Monday, 11 July 2016

1 Month!

Hey all the people of the world! I really love being a missionary. Sometimes it's hard because of all the rules that there are but when you really break it down, they are pretty great. I am striving to give everything to this work. It isn't easy, but that's ok. Over time I will learn. The big thing I learned this week is just kinda that. I am always learning. I will always be learning. That's the point of life. It's exciting! I will always be learning to be a better missionary! Learning scriptures is hard. There is a lot to learn so it will be awhile before I can use them as effectively as I want but I will get there.

America Day was fun! I didn't get to go hiking because I ended up with some missionaries who didn't want to go which was sad but oh well. Next time. The fire works were amazing. The Bowders took us to see them and fed us ribs as well. Oh yeah. It was good. They also gave us glow sticks so you know it was a party.

This week was really slow. Lessons just weren't working out and we have not been finding people. Elder McKenna has been really helping me have a positive attitude on life though because you know sometimes this is just what missionary work is. What was really hard though was Jesse asked if we could put teaching on hold for now since he is so busy so we won't be teaching him for a bit. We have some hopefully good referrals to try so here's hoping! I got to go on my first exchange this week! It was with Elder Schow another greenie and we ran his area on bikes. It was an adventure to say the least. His tire got flat and my pants ripped and we were toast by the end but it was amazing. Had a couple good lessons and scheduled some more with lots of people. He actually amazingly enough got to teach Braulio the guy who randomly came into my class at the MTC while he was at the MTC and Braulio is going to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So great. What a crazy world. 

Hope you all are doing great. My last bit is my testimony of the Holy Ghost in teaching. We can truly be inspired as to what to ask and say. On Wednesday when we were visiting a less active couple named the Hart's I tried to look for little promptings as to what to ask and 2 questions came throughout our conversation. I knew it was the Spirit but after Sister Hart specifically thanked me for the questions I asked! It was so amazing. I felt so happy. The Holy Ghost is real and is the key to missionary work. We can't succeed without it, no matter how amazing we may be. We don't convert. The Holy Ghost does.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it real.
Elder Sorochan

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