionable if in one piece but oh well. Hopefully I'll find my other arm one day ;) Well after that random and nonsensicle rambling let's begin!

Last Pday was really fun because we got to celebrate Elder Christiansen's Birthday! It was really on Thursday but due to details which I will not bore you with, we had his big birthday dinner planned for Monday night. The Curtis' who are an awesome family in the ward took us out to the Outback for some delicious food. One of my favorite parts is we got some appetizers! I love appetizers. Anyway that was super fun and Elder Christiansen is now 19. This is the fifth companion I have been with for their birthday and the second where we have been together for both our birthdays.

This week was a rather interesting week with many obstacles that were placed in our path so I will tell things in order from the less interesting to the more interesting. Firstly we have been without a car for most of the week. Our car has been having the problem of having the ignition switch not turn when you put the key in. Having the key not turn apparently makes the car not start very well, or really more not at all. Who knew? Any way after trying some tricks it would usually turn but Tuesday night it got to the point where it took us about 15 minutes atleast to get the darn thing to turn so that was when we decided it would be a good idea to call our handy dandy vehicle coordinator, Elder Bellamy! We called him the next morning and he came down to Washoe Valley to see if the other key would work at all. During the 20+ minutes of him driving to the our house from the mission office I proceeded to try to get the key to turn with no success. Fortunately when he got here he was able to get it to turn a couple of times and me once after he got there so we were able to get it to the dealership without towing it. We dropped it off and found out there was a recall on this problem which is nice, but they didn't have the part and so they had to order it. This means that we haven't had a car since Wednesday. The area in which I now live is bigger than a couple of my previous area's so walking takes FOREVER. Fortunately, I like walking. We can't really bike right now because this week Elder Christiansen's back has been giving him some bad problems randomly with an unknown cause so between these two things needless to say it hasn't been the most productive week, but some cool things still happened!

With the car being gone we have been getting a lot of rides to places we have been needing to go and we have seen a lot of miracles with that. We will literally get a ride from someone to one place and the next people will be willing to give us a ride, or someone will have come to that house to join us for what we are doing and they will give us a ride after, or we even were walking down the road to dinner and were late and someone we knew, Mark actually, picked us up and drove us to dinner! #Miracles

We got to help Mark out a bit with his renovations some more. It is been really cool to see the progress that it is making, kind of like the deck I helped make in Elko for Joe.

I had a neat experience of receiving some inspiration this week. Sitting on my desk has been a stack of old records that I have wanting to do something about for FOREVER but for some reason I never got around to it. This Thursday during weekly planning I had some time to go over them, so I did. As I first went through them I discovered that a bunch of them were just photocopies of ones already in our area book. It seemed like that was all that was in the pile so I picked the pile up and went over to the trash can. As I went to throw out the records I got this feeling that it wasn't right to throw them out but should still go through them. I did and it turns out that there were quite a few records that didn't belong in our area but in another area in my district so instead of them being lost they can go to where they need to be!

The last cool thing for the week is with the Johnsons. We had dinner with them on Tuesday and got to read the scriptures with them again! Their son who is 8 read and he read better than almost all my investigators ever have! He also gave me the hardest played game of checkers ever! He is a clever cookie. Sister Johnson the next day also asked to come give her niece a blessing.

Love y’all, till next time, don’t forget to smile. BYE,!!

Elder Sorochan

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