Sunday, 25 September 2016

Called to Serve in the Greatest Mission in the World

September 19, 2016

Hola! Como Estas? I'm practicing my Spanish because this week we go on exchanges! Our district leader is a Spanish missionary and I (finally) get to leave my area and go to his! He is training so he is staying in his area and his companion Elder Garcia will come here with Elder Jones. Since we are doing splits with the Dayton ward Elder Jones is getting some good experience leading missionary work when he goes. For those who don't know "splits" are when members come and go do missionary work with the missionaries. The missionaries normally stay in their assigned companionship, but can split up when with members. The members become their companions. Elder Jones this last week got us 2 lessons set up for this coming week from splits on Thursday. He nailed it! He is such a fantastic companion. I swear he trains me more than I train him even though I am "officially" his missionary trainer. Funny how that works. Ok funny story for the week.

I am apparently good at locking the keys in places that I can't get back into. Yesterday I locked the keys in the library. We were about to go to dinner with the Peterson clan in the Comstock ward. The oldest bro. Peterson (sometimes called old man Peterson) has 3 kids and their families that are living in Dayton. The odds of that are amazing. No one chooses to live in Dayton. Dayton chooses you. I've met only about 2 people that have moved here because they wanted to. The rest are here mostly because of work. Well Bro. Greenlee our ward mission leader in Comstock is a member, he married in. We were going to have a meeting after dinner so we stopped by the church to make a copy of the teaching progress record for him. As we were leaving I found I didn't have the keys with me. I had left them on the table in the library, which had now closed and locked. Our keys to open the library were now in the library. Now we do have an extra set, but those are in the apartment, the keys to which are still in the library. We called the younger Bro. Peterson and he came and saved the day. He went and got Bishops keys so that we could get into the library, get our keys, and go to dinner. Fun Sunday nights.

Now lets talk about Brenda, or Sister B as she likes to say in her texts :D Sister B is just awesome. She loves meeting with us and fed us dinner yesterday. She fed us steaks, crinkled fries, corn, and cantaloupe. AND lemonade too. So good. We are teaching her the lessons and are trying to build a desire to go to the temple. It is working. Yesterday was stake conference and there were 3 talks I believe either about or discussing the temple. Right after the closing prayer she says that she wants to go to the temple! As soon as we find her records and have her talk with Bishop about what he thinks she still needs to learn, she will be set to go do baptisms for the dead! She is just so great. Where in the world did she come from?

We got a new investigator this week named Chuck. I think I have mentioned him before. We have done some service for him and were able to this week have some time to have a sit down lesson with him. It has been 2 years since he has last met with missionaries. The missionaries before either were having trouble explaining things to him, or the Spirit has really been working with him. He has a problem with faith, and this week as we talked about faith he was really seeming to get it. We think so anyway because he said that the way we were explaining it is really making sense. His thing is he doesn't like blind faith. We used Alma 32 to talk about how we don't have only blind faith, but that faith is what we have that leads us to knowledge. We start with a belief, then have faith, or act on that belief, and it turns into knowledge. That really made sense to him. When we left he thanked us for the help we have been giving him in service, but that what he really wants us here for is to teach him. HOW GREAT IS THAT?!?!?!?!?! It is great.

Love you all. There are so many miracles in my life right now, it just takes diligence, faith, and patience. Keep being great all of you. Thank you for your prayers. Keep praying for missionary opportunities. The scriptures promise us that as we pray, they will come.

Elder Kynan Sorochan

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