Thursday, 11 May 2017

A great week!

May 1, 2017

Hello amigos!!!! It has been a fun week!

First off funny story. I went on exchanges this week with Elder Feichko one of our Zone Leaders and it was really fun. We got to talk to a lot of people and have a couple of lessons which was awesome. The funny story about Elder Feichko though comes while we were trying to contact some less actives in an apartment complex. The managers are inactive members and DON'T like us. They have told us we are not allowed to tract, or so I had heard. Well I found this out to be true. While we were about to knock on one persons door we ran into some people outside smoking and we started talking to them. While talking to them we all of a sudden heard someone say behind us "hey! Do you have an appointment here?" I turned around and saw someone walking towards us. There are a lot of members here in Elko so I thought it was just some member that I didn't know yet asking if we had one. I said we were trying to get one and then he became rather gruff. Turns out it was the manager and so he decided to inform us about the rule. Well, apparently, Elder Feichko laughs under pressure, so he got a smile on his face. The manager then asked "Do you think this is funny?" And that just made Elder Feichko laugh some more. It was really funny and the manager was not happy. It's all good though. We just go try less actives and watch our backs.

On Pday I went around and checked out some stores with Elder Johnson. Elder Clark loves sports and not shopping so I went with someone else. Found a stained glass place with a Rough Riders logo which was cool.

On Exchanges as well we went and taught a older active lady named sister Price. She is so sweet and wonderful. We brought Brock a 16 year old with us and it was really neat. We taught her the Restoration. The next day we had back to back lessons in the morning with Gabriel a less active who joined the church for a girl but now has some legitimate questions. We had a good talk where he went from us not wanting to use faith in our answers to explain things to asking us what is faith. His heart was definitely softened. We then met with Jamie and Tara, the people from last week and retaught them the restoration. We answered Jamie's question on why we have the Book of Mormon which will hopefully encourage him to read. I also at one point led us to the wrong house. We were trying another less active but I didn't look at the numbers right and we tried the wrong house. It was funny

I hit my year mark this week!!!!!! April 27th was the day and to celebrate I got shredded beef nachos from Costa Vida yum! (this may or may not be an endorsement) :D

This Saturday an amazing miracle happened. We were finally able to meet with Ruben and Amanda, some investigators who are ready to be baptized! At the end of the Lesson we were able to set a baptismal date of May 20th!I will tell more of there story next week for I am out of time but I love you all! Keep reading the Book of Mormon every day. I know it is true.

Elder Kynan Sorochan

A member and his idea of a good dessert.  Thoughts?

Elder Clark Trying to hold a fidget toy and eat a cupcake

Elder Feichko! 

 Elder Johnson and I on PDAY

 Me and Elder Gailey

One year celebration nachos! 

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