Thursday, 16 March 2017

Follow the Spirit

March 13, 2017

Hey everyone how's it going? This week wasn't too spectacular. We had a good number of appointments fall through due to sickness and death. No joke. It's all good though. These events help people receive the gospel more. This just allowed us to walk around more and get even more in shape! I am going to need new shoes soon though... :D

We met with the Rendons this week which was fun. They are a lot easier to meet with when we meet for only 30 min. They are a lot more focused too! We have another lesson tonight which will truly show if this tactic is working, but so far so good!

We went on splits with just Corban this week. No one in the Elder's Quorum was available unfortunately, but it doesn't help that there is maybe 6 in the whole quorum so they aren't always available to help. Corban saved the day. We went out and tried by some people and had a guy swear when he saw us. We tend to have that effect on people. :D We went and finished with some frosty's at the end like missionaries did for me when I went out with them.

I forgot a story from last week on splits. We were with the High Priest's group and I was going out with Bro. Rudolf. When we started he asked where we should go and I felt like we should go see this man named Dennis in our ward. We have tried to contact him before and he said we could come back but we never had success in getting in. It felt right to go by so Bro. Rudolf and I went all the way to the top of 4th street. We went and knocked on the door and Ellen, Dennis's wife let us in. We had a great talk about our church and found out why Dennis was less active. He has been since he was 14. He and his wife seemed happy about where they are at, but we had a really good talk. I testified and taught of the importance of the sacrament to explain why we need to go to church. He had never read the Book of Mormon so I taught and testified of it as well with Bro. Rudolf giving a great second witness. It was powerful, and he said he would read it. He didn't want a return appointment, but we gave them an experience to remember and for the Spirit to use to one day soften their hearts!

I love this work and am so happy to be here in Sparks! It is a wonderful area!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Elder Williams shaking a can of soda

Cool plate 

The poncho in all it's glory

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