Friday, 8 July 2016

Happy America Day!

Happy America Day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited that we have P-Day on 4th of July we are going to go on a hike in Carson on a hill called C-Hill which has a giant C and American Flag on it. We are as well going to have a BBQ with the Bowder's in Comstock ward and as well we have permission to go see fireworks. It's going to be so fun. I'll see what I can do for photos of it all. I had a great Canada where we went to the Sonerholm's house for dinner and had steak and mashed potatoes. They are a very american family so it was good. I sang Oh Canada in the morning. Before bed I took a photo with all my very Canadian things it was great.

Ok funny story. We are teaching this 8 year old boy named Conner who is such a cool kid. Or as Elder McKenna would say, "he's such a G!" He is from a less active family but they want to have him baptized so Bishop Hamblin of the Dayton ward asked us to teach him. He is pretty much ready. He is such a smart kid. Elder McKenna said that after Conner was taught the Plan of Salvation he went and taught it to some of his friends! What?!?!? I didn't do that when I was 8 I don't think. Anyway his mom comes and sits with us in the lessons too and helps teach and is relearning from us too. His dad doesn't yet unfortunately. Conner really likes hotwheel cars and he usually asks us to try to figure out how to apply what we are teaching to his track and cars. It works pretty well. A couple weeks ago we taught the 10 commandments and following the prophet and there just happened to be 10 track pieces and then the loop so each track piece was a commandment and the loop was following the prophet. This last week when we visited we actually before hand played a game called bean boozled which for those who don't know is where you have to eat a jelly bean that will either taste really good or really bad. Between a rotten fish flavored and spoiled milk flavored I almost threw up. Woohoo! We then used the beans to teach Conner about tithing. So fun.

Now a little bit on my amazing trainer Elder McKenna. He is a VERY funny guy. Very good at telling jokes and stories he keeps me very entertained. He however also knows when to switch to serious mode and is very attentive. That is very beneficial for me since he helps make sure that I in all my craziness am always improving. Especially in just the little things in what to say or do with people he helps make sure I am becoming my best. He is very good at following the Spirit when giving me advice. We have fun. He likes to make LOTS of Canada jokes. Everything I do he pretty just pins on me being Canadian. All fun and games. Love the guy. He is a great trainer.

So I am very excited for this week. Turns out the whole mission has been having trouble finding because we got a text saying the assistants to the president would like to have everyone fast for us to find those who are ready to be taught so that is encouraging. With all the faith being put into this we are going to find those people! We have an interesting potential investigator named Tony. The Olsen's in Dayton ward are friends with him and have lots of good gospel talks with him. He is a very interesting guy and has lots of questions about life and God. The Plan of Salvation would answer most of his questions so we are really hoping to get a sit down lesson with him. On monday we had a great discussion of just talking with him after dinner at the Olsen's. They are the ones who help us with Jesse and have our lessons with him at their house.

Missionary work is really great. It is really hard and drives you to be motivated. I know this is what I need to be doing. So much has already happened, I am so excited to see what adventures still wait ahead. You all are great. Keep being amazing. Love you!

My very Canadian Canada

A cooler as a mail box. 'Murica

After stopping by a house a couple times that we got as a referral, they put this up. lol

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  1. Elder Sorochan! I am so proud of you Elder! Sounds like you are doing an amazing job in there among the Nevada people. Continue on working hard and finding the elected! Even those who don't know yet they are...
    Love you! Crhistian Saez