Thursday, 18 January 2018


January 15, 2018

Hello everyone! You know, to be honest, it wasn't the most eventful week. Some neat things happened, but not too much. We will start from Monday.

Monday was fun because we had a zone activity. We got to go bowling which was so awesome! Have been campaigning to go since I left Dayton. My first game was bad with an 85 but then I killed it in the second with a 153. Not too shabby. Then we went and had fun all together at the church building. Some people bleached the Nevada flag into some shirts but I didn't have a shirt I wanted to use but it's all good.

Tuesday we had a fun district meeting and then had interviews! They have been changed up a bit by President Chesnut. We used to have interviews with just him but last transfer we also have them with our Zone Leaders where they talk to us about how our area is going and train us on some skills we can use to in our area's.

Wednesday we helped at the food bank again and we actually helped a less active in our ward grocery shop at the dollar general near our house. He has an addiction to alcohol and when he stopped by he said he was going there to get some fool. We decided that we would walk with him and talk with him. There was something there Elder Christiansen wanted to get so we used that as an excuse to go with him. We went in with him and he didn't buy any alcohol! We considered that our good deed for that day. ;)

Thursday for part of our weekly planning we did a little bit of cleaning in our kitchen. Our dishes and what not had gotten a little bit much so we fixed that up.

I got to go on exchanges with Elder Hambrecht again. He was being trained by the zone leaders in sparks while I was there but is now in my district. It was the first time that he had taken over his area and he did a great job. He is a good teacher too we got to teach the restoration to a less active member who is returning. She and the member we brought were talkers so we only got through about 3 points but Elder Hambrecht did this expert redirect back to being on topic. Not bad for 11 weeks out.

Saturday was a day of service. We had planned our day then after someone called for our help in the morning so we went and helped dig a trench. Just a shallow one. Then we helped Mark who works at Habitat continue to build a room in his house which is just down the road from us in the afternoon. There was a lot of good service.

Sunday was a lot of church. With meetings we were there from 7am till 2pm but it was really fun. Felt like I was fasting by the end though lol. That night we read with Sister Johnson from the Book of Mormon and her non member husband joined us! He didn't really say much just listened mostly but he kept the Book of Mormon I gave him to read from! Sweet!

Love yall!

Elder Sorochan

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