Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year!

January 2, 2017

Hello everyone! I know you are all dieing for Christmas pics, but the library is still closed till next week. I will do them next week as well as Christmas shout outs! Fun thing for the week is we have a car! It is only for the rest of the transfer (so a week and a half) but it is still great! Some missionaries went home early for school, so there were some left over cars. Elder Hammond texted us (he is the vehicle coordinator) and said we could use one till the transfer is over. He gave us 500 miles too! We couldn't use up all of that even if we tried! It is nice to have a brief rest from biking, especially since this week is going to be cold. And it means that we get to drive to morning program and play sports with the other missionaries.

We have been doing a lot more finding lately. Some people we have been trying to teach we just decided to stop going to see since they weren't putting in any effort and didn't really want to learn. In the ward we have so far found that over 40 people on the ward list have moved. That's crazy! We have been having some good experiences with street contacting, tracting, trying former investigators, and less active finding, but so far no pineapples. We will keep trying though! The people here are great, and very nice to us. They just don't think they need the gospel. Silly people!

On the 14th we will be having a mission wide conference, where an area seventy, a seventy and an Apostle will be coming! We don't know which Apostle it is, but we are definetely going to learn a lot!

We are starting a new Book of Mormon initiative with the members here that President Chestnut has designed. In it we invite the members to read the Book of Mormon over the year of 2017, and while reading highlight scriptures that are meaningful to them and that might help someone who is reading it for the first time or needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon, and to pray as to who to give that Book of Mormon to. We are to do it with every member if we can, and we have a lot of appointments for it this week. It will be fun!

We got to meet with the Carters again this week! They are making slow progress, but it is progress. They are such a sweet couple. They are very fun to teach. Bro. Seavey has started coming with us and he is good friends with them, so he is a great support. We have been reading in the Book of Mormon with them reading King Benjamins address. We hope that as they apply what he says to their own lives that they will start to do more gospel centered activities like family prayer and family scripture study.

Yesterday was really good for church. The time has changed from 2:30 to 12:30, and it seems to have helped attendance. We had 5 less actives there, three that haven't come before! Bro. Gladstone and the Martins were the ones who haven't been able to come. Bro. Gladstone was only because of the time. His family isn't very supportive of him being a member, so he can only come when church is earlier. Church was a little fuller which was a good sign.

Thanks for your prayers everyone! I have really being noticing a big emphasis in my life of how Christ needs to be the center, and what I have to do to make that happen. I know that this is in part because of your prayers for me. I truly appreciate it. I love you all! Love you Mom, Dad, and Anna!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Birthday lunch with Elder Hadley (courtesy of Bishop Cocanour!)

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