Monday, 6 February 2017

Things are good

January 30, 2017

Ok so I have a fun story from a couple weeks ago to share. Elder Anderson and I were on exchanges in my area and we were street contacting while on our way to try by a less active couple. We were walking along and a lady came out of her house and asked us to keep an eye out for her dog who had run away. We got her number and proceeded to try to talk to her about the gospel. She wasn't interested, so we said we would keep an eye out for her dog. Now people have asked for this help before, but I have never found anyones pet. I don't really expect to. How many times do you see a stray dog in the middle of a regular neighborhood? As we were walking though we see in the distance a dog with the right description walk across the street by herself. We started to track down this dog and ended up catching her! We double checked the tag and sure enough it was the lady's dog. We called her and saved the day! It was fun. I have never caught a dog before. She was very thankful and we helped to build her up for other missionaries someday!

I had sushi this past Monday with Yvonne. It was really good, but I think I am good for awhile. 16 rolls between the 3 of us and then 3 hours of basketball after do not give me a strong desire for sushi again anytime soon.

The missionary broadcast this last week was awesome! There was a lot to learn. They introduced the new missionary schedule to the world, a reform to the key indicators we now send in, and taught us more on how we need to teach repentance and baptize converts. The teaching repentance was the bigger focus in my opinion. They were trying to teach us the baptisms aren't what makes a good missionary or that we should judge all of our success. The key is to teach everyone what true repentance is and tie that to all the other parts of the gospel instead of making a big checklist of everything. They want us to teach EVERYONE repentance. Members, active and less active, and investigators alike. Everyone, repentance means to change, to progress. It means to become better. To stop doing what is contrary to God's commandments and make a change to be happy. It is the path to happiness. Repentance is a joyful choice and leads to even more happiness.

Things are going well in the area. We are teaching a little more and we have a couple of new potential investigators that will help us grow our teaching pool this week hopefully. This last week we taught Yvonne about patience from Preach My Gospel chapter 6. She says that everything she reads or does in relation to the gospel is pointing her to patience and we are now sending her a chapter from the Book of Mormon to read everyday.

Love you all!

Elder Sorochan

 At sushi

 My first sushi

 Octopus.  It was...chewy

Sushi place

 Elder Anderson

 The dog we located

Birthday pie!

 Christmas gift from family

 Christmas gifts from family

 Christmas treats

 Christmas gift

Christmas gift from Jimmie's sister's husband

 Missionary in a box

 Missionary in a shopping cart

 It's supposed to be a goldfish



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