Thursday, 12 October 2017

Piano sorta shock

October 9, 2017

Hello Everyone! This has been a good week. Firstly this week I had a little bit of a heart attack. This last week we got to have a zone conference, and I was called on to play the piano. (I had a nice short break in Elko. Sister Thomsen could play any hymn on command so she got the gig) however I was very happy to play again! I was informed about a week in advance that I would be playing hymns 26 and 27. I thought, Awesome! I know both of these. I can do this! I don't practice much since I knew them and I was pretty confident in playing time. Now at the conference I sat down and started playing the prelude music. Elder Miner, who was conducting, got up and began the meeting. He welcomed everyone and announced the opening song. The only problem was, it wasn't hymn 26 Joseph Smith's First Prayer as I had been told. Instead he annouced Hymn 19, We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet. I momentarily freaked out, but then it was all ok because fortunately of the few songs I know that happened to be one of them, but the thought of what if it wasn't came to mind. Fortunately, God takes care of those details so yeah. It was cool.

Last Monday when we were heading to dinner we got stuck. Turns out Carrolla's don't go through durt roads with a lot of sand very well. :D I've attatched a picture.

We got to have a super awesome lesson with Doug and his wife Lundy this week. We brought Brother McDoniels who is the high councilor over missionary work. He is also a convert. That greatly impacted Doug to hear his story. Doug is having a hard time believing that there is one true church. Brother McDoniels emphasized the Priesthood and Doug took interest in that. We were talking to him about what he knows is true, and he believes that Joseph Smith being a prophet and the Book of Mormon could be true, so we are getting there, but we aren't the whole way there yet. He wants to keep going because he is feeling this is right and wants to keep going. He is progressing which is awesome!

Zone Conference was awesome! It was on the Book of Mormon. It was so neat to see a video from the New Mission Presidents Seminar. Elder Christofferson talked to us about how the Book of Mormon is the greatest tool the Lord has given us for sharing the gospel in this dispensation. It is the sickle described in D&C 4 he said. Fun! The most powerful part was the testimonies at the end. President starts by picking 4 people to give a talk on a subject, this time the Book of Mormon, every zone conference. He goes by inspiration at the conference. I'm so glad he does they were so powerful!

Got to go on an exchange with Elder Bond it was so awesome! Will have a pic of him next week. Got caught up with school stuff so I will close with I know the Book of Mormon is true! It is such a powerful book you all need to read it! Read it everyday it answers the questions of the soul and provides instruction for everything because if it doesn't say it, the Spirit will and there are few better ways to get the Spirit than to read the Book of Mormon. I read it everyday in some way shape or form. Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, but regardless I read it! Y'all are awesome. Let me know if y'all ever have any questions. Love ya! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

 Elder Gailey and Elder Sorochan

 Elder Sorochan and Elder Clark

 Where our car got stuck

Zone Conference

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