Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Great week!

April 17, 2017

Hey everyone is has been a great week. The weather has been really weird. Sometimes it would snow and be sunny at the same time. I don't get it...

First off we had a really great lesson with an investigator named Adam. McKay, one of the youth in our ward came with us. We went and taught the restoration. Adam accepted it really well and at the part of the first vision he did the whole mind blown action after we shared it. We were all feeling the Spirit really well, especially McKay. At the end of the lesson we invited Adam to pray. He was really nervous at first and didn't want to, but we started to teach him about why he needs to. McKay after Elder Clark and I taught shared an incredibly powerful testimony about Joseph Smith and about Adam's potential and some other things and then Adam prayed. You could tell he was nervous, but he did it! Now he will be more likely to do it more.

Our ward is huge. And we have a TON of youth. More than the rest of the stake combined. There are 5 wards in this stake and a few branches. Oh and I'll tell you a bit about Elder Clark. I think I said some stuff last week but this will be a good review. He is from Cottonwood Heights Utah and is really funny. He loves to joke around, but knows to be serious at the right times. He definitely leans to being a lighter type of person, but never at the wrong times. He is really fun and I love being his companion. He loves sports, especially baseball and basketball. The best part though is that HE LOVES CANADA! Really weird for an American. They like to make fun of us and I have gotten pretty good at making fun of Canada eh? :D

On Saturday we got to bring a mini missionary with us from the stake. He ended up being in our ward and his name is Carter! He just recently got his mission call to Virginia and is super excited to go! He is so awesome and he is going to make a great missionary. He is going out for the right reasons, and that is to serve the Lord which is awesome! We had him at one point do a door approach as we went to go visit some less active youth and we got in! It was an easy situation, but he was nervous but ended up doing awesome!

I want to share an experience I had on Saturday after the mini mission. I have been really tired this week and have at points been struggling to have enthusiasm at times about doing anything! I just felt so tired in energy, tired of people not answering the door or setting up appointments or never replying to us on the phone, and I just was trying and trying and trying and just wasn't being happy. I remembered the training on the Enabling Power of Christ's Atonement. I had been thinking about it during the week and trying to treat challenges and trials like an opportunity to grow, but I just couldn't keep myself positive. It all just felt like too much. On Saturday after the mini mission I had a moment to myself where I just said a prayer telling Heavenly Father that I was trying, but that I just couldn't fully do it. I have been trying and trying and trying and I just can't make it work. This is partially from my time in Vintage Hills. I loved it there, but it was very hard, taxing, and tiring. I was feeling this hit me and just asked for help from my Heavenly Father. I admitted I couldn't do it on my own, and that I needed my Saviors help. I needed Him. I gained some more humility. After that I went out from the bathroom where I was and things began to feel lighter. As it talks about in Mosiah 24 I felt my burdens lighten and myself strengthen. I began to feel like myself. I wanted to "submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord" but I just couldn't do it myself. I needed to remember and rely on the Savior, and that it is only through His Atonement that I could be enabled to be how I wished. As I did remember Him I began to feel better and enabled. I began to feel like myself and cheerful. As I expressed gratitude in prayer it increased and stayed. I learned to stay this way I must always remember Him and rely on Him. That is key to receiving peace through Him.

I love this work and I love you!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

 Elder Clark needs protection when he's eating spaghetti

 Elder Clark chillin'

 Conference with Elder and Sister Nielsen

 Elko scenery


 With our mini missionary, Carter

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