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Better Cancel Church

March 6, 2017

Hey everyone, so the fun story of the week starts yesterday. It begins with Elder Williams and I waking up in the morning as we always do at 6:30 and starting our day with getting ready. Since it was Sunday we didn't work out so we were just kinda relaxing around. I had noticed a little bit of snow outside but hadn't really looked to see how much. At 7:30 we all of a sudden get a text from the Zone Leader's saying that church for the whole entire Sparks West Stake church meetings were cancelled for the day. Elder Williams and I were surprised. We looked out the window to see half an inch of snow. My Canadian brain was super confused. If we cancelled church this easily back home, we would never get to go to church! We waited to hear word from the Zone Leaders about what to do in terms of proselyting, and President's instructions were if you could see the black of the street, you can go out and work. This meant 4 extra hours of street contacting that day that normally would have been church and meetings, so that was fun. I took a picture outside our apartment at the time church normally starts to show why church was cancelled. Looking at it, the only thought that comes to my mind is obviously, "better cancel church". :D

Why church was canceled

Ok so it was a good week. We actually had Hunter our mini missionary come help us cut chicken with Bruce on Monday which was really fun. He is a really fun kid and I enjoy having him with us. He is just a really good solid kid. He has just recently started his mission papers too! Canada Edmonton mission here we come!

On Tuesday our day went really weird. Elder Williams has been experiencing some problems in his here. He had plugged it up with ear wax and had tried to fix it but was unsuccessful. It had gotten to a point where he couldn't hear in one ear and was having some pain so we went to the doctor to fix it. The doctor spent about half an hour to 45 minutes shooting a special ear water gun into his ear to get all the wax out. It worked though! He can now hear and doesn't have any pain in his ears! All the time it took was worth it. He can now hear my melodious singing while I take a shower again! ("and the alarm" ~Elder Williams He wasn't waking up because he couldn't hear the alarm)

On Wednesday the Humphry's took us to M&M's, an authentic southern food restaurant. You could tell it was authentic because all the people who worked there were sweet black ladies that had southern drawls and were super nice! I had Alligator and Hush Puppies. It was so good.

I got to go on Exchanges with Elder Kingfisher this week. It was so fun. We joked around a ton. I invented the word "spantastic!" (a mix of fantastic and spectacular). Elder Kingfisher came up with some good analogies to use while teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Baptism is like joining a special club, and to join you need to follow the rules of the club. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is part of the benefits of joining the club. Enduring to the End is like a treadmill. Sometimes the run is easy, but sometimes it is fast and you are exhausted. With the Savior though you can make it to the end of the run.

It was a great week. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon and for Prayer in my life. They truly help me get through anything, even a mission. I feel the love of my Heavenly Father and my Savior Jesus Christ so much as I pray and read. They are so powerful. To quote President Chesnut, "As you anchor yourself in the Book of Mormon, you anchor yourself to Christ." Love you all!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Elder Kingfisher and I on exchanges

FHE game 

Elder Williams stylin' my Oilers poncho my family sent me from Mexico 

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