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Sparks are flying!

October 24, 2016

Hey Everyone! How's it going? Hope you all are doing well. First order of business is questions from the letters from the Washington White family. Thomas writes: Q:"How is your mission so far?" A: It is amazing! Missions are the best things ever! Q: "What is your companions name?" A: My current companion is the great Elder Hadley (last week I spelled it wrong whoops) Q: "Why do you want to be a missionary?" A: Great question! I want to be a missionary because I want to be able to help Heavenly Father change peoples lives. I have been blessed to always know how amazing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is, and I want that for everyone. Serving a mission is a once in a life time opportunity to do that all day everyday that the Lord has asked me to do. I want to do all I can for Him. Q: "Is it fun to be a leader?" A: I am not a missionary leader right now, my companion is, but when I have been it has been very fun. Hard, but fun. Q: "Is it fun to be a missionary." A: Yes. Work hard, but it is important to make sure you have fun while being obedient too. Q: "Is it sad to leave your home for a long time?" A: Yes, but worth it. You forget about it most of the time which makes it easier. Other responses: My favorite animal is a penguin and my favorite color is blue.

Joseph asks Q: "where are you at right now?" I am in the Vintage Hills ward. Q: "Does teaching make you nervous?" It does sometimes. After doing it for a little while you get used to it and instead get excited. When you don't know how to teach something very well then you get kind of nervous. With the Spirit though you can teach someone really well even if you don't know how to teach the lesson very well. It is amazing. Q: "What things are you allowed to do besides teaching?" We can play sports on Mondays and email. We can do other things during lunch like play with a rubix's cube, write in your journal, things like that. What we mostly do is teach and do service. And plan. Lot's of planning. Q: "How do you feel? Emotionally and Spiritually?" Well both are a bit of a roller coaster. I am up and down all the time. As you teach people and learn their stories you feel love for them and a desire to help. When people won't listen to you you feel sad because you want to help them so much but instead they say no and there is nothing you can do about it. Ultimately, you feel joy. In the end of a week or month or transfer or area you look back at all the good you were able to do and you feel joy and a desire to do more.

Time is running short so I will answer the other letter's next week!

Alrighty let's share a bit on what is going on here in Sparks! I am serving in the Vintage Hills Ward covering only the Vintage Hills ward. Hurray only one ward! Two wards was a lot. It is a smaller ward and there aren't a lot of youth. There are a lot of older couples. The ward was only made a couple weeks before I arrived in the mission so I am almost as old as it is mission wise. Our current goal is to find out who on the ward list is active or less active, or even still lives in the ward. We are as well trying to grow the teaching pool. We have some people who are having trouble progressing, but Elder Hadley and I are really looking to work super hard and we feel that we will be successful.

My new companion is Elder Hadley. He is an amazing companion. Hard working and obedient. He is from the Phoenix area in Arizona and has been out for 9 months. He has been a District Leader here in the Vintage Hills area the past 2 transfers and is very dedicated to it. He is very good and being aware and keeping tack of the missionaries in his district. He is very kind to me and we get along very easily. He reminds a bit of uncle Spencer. We were laughing and joking right off the bat this last Tuesday. I am very excited to be working with such a great Elder.

This week was fun. We did a TON of service. There is this one guy named Bruce. He has a digestive problem and can only eat chicken and brown rice. He can have a little bit of lamb and some powdered vegetables on his chicken and a little bit of salt. Anything else gives him pain. We go over and cut his food up for him since his eye sight isn't very good. We listen to the Book of Mormon on tape and talk while we chop. He is a very nice man. He is from Iran originally but moved here in his late teens. He is now in his late 40's and we are slowly trying to spark his interest in the Gospel. He might be coming to our trunk or treat this Friday and when I said to him that he should come to church sometime he said yeah he might like to do that! Hopefully he does soon.

I should tell you about Sparks! Sparks is great. The people here are really nice. There are a lot of Latinos. First night here was street contacted into 2 hispanic referrals for the Spanish Elders. The whole Reno/Sparks area has about 200,000 people in it. Biggest population in Northern Nevada. We are the only set of English Elders in the Sparks West Stake. I love the city. It feels like home.

We had a couple really great miracles this last week. First is one that comes from a referral from the Elder's Quorum President. Elder Hadley and his last companion had tried him a few times with no answer. While we were biking near the guys house Elder Hadley had the impression to stop by the house. We went and knocked on the door and the man we were looking for answered the door. His name is Brother Gladstone. We then proceeded to talk to him for the next hour and find out his situation. He is awesome and once the time for church changes he will be able to come!

Love you all!
Elder Kynan Sorochan


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