Thursday, 9 June 2016

Rainy Days


It has been raining so much here. I think it has rained at least two fifths of my time here. Yes two fifths. So the members here are just great. We have been fed 3 times so far and have that many dinners this week! There has always been great food and especially we have had meat. In Canada on a missionary budget meat is not something that it seems I can buy too often. Oh well. Hashbrowns it is. :D 

So many great things to tell you about! I`ll start with 2 involving a member, Sister Rossiter. She is a super solid member and comes every week. She directs the music and is nursery leader. I believe on my second day here in Portage she called us over to the hospital because her mother had just had a heart attack the day before I believe. She called us to give her mother a priesthood blessing and we did. We went and gave it and left. It was only yesterday that we found out completely what happened, we knew her mother had gotten better quickly, but it turns out that she got better within a few days. Her heart rate had been really high but after the blessing it had gone down to what it should be very quickly. She was recovering at a very surprising rate and the doctors and nurses were very surprised. After everything settled down she got to leave the hospital early. They like to keep people who have had heart attacks there in some kind of care for 3 days after a certain point and Sister Rossiter`s mom only stayed for 1. Now their relationship is better than ever after this because they have been able to talk about things and Sister Rossiter has been doing a bunch of service for her mom now and it is just so great to see. That`s just one miracle here. 

Soon after this Sister Rossiter had us start teaching her friend Marlene and Marlene`s boyfriend Lyle. Marlene has apparently been wanting to get baptized for a long time now and is just accepting everything we say! She and Lyle read the Book of Mormon together which helps Marlene get more out of it because she has trouble seeing. Lyle is accepting but says he needs some more time to think about it. He will come along. 

Ok another amazing story so after we came out of the hospital and were leaving Elder Moore had this prompting to go talk to someone in a red van in the parking lot which he didn`t act on at first. It stayed though while we were driving away and so he flipped around and we went back and talked to the person. When we showed up we found out that her fiance was in the hospital with some pretty serious stuff going on and was going to need a procedure done in Winnipeg. We asked if we could say a prayer with her and she agreed so we prayed to have God give her comfort. As we prayed her fiance Lawrence came into the car and after said we could come by and teach him and Dana (that`s her name). When we came the next day or two (can`t remember) we taught the first lesson and it was accepted really well. We have met with Lawrence lots but not Dana. She hasn`t been around at the hospital as much. Lawrence is so great. He has done a lot of reading in the bible and a lot of deep reading so when we read the Book of Mormon he understands a lot. He apparently has been praying to have God help him improve in his life and make steps to move forward in his life. He sees us showing up as an answer to that prayer and knows how big of a commitment baptism is and so wants to be sure of himself in a legitimate way before he says yes to baptism. So great. Now all he needs to do is actually start reading the Book of Mormon on his own and praying about it. XD

Thanks to all the emails I get from all of you. I love hearing from everyone. Feel free to send me one whenever! Love you all! My challenge this week is to pay attention to the words in the hymns you sing this week. They are so powerful. See ya!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

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