Wednesday, 26 April 2017

You gotta look up!

April 24, 2017

Hey everyone it has been a super awesome week for me hope it has all been for you! We have some exciting things on tap so listen up!

First of all the funny thing of the week was really the whole day of Tuesday. It was a day that by the end of the day Elder Clark and I were just exasperatedly laughing!

So Tuesday. On Tuesday we had a FULL day. Appointments out the wazoo! After District Meeting we were heading back to our apartment to have comp study when I looked out the window. It was raining a little. I then did the worst thing anyone could possibly do. I thought to myself, you know, this looks like the kind of day where everything falls through. I AM SO SORRY EVERYONE!!!! The day then proceeded to have our 1 oclock fall through. Our 2 oclock cancel. Our 3 oclock fall through. Our 6 oclock not be home and no one show up to our 730 scripture study class even though we had had someone confirm! By the end of the day it was just so sad Elder Clark and I were laughing hard! We by the end of the day just had no one else to see that we went to go return an umbrella we had borrowed from a member and when we brought it to her it turned out we had grabbed the WRONG umbrella! We laughed so hard at that. It was just so sad that it was really funny! We had a great attitude about the whole thing and weren't really sad. The situation was, but we weren't. That was because we decided to look up! We were serving the Lord and He helped by blessing us with a good attitude about the whole thing. It was a miracle day.

The next morning we ended up helping a lady named Jessica. Her husband had passed away a number of months ago and he was LDS. It had not been confirmed that he had died so we were stopping by to say hi to her and hopefully him. When we stopped by we found her building a swing set and offered our help. She gladly accepted and we had a great conversation. Her husband had passed away and she is baptist. She had some experiences with the church but not all good. We were able to have a nice genuine discussion with her about non gospel topics and was able to apologize about the negative things that had happened in the past. She seemed thankful to me at least. It was a good visit.

After a week full of fallen through appointments left and right Elder Clark and I were finally rewarded on Saturday for our diligence. We met with a Part Member family. The appointment almost didn't happen. We were running a little behind and we weren't going to be able to get to the house on time. As we were walking a member couple happened to be driving by and offered us a ride! Because of this we got to the house on time and caught them maybe 5 minutes before they were about to leave. They had forgotten but we had a 75 talk/expectation lesson with them and found they have some great interest! We set up an appointment for this Wednesday and it looks like this will be an answer to our prayers. They are a great family and the husband and wife have some genuine concerns. The problem in the past is having them keep commitments but I have faith that the time that they have spent away from missionaries will help them change this road block. I'm looking up!

Sometimes we deal with anxiety and we have experiences that create a mental rut into stress and worry. Heavenly Father expects this when He puts us into these experiences. He will also always provide a way out. We must however like it says in Mosiah 24:15 move forward with cheerfulness and patience. We must look up! As we look up we will have the limitless support of our living and loving God! We will feel of His love and support! He will not take away our feelings, but enable us to move and act while in the midst of their attacks. What makes God God is not that He never experiences opposition, but rather that He knows how to act and behave while experiencing them. He has the power to overcome these obstacles perfectly every time and the experiences He gives us where we face opposition are times where He wants us to look to Him so He can bless us with this power to be just like Him. Able to do anything no matter what the circumstance while still experiencing joy!

I love you all keep up your great work! Love you Mom, Dad, and Anna!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Look what I found! What in the world are they doing here in Elko? (I could ask my self the same question :D )

 Elder Clark being funny

 Elder Clark making raman noodles in the microwave

 On exchanges with Elder Gailey

 Me being silly

 On exchanges it!

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