Saturday, 2 July 2016

On the brink of something


Ok so this week has been cool America is so weird. I wear my shoes all the time I almost never take them off when we are out of the house. There are so many nice cars here and people riding motocycles. We saw this one guy riding down the street with a rifle in a case across his back. 'Murica. Everyone here in Nevada has a dog. Usually more than one. They are very nice to use as doorbells. Haha. It is getting so hot here. Almost everyday it was about 90 degrees Fahrenheit. I am learning to use that temperature now too. Hottest it got according to our car was 98 degrees. I love having a car. I might have to deal with the heat next week though. There is another elder being trained in our district and his companion is our district leader and for exchanges he wants to put us greenies together and neither of us are authorized to drive yet so... bikes! Yeah I haven't rode my bike yet we just park the car somewhere and walk around. Our area is too big to bike especially covering 2 wards. The town of Dayton has just a few thousand less people than Portage I think. The area is just huge. There are a couple of places that we have that we never go because they are so far away. Virginia City and Stage Coach. Stage Coach is where people who want to hide from people go and Virginia City is a tourist town so it doesn't matter too much. We might get to go there for 4th of July fireworks. I am so excited for that.

So this week didn't have many huge highlights. One lesson we had was with a really solid investigator named Jesse. He is 17 and really wants to be baptized. He can't till he is 18 because his parents say that they baptized him catholic and he can do what he wants but that starts when he is 18. They are fine with us teaching him though. He asks so many good questions it is my favorite. I love to answer peoples questions about things to do with the gospel it makes me so excited. We taught him a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ which went really well. There was a good Spirit there. We had it in the home of some members named the Olsen's. Bro Olsen was a stud in the lesson he did such a good job of bearing his testimony and when he said things. Love it when members do missionary work. I am so going to do a better job of that after my mission. :D With the hard time we are having finding new people to teach and finding people who want to progress I have been really turning to the scriptures and prayer. What I am learning is that I need the Spirit in my heart. I need to feel Him more and be more in tune with His promptings so that I am doing what will bring success. As well making sure that the Book of Mormon is what I learning how to use to teach. I am doing this by applying the promise in Mormon 9:21. It is so powerful and very true. Well my time is up I will talk more next week!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

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