Friday, 24 February 2017

Made you look

February 20, 2017

Hi Everyone! I have a funny joke for you all today curtesy of Bruce the Iranian Chicken Eater. We listen to the Book of Mormon while we cut his chicken and we got to the part where Nephi is having his vision where he learns about his fathers vision. In the scriptures the Angel tells Nephi to look, Nephi Looks, and then Nephi learns something. Bruce's joke with it is as follows:

And the Angel said, Look! And I looked, and the Angel said, Made you look!

Haha silly Bruce.

This week was a good week. We got to go to the temple this week and it was a really great experience as usual. We went to L&L after and found someone from Utah that isn't a member but was excited to see missionaries. She said we could send the missionaries over so we sent the referral to the missionaries in her area. It was awesome. We helped move furniture out of a couple of missionary apartments. Bishop went to Canada and got me some Old Dutch chips which I have been craving! We had our Why I Believe fireside and Yvonne and her kids came! It was a really good meeting that I think helped her a lot. There was a speaker that really seemed to be what she needed.

This weekend was transfer's but I didn't get transferred fortunately. I want one more transfer here in Sparks! It is really fun here and I love the members. I love the city and Elder Williams is a great companion.

I think I mentioned it last week but I am working on learning specific scriptures each week to help me in my teaching. I try to memorize them mostly so that I can have the Spirit bring them to my memory more easily in lessons. This week is 2 Nephi 30:8 which is a prophecy about how God will bring about a restoration in the later days, and the second is Mosiah 4:26-27, 29-30 which teaches about how to gain a remission of sins and endure to the end!

I also want to share a little nugget of knowledge for you all. In this world it can be hard to be optimistic all the time. It is impossible to be that way always, but there are things that we can do to increase the amount of time we spend being happy rather than pessimistic. I learned yesterday that if we can look at every situation with an attitude of "How can this strengthen me" or "What can I learn from this" we will be blessed with a greater Spirit of Optimism and Joy. We will think of the Savior more and use everything that happens to us for our benefit and gain. I love this gospel and know it's true.

Love you all,
Elder Sorochan

 This is Bruce.  The man we cut chicken for.

Cool license plate 

After District meeting. That's Elder Gailey middle and Elder Williams Right

Elder Williams styling it 

Elder Williams being funny 


Nice plate 

O Swell! 

Bishop Cocanour went to Canada and brought me back Old Dutch Chips! I controlled myself and had them last 24 hours
The Sparks Zone! (I look fat. Dumb camera. Adds 50lb's)

At the temple trip

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