Thursday, 13 October 2016

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

October 10, 2016

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Hola! How is everyone doing? This has been a hard, but good week. It has been been hard because everyone in Dayton is getting sick and other things are happening, but hey, gotta love my crazy Dayton! The people here are so great! I love it here. Shout out to the Duvall Washington White Family. I got your letter last week, forgot to mention it last week, and forgot to bring them today, so your questions will be answered I promise in next weeks exciting adventures!

Ok fun story of the week. On Tuesday we were teaching Conner. He is getting baptized soon!!!!!! He and his mom talked to Bishop Galloway and he says all they have to do is pick a date. They are planning on having him baptized in Utah so all of their family can see it. It is so exciting. To help get him ready we are just reteaching the lessons again to him going over the key points. We taught him the Restoration this week and with that I want to share 2 highlights. The first comes when we are starting with talking about God. I asked Conner who God is and he said Heavenly Father. Right I said and then I asked him if Heavenly Father was a spirit or if He had a body. Conner then proceeded to totally out smart me and said that Heavenly Father has a body and a spirit. I then said it was Elder Jones' turn to teach. hehe. 8 year olds are smart. They aren't perfect though. My redeeming moment came when I asked Conner what the name of our church is and he got the first part right, but instead of saying Latter Day Saints, he said latter day satans. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!! I died laughing. It was just after he told us about Joseph Smith and his mom said that she is very proud of him for remembering all of these truths. It was great.

This week we got to teach Sister Lawrence again! It has been awhile but she said she wanted to meet again. We set up a lesson and, drum roll please, Brenda came with us! She is now doing missionary work with us. She was great. She was just constantly talking about how great all of this stuff to do with the church is and said that she would sit with Sis. Lawrence at church when we suggested it. Unfortunately something came up and Sis. Lawrence wasn't able to come, but we still had a very good lesson on the 10 commandments and following the prophet.

Brenda had us over for lunch (again) and we as well had a lesson. She loves to have us over it is so great. I love doing stuff with her. She is very good about letting us go when we need to so we are still being obedient! Exact obedience is very important and something I am always striving to do. We read with her the Learning and Serving in the Church pamphlet and taught her about how she could get a calling soon. We hope she will she would be very good at whatever they ask her to do. This coming Saturday is our Why I Believe fireside and she is going to speak at it! She is going to do some great missionary work there. It's so great getting to know her and become her friend. She has become very special to me. I will try to get a picture with her this coming week.

We as well got to go on exchanges this last week. I went with Elder Garcia into his area in Carson and Elder Coronado went into our area with Elder Jones. It was a fun day with Elder Garcia. The theme was "Exchanges Gone Wild". It started with some miscommunication between them and us where we drove into Carson and they drove into Dayton so we then had to drive back. We got home later than we were supposed to but it was due to an accident so we were ok. The next morning Elder Garcia and I had left the phones in the car by accident in the rush to get home so didn't have an alarm and got up at 7:10am. Not my most proud moment, but again, it was an accident. The rest of the day was really fun though. We got a phone call from someone in Utah and asked us to go see someone in the hospital who needed a blessing. She was a less active lady in the area and was going to have surgery so requested a blessing. When we showed up we arrived with only 10 minutes to spare before the operation. Elder Garcia gave her a beautiful blessing and it said many things not related to the surgery fully. We contacted 4 other referrals and found a bunch of pineapples. It was a really fun exchange.

I have been learning to really focus on Christ. The purpose of the Sacrament is to help us always remember Him. If we do, we become more like Him. Every time I am frustrated or angry, I am trying to remember Him. I've found it really makes a difference. It helps you remember who you really want to be through those irrational emotions. I testify that He is the only way to true happiness and back to our Heavenly Father.

Love you all

Elder Kynan Sorochan

 Elder Coronado
Elder Garcia

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