Sunday, 8 October 2017

Maybe 1200 miles a month won't be enough

October 2, 2017

Hello everyone! Ok so the funny thing today is, this week we went through our area books like crazy (we finally got around to that. Not knowing what you are doing really makes things go a lot slower. Plus my mission seems to be speeding up. I think something will take so long and then it takes double. Time just goes faster that's what I'm blaming it on.) One of the records has a really funny sticky note on it. We cover a really big ward that goes on forever. After a certain point no one lives in the area but we cover it! One of the people who has a teaching record however does live in the boonies of the area. Apparently they live so far away that it inspired some missionaries to write this message "They live 30 minutes from here God Bless". I don't know if it's the missionaries that originally taught them that should be blessed, or us who would try to teach in the future, or the people themselves, but I found it funny.

Ok this week I got to go on exchanges with Elder Schow! For those of you who can remember he was my first exchange! It was fun to go into my area with him. He is now my Zone Leader which is crazy! It was such a fun exchange. We had a lady in her car stop us and talk to us, and we had a lesson with our investigator Doug. It was so neat. The lesson was all over the place and we weren't really able to do much teaching. He and his wife kept going on tangents and weird questions. Near the end of the lesson I was testifying of prayer and someone knocked on the door (or rang the doorbell can't remember what). I thought, "who in the world is knocking at 8:30 at night! Now a little background, during the lesson Doug and his wife Lundy talked about how they wanted fellowshippers and a home teacher. The home teacher might have been at a different appointment, but oh well. We told them we would bring someone next time, the reason we didn't have someone now being I don't know anyone really. Well as it so happened, the high priest group leader was the one knocking. He had just finished home teaching someone across the street and said he was going to be their new home teacher! He also ended up giving both them a blessing for health right there in those few minutes we were still there. It was so cool how the Lord provided someone for us right there when we didn't yet have the resources to provide it ourselves! We have also found a convert to take with us to the next lesson because Doug wants to talk to a convert!

We finally got through all our records. I have a testimony that keeping good records is so helpful and not keeping good records makes more work for future missionaries. TAKE GOOD RECORDS IT HELPS A TON! Most of the most recent updates are from march...

For those of you who remember Hunter, my mini missionary from the last time I was in Sparks, I had the privilege of seeing him open his mission call this Sunday evening. It was so neat to come back and see him now at this point. He is going to Orlando Florida English Speaking!

Conference was amazing. The whole day of Saturday was for me. These men and women are truly inspired. I loved how the emphasis of Humility and serving those immediately around you was so well repeated. I am striving to adopt those qualities in me even more. I need them. I want to leave my testimony to that which was said about Jesus Christ and the power of His Atonement. He is the source of peace, joy and comfort. Through Him we are not only forgiven of our sins but we are changed to become better. Look to Him and follow Him. That is how we become more like Him. Learn of the Savior and do as He did. Bye! Love y'all!

Elder Sorochan

Treats for Priesthood Session of General Conference! 

In someone's backyard!

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