Sunday, 22 October 2017

Just expect the unexpected

October 16, 2017

Ok everyone saddle up we had a great week this past here 7 days. First off cool thing happened this morning. Got to see a Model X Tesla! This lady parked almost right beside us at Walmart and we obviously noticed it was a Tesla. Her door handles were really funny so I asked how they worked. She said they just push in and to try it. I did and it is like a button! You press it and the door just opens. The coolest part though was it opened upwards not side-ways like normal and the radio station that turned on as the car did when the door opened just happened to be playing the Star Wars theme song! I almost peed my paints with excitement it was so cool!

Alright this week was awesome! First Tuesday we met with Doug and Lundy again. We brought Brother Macintosh and a former Temple President in our ward Brother Tsukamoto. We knew he was a convert but it turned out that he had been in the same religion that Doug had been growing up, Presbyterian. They talked about it for maybe 30-40 minutes just Brother Tsukamoto telling his story. It was long but really really good. He wasn't able to make it to church this last Sunday but when we texted him saying we missed him he texted us saying that next week is the official start of them coming to church and they would elaborate more on Tuesday during our next lesson!

Wednesday we finally got to meet with Kevin and Teeara again. It was a really powerful lesson. We brought the Mundts with us. It was a really cool miracle because Sister Mundt is someone we wanted to bring for Teeara and at first she couldn't find a baby sitter but last minute she could and could come! The Mundts hit it off with them and we taught a powerful lesson on Obedience and CPR (Church pray read)

Thursday I had a less active fix my bike for free! It has had very little maintenance over the past year so it was pretty beat up. He fixed it up and said we could come read the Book of Mormon with him so double score! We also got to have dinner with the Non-member family we helped move in a few weeks ago. We shared 2 Nephi 25:26 as a spiritual thought and both Mom and Dad accepted Book of Mormons and said they would check them out! It was so cool. We after had a visit with a less active man who has a crazy story about why he went less active. Won't go into details but he was very open and respectful and it was one of the most legitimate stories I've heard about going less active. He was just super cool about everything made life so easy I wish all less actives were that open about everything.

Friday we had interviews which were really powerful. President Chesnut is so good at what he does. I compare what he does to a puzzle. I have all the pieces and I know what the picture looks like, but he shows me through the Spirit how to put the pieces together. He helps make it clear because he is so good at bringing and following the Spirit. I am so grateful he is my mission President.

I am out of time but for next week I will have an amazing miracle to tell y'all about so stayed tuned. Love y'all!

Elder Sorochan

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