Thursday, 21 July 2016

Life as a Missionary

Hello everyone! This last week was great. Elder McKenna had his birthday this week which was super fun. On Monday we went dollar bowling with lots of the Zone with lots of missionaries. As well we had 2 birthday dinners, one in each ward. I sent a photo of the Shrimp Scampy we had which was so good. We also went to this breakfast place called Cracker Box on Wednesday and it was soooo good.

This week has been hard. We are having a hard time finding people willing to progress. As well a lot of our lessons fell through. It was really hitting me hard that we aren't having success. I was wondering if there was something I was doing wrong or if we weren't working hard enough, or just something else. On Saturday I just was not dealing with it well and we went back to the apartment in the evening to do my new missionary training because we had done service in the morning and hadn't been able to do it till then. We were doing things with the Book of Mormon and Elder McKenna had me teach Moroni's promise to him in different ways. In the ways he had me do it he had me compare them all and showed me how I need to teach in my own way. Stick to being me in everything I do. He as well shared with me D&C 84:88 and part of 89 where it talks about how we have Christ with us wherever we go when we do this work. He is with us and when people accept us they accept Him as well as vice versa. The Spirit was with us really testifying to me that it isn't us that is doing poorly. We are working hard. People just aren't open right now and that isn't our fault. Trials come and this is what God needs me to learn. He needs me to show Him that I will do this work in whatever situation He see's fit to put me in. I can be happy in Him and see that I am committed to this work. Whatever comes after is up to Him. We will find people. We don't know when but they will come.

Something really great that did happen though was yesterday night we met with the Bishop of the Dayton ward for the first time since I've been here. Really since the Dayton ward has had Elder's and not Sisters. I didn't do much talking but Elder McKenna talked to him about all the work that has happened over the past few months and it really seemed to build his trust in us. He hasn't had much contact with us and missionary work has been struggling a bit there but now after this meeting we are going to be going to every ward council which is twice a month and helping the ward leaders start doing more missionary work. He is really excited now to do work with us so things are looking that they will be able to pick up in the Dayton ward. I'm excited to see what comes next.

Elder Sorochan

Shrimp scampy

Bowling with the Zone

Guess which score is mine (hint - it's #4)

More bowling

Breakfast at Cracker Box

Garbage can mailbox

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