Saturday, 4 March 2017

Faith Hope and Charity are needed in Life

February 27, 2017

Ok so there was a lot that went down this week so here we go!

On Monday we had a lesson with Tony and Danielle. They are a couple found by the Seavey's, a couple in our ward. It was so awesome! The Seavey's set up the appointment at there house and a time and everything. It was the ideal situation! We taught them the restoration and they ate it up! They were focused, asked questions, and committed to read the Book of Mormon! Aren't they golden? There is a catch though... they don't live in our area. They are in the Marina ward, but fortunately there are some stellar Elder's in that ward so I have confidence Tony and Danielle will be taken care of. It was a great treat to teach with such a strong Spirit in that lesson.

Tuesday we lost the car :'( Back to the biking and the asking for rides to P-Day and District Meeting. The first day of biking it was raining/snowing like mad so we got SOAKED!!!!!!! It was fun. The blessings of the Lord are that we were able to go home and dry off for dinner because a single sister was just bringing a pizza to our house. Worked out great! We got dry and went and taught the Carters. It has stopped for the most part in terms of rain from the sky after dinner.

Thursday was hard. I learned that I have been still prideful and not willing to listen to suggestions on how to improve. It was rough, but through an experience I learned some things that I can do to be more charitable to others. I can be more humble. I can be more positive and faithful. I am doing well now. It was a hard experience, but it grew me for the better.

Saturday we had mini missionaries! Our's was named Hunter. He is the student body president of Spanish Springs high and is super funny! He helped us cut veggies for Bruce and might come cut chicken tonight! We also went to go teach the Carters and he bore very powerful and simple testimony. He is a super fun kid.

Hope you all love the licence plates! My new scriptures for the week are Alma 7:11-13 and Alma 7:23-24

Love you all!

Elder Sorochan

A lot of interesting license plates in NV!

 A great day for biking!

 Hunter, our mini missionary

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