Wednesday, 15 February 2017

You never know what is going to happen

February 13, 2017

Hey everyone so it has been a fun week! Fist off last Pday we went to IHOP with Elder Gailey and Elder Lima. It was really good and Elder Williams had a gift card so it only ended up costing me 5 bucks. Oh yeah! We also went to Scheels which is like a combo of Sport Chek and Cabelas. Their hockey section was so sad. They had hardly anything. We also had Elder Williams and Elder Gailey work together to do a combined district meeting. That never happens, but the topics for our trainings have been so similar these past few weeks that they wanted to do a different spin together as district leaders so they got President's permission and it was fun.

Tuesday we had a cool miracle. In the morning before we planned Elder Willams and I both had the thought to go and see a less active member, Bro. Sledge. He doesn't get out much due to health, and the ward wants to help him start coming back to church, and it had been a few weeks that we had seen him. When we went we found out that he had only been visited once by other people besides us in that time. We were pretty surprised. (it's things like this that have me very determined to make sure I do all my home teaching every month to meet the needs of my families after my mission. Home and visiting teaching is crucial to the Lord's work it turns out) His car hadn't been working and we helped figure out that his battery was dead because a light had been turned on. We jumped his car and got it working. I have been working on having a better attitude as well when appointments fall through. This happened with the Carter's when we tried to confirm, and when we got the text that they needed to reschedule, I was pretty bummed, but then I decided to have a better opinion and just understand that it happens. 5 minutes later they texted us saying we still could come! Blessings for a good attitude.

Another fun story from the week is when we got to go to Elder Gailey and Elder Lima's baptism this Saturday. We brought Yvonne and showed up about 15 minutes before the baptism about. Turned out that the person who was supposed to come and fill the font hadn't come, and it takes an hour to fill it up, and it had only a couple of inches of water. Can't baptize someone without water now can ya? Almost all the missionaries combined to start filling up water jugs from the kitchen and dumping them into the font so we would have enough water to baptize the lady being baptized! It was fun watching the cart of jugs and bowls filled with water as the service started. Fortunately, all turned out fine. The font was filled, the baptism happened, and it was a nice time. There was a lot of people there too.

I hope you all had a great week. I had a power lesson in my personal studies about the Christlike quality of Virtue. I while planning my studies felt inspired to go to chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel, so I did and flipped till it felt right. Studying Virtue felt right, and I learned that to be at peace and truly happy, it needs to start on the inside with your heart, and go outward, not the revearse. We have the Gospel! It should be easy to be happy. As I have been applying becoming more virtuous in my everyday desires, not just the desires we normally associate with virtue, we can be a lot happier more of the time! I would invite you all to go to Preach My Gospel and study it for yourselves if you are finding you are just not happy about different things when you want to be. I promise it will be a powerful lesson for you as it was for me. I have a much better attitude because of it now.


Elder Kynan Sorochan

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