Thursday, 25 January 2018

Daily Mass

January 22, 2018

Well everyone this week was weird. Or at least some really weird stuff happened and we will get into a few of those. First though something really cool happened last week on PDAY while shopping. If any of you can remember back to the Dayton days there was a couple we were teaching named the Millers. Sister Miller was not baptized and couldn't be while I was there. Recently in our mission newsletter the "High Desert Disciple" I saw her name in the list of people who were baptized! I couldn't believe it I was so excited. Then by the tender mercies of the Lord and by divine design while we were shopping at Winco, this place a lot like Costco except you don't need a membership, I saw them in the meat section! I went and said hi and told her congratulations. It was so cool to see them. If we hadn't had a house inspection that morning, we wouldn't have been there at the right time either. It was really nice.

That night too we had Chicken Wings and fries at Sister Knox's house! She asked what we wanted and consented to chicken wings it was sweet!

Tuesday we got to watch the Special Broadcast with President Nelson it was sooooo cool! The Q&A that they did was awesome too. President Oaks was especially spot on in it. I know they have been called of God and President Nelson is our new Prophet and President. We also that day got to go to the temple which was really enjoyable. The more I go the more I like going.

We helped at Davis Creek again this week. It's for We rake up pine needles. Woohoo!

Saturday is the more weird day that I will talk about. It started in the morning with us planning. In my prayer for it I asked for something spontaneous to happen. I don't ask for this all the time but sometimes I do and something usually happens. Well, this time was no different. On our way to the first person we were going to go try that morning, we met a man named Don. He is an older gentleman who was looking for his hearing aid that had fallen out of his ear while running. He really wanted to find it because they are $700 a piece. We offered to help him find it and at first he was hesitant to accept but we just kept talking with him and he finally accepted! We looked and weren't able to find it but he still drove us home. He is a devout catholic man who goes to Mass everyday. Apperently if you want to be a true devout catholic that's one of the things you do. Who knew? But he said he was very impressed with us and that we had really given him a high opinion of our church which is awesome!

Then we went to the Ballards. They are an old couple only the wife is a member. They are 90 years old! The husband isn't a member but is a 32nd degree Mason! They have a crazy house keeper too! She was not happy with us trying to get to know the Ballards before we tried to share a message or anything. She made us teach and then continued on after Elder Christiansen's closing prayer. The people you meet!

We also finally got to teach Jared most of the Restoration with Brother Huston our Ward Mission Leader in Washoe. It went really well. Jared is really progressing well. Love yall!

Elder Sorochan

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