Sunday, 14 August 2016

A week full of up's, down's, and Pizza

August 8, 2016

Hey everyone! What a great week this was. To start I'll talk about the Pizza. We had Pizza 4 days in a row. It was AMAZING!!! Two of the nights it was even home made pizza so that was a big plus. Ok so this week I wanted to go on a more day by day basis so here we go.

Psyche, we will do that in a second. Tricked ya! First and foremost I bet you all are wondering who this Elder Jones person is that I am training. Well let me tell you. Elder Jones is a smart cookie. He loves physics and is hoping to become a physics professor in geo-physics so that is super cool. He is 18 and just out of high school and is very dedicated. Very obedient so that makes my job as his trainer a LOT easier. He is really fun and is learning fast so things are going well. He is from Augusta Georgia which I think I said last week but oh well. I love him and he is great to have as a companion.

Ok now to business. Monday was really helpful. With Elder McKenna gone and me as the mentor for Elder Jones I felt a little lost. I was praying for help and as He always does Heavenly Father provided it. My District Leader Elder Baker has been helping me and whenever I have needed anything he has always had me give him a call to ask. This last Monday as he was talking to me he saw I was really struggling so he took me to an empty classroom in the stake center we were in and he talked with me for about an hour I would say and he helped me figure a lot of things out. He helped me understand why I am experiencing all these hard things. This mission is is really some of the best time for the Lord to prepare me for the rest of my life. I am so happy now to be better understanding why things are hard, but as well I am learning how to better face them and overcome them. I can do this! I am really grateful for Elder Baker's continuing help. Unfortunately he leaves very soon but Heavenly Father has never left me without help so I not concerned. I can do this.

Tuesday then was a really hard day. We had district meeting and President and Sister Chestnut came which was really fun. Always love to see them. Then later in the day the hard part came. Mark, a 16 year old we are teaching who we were getting ready to be baptized, came back from a trip and told us that he doesn't want to be baptized right now. He doesn't feel like he could keep the commitment and so doesn't want to go forward with it right now. It really threw me. He was our big light as we try to grow our teaching pool but now he isn't interested in progressing. It really made me just unhappy for the rest of the day. He said we can still keep meeting with him, but it was just so disappointing because he knows these things are true. I talked about it with Elder Baker and he again pointed me in a better direction of thinking and I was able to get over it. I know that these things are true and even if nobody else ever listens, as long as I give it my best and continue my conversion, all will be well. I know this is true, and I can always have happiness in that.

Wednesday was really great. We had 3 less active lessons and in our last Bro. Soderberg came with us to Sis. Carl's and we had planned to teach the Plan of Salvation but after our opening prayer the Spirit took over and it turned into a read the scriptures/testimony lesson. I had scripture after scripture coming into my head which I haven't been good at yet and she changed from not wanting to read because that's not what she does to yeah she will read. It was amazing. Thursday was just a good day and then Friday we had an exchange with the Zone Leaders. Normally this doesn't happen but Elder Baker had the thought to arrange it so I got to have Elder Latham come to our area. At first I was nervous because I don't really know him, he is a Zone Leader, and I am new. After a little bit I reminded myself that he is just a normal missionary too and that what I need to do is learn as much as I can from him. That's what I did and he helped set up some activities we can be doing to further the work and it has already given us some good potential. I am really excited.

Saturday we had a meeting with our Ward Mission Leader in the Comstock ward and he is just totally doing a great job. He is helping to move so much forward to help us and is being extremely helpful with just everything! Sunday was fun and had some enjoyable meetings. Hope you all have a great week! Remember to pray and read your scriptures!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

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