Friday, 30 September 2016

Short but Sweet

September 26, 2016

Hello wonderful people!

Life here is fantastico! Ok so I ran short on time today so it is not going to be a very long email but I hope you will forgive me.

First off I wanted to talk about our new investigator April. She is a interesting lady with a long back story. Long story short, she has been humbled by the drastic change in lifestyle her family has had due to her husbands drastic decline in health, and is now ready to receive the gospel. We had a great first lesson with her where she was just feeling the Spirit a lot and while we committed her to read the Book of Mormon she told us without reading it that she already feels it is true!!!! For the first time on my mission after she said that I invited her to be baptized. She said is absolutely wants to! It was great! We are meeting with her again on Tuesday.

I think I have mentioned Chuck before in my emails but we had another lesson with him this week. First we did some service for him and the Workman family in Dayton ward came to help! They are such an amazing family. Sister Workman just recently was called as the Relief Society President and is already doing a spectacular job and their oldest son comes out with us a lot. We got to have their oldest and his brother sit in on the lesson and they both did some great testifying. They are going to be great missionaries. Chuck will take some work. He has studied so many different religions, but says that ours and some Hindu religion come closest to what he feels is the true religion. Interesting right? He is now reading the Book of Mormon again and praying about it. He says his answer on it's truthfulness hasn't come yet, but he is getting the prompting to keep reading. Perfect. We invited him to be baptized when he knows these things are true, and he said that if he learns that this religion is the true one, he will 100% convert and be baptized. Excellent!

Brenda is progressing as well. She is all the way to Helaman in the Book of Mormon and she has backtracked once too. She is reading so much it is great! She loved General Conference for the women's session. We asked a member to take her and they all had a blast. She is very excited for this coming weekend of General Conference, and she has a meeting with the Bishop next week so she can talk to him about going to the temple. AND she is doing family history work. She is our golden teaching person. (since she is baptized, she isn't an investigator, but she still is amazing)

Hope you all have a wonderful week and love General Conference!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

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