Wednesday, 22 June 2016

There are mountains everywhere!

HELLO FROM RENO! Oh it so great to finally be here. It is so great here. Dry and hot. It's supposed to get into the 90's here this week so let's see how it goes. The plane ride here was great. I talked to two people about the gospel. One wasn't interested but was going to tell his brother about family search which is good. The other person took a restoration pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and is down to meet with the missionaries! Ok so update from Portage. Marlene is planning to be baptized on the 25th which is great hopefully that goes through. I won't know until next week though. Sister Judge made me a hockey pillow case which was very nice. I love it. She makes all the missionaries pillow cases.

Now to Reno. So there are mountains galore here. Everywhere you look there is a mountain. After my mission I am coming rock climbing here as much as I can. It's just so beautiful. I even love the desert. It makes me so happy. There are a lot of casinos here it is great. In the airport there was just slot machines everywhere. The prices of everything here is insane. It is so much cheaper down here. For fruit there are so many more options at great prices. I can buy a big bag of cherries for maybe $2 or $2.50. President and Sister Chestnut are the best! So my new trainer Elder McKenna is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is really good at asking me questions so that I learn what I really need to get out of something. We are in Dayton which is about 20 minutes out of Carson City. We cover both the Dayton and Comstock Wards which is hard. Things are spread out here and Elder McKenna has been here for 3 transfers already. When we street contact he seems to have met everyone already so finding right now is a little hard. We have an ok teaching pool but we are praying for inspiration to know how to find more people to teach. On Friday we went to In and Out Burger and it was really good. The other restaurant in the photo is L&L which is a Hawaiian bbq. The members here are great we have a dinner appointment every day! It is great. I am so excited for July 4th we get to stay up late and watch fire works!!!! Yes. We did have a crazy thing happen to us this week though. On Wednesday during personal study in the morning we randomly got a phone call from a lady. She is a less active member named Sister Lawrence. She said hi, I have been inactive for 38 years and I would like to meet with you. We were just ok can we meet today? Turns out she has been dating a catholic guy who is going to be baptized. Through this she had a crazy experience with a super strong feeling of wanting to go back to church and remembering the song "I am a child of God". The Holy Ghost just testified to her of the truth so now she is reading the Book of Mormon and will be coming to her home ward this coming week. Well I am short on time. I need to organize my emailing time better. Everyone have an amazing week and remember to smile. You are a child of God! Love you!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

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