Sunday, 14 January 2018

Alpha Turkey

January 8, 2018

Hello Everyone! How's it going? This week was good. I have some good updates for you. First off I saw a turkey in Washoe Valley. Someone is keeping this very poofy turkey in Washoe Valley, another turkey, 3 dogs, and some chickens. When we were walking by the house 2 of the dogs started freaking out at us as dogs do. The other one just seemed so happy to see us but the 2 were barking a lot. We were just ignoring them when all of a sudden this turkey comes waddling over and it is BIG! It was so weird because you never imagine anyone owning a turkey. This turkey slowly came over to the dogs and then started making its turkey noise at the dogs. The dogs then ran away from the turkey! The turkey was in charge. The turkey then just seemed annoyed at the dogs and would occasionally walk towards them and gobble at them again and they would run away. It was awesome! There was also a dog walking down the street and this old Ford mustang pulled up to it, the dog got in, and then drove off sitting in the front seat like a human. #washoevalley

We had a super cool lesson with Jaclyn this week. It was at the Crossman's who are awesome! Brother Crossman is in the bishopric and they are both RM's. Jaclyn started by telling us this really awesome story about how she was led by the Spirit to be able to get the perfect apartment for her and her daughter! It is unfortunately in Carson but it was so divinely guided like so many things that have been happening with her that it's all good. She will be where she needs to be. She then after the prayer told us how she has been praying and thinking about being baptized. She then told us she wants to be baptized and how does one have that happen. We hadn't even asked her to do that! At the beginning of being taught she would not give up coffee, and she was very adamant about that but now she is fine doing it! She has set a date to quit smoking and is now listening to the Book of Mormon which is working way better for her in terms of comprehension. It is awesome!

I got to go on exchanges into the richest area of the mission, the Galena ward. It has the stake center in it which is, fun fact, the Edmonton building. There are some Canadian cities as street names and Edmonton is the one the Church building is on! It was a fun exchange with Elder McBride.

We also at church had a cool miracle. There is a lady who only in the more recent past has started coming back to church. She taught the lesson in Sunday school and asked about how to understand the Book of Mormon better. We offered, after talking about other things, to come over and read with her and whoever else in her family would like to sit in. She has a non member husband who might sit in! We met him at Christmas since they invited us over for dinner on Christmas. We are really excited about this!

Well, that's about all for this week. Love y'all! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

Elder Christiansen and I got a lot of potatoes from this food pantry we help out at and we decided to try deep frying and make fries. Worked pretty well. Except for when the smoke detectors... :D

 Poofy alpha turkey!

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