Saturday, 20 May 2017

Survived another round of transfers and had Elder Clark's Birthday!

May 15, 2017

Hey everyone! This week is transfer and the verdict is... I'm staying! And so is Elder Clark so we get another excellent 6 weeks together! It has been a fun 6 weeks. He is an awesome Elder. He has his quirks, but who doesn't? Easiest going missionary that also works hard that I know. AND we get to be together for Ruben and Amanda's baptism, but more on that later.

Funny story of the week is a little embarrassing. I gave a baptismal interview this last Friday, my first one! It was to a nine year old girl named Victorea. She is a very cool young girl and very easily distracted. It was interesting to give her the interview because there was always something distracting her whether it was the baptismal font we were next to or the pretend paper money she had brought with her or some other topic. It was fun but the funny thing was was that after the whole interview as I was talking to Elder Gailey how it went (it was his investigator) I realized that I somehow forgotten to ask one of the questions! Haha whoops! There are only 6 after all and one of them we don't even really ask 9 year olds. (the one about having committed a serious crime. A nine year old won't have) With this realization we had to bring her back in and I asked Victorea the last question and all was well. We had the baptism the next day which was awesome!

This last Monday we had our Zone Activity where we went on a hike in Spring Creek at the Lions Camp hike place thing. It was super fun and we saw actual snow on the ground! Wow! It was a really fun hike and I sent some pics for yall.

Ok so now on the missionary you see me with in service clothes. That is Elder Turner and just before we ended exchanges we were doing service. I changed quick because Elder Clark and I had a planned on going somewhere right after, but Elder Turner had dinner at their apartment right after so since we were in a rush he didn't change right then. He is an awesome Elder! He is really funny and has a very unique way of doing the work. He is effective at building very personal relationships with people and really focuses on doing that to help them learn the gospel. He finds some of the strangest people to teach but it works! He is definitely a person Heavenly Father sends to specific people, because there are only certain people Elder Turner could find. I love that Elder!

This week we had a really neat miracle. We had a dinner we a less active family named the Martins. They are really nice people that love the missionaries, but have just had some problems with some members in the past. We had a really awesome time with them and a miracle happened at the same time. We have asked them if we could practice our lessons with them so that we can get some more time teaching since we are having trouble keeping appointments. What was supposed to happen in a practice lesson turned into a real lesson! The Martins have a friend named Clint who works with Bro. Martin on the same mine crew. He is always over at their house on days off and he joined us for dinner. He is a really funny and a really fat man. He makes a lot of fat jokes too, some on purpose, some not. He dropped a couple of 20's on the floor and he couldn't bend down far enough to get them! It was so funny! He was laughing about it so it is ok everyone! Please don't send me letters about my insensitivity I am already aware of it! Anyway when we started teaching the Plan of Salvation he was laser focused as Elder Clark says and was very interested. He wants to know more so we are having dinner at the Martin's on Thursday and teaching Clint the Restoration.

This week was Elder Clark's 19th Birthday! He being from Utah got a TON of packages, but non that came close even a little bit to matching the giantness of the one I got for my Birthday/Christmas. I wish I had taken a pic but it was a really fun birthday for him. The members feeding us that night found out somehow it was his bday and what his favorite dinner was and gave it to us and a cake! Amanda and Ruben that day also passed their Baptismal interview which was super fun.

Speaking of Amanda and Ruben they are all ready for baptism! We taught them the last of the lessons and have almost everything arranged for it. We have some house keeping items to do now but they are prepared and ready. It is looking like a lot of people will be there to support them. They have been fellowshipped by Elko 5th ward since that is where they started attending and now by us! It will be this Saturday May 20th at 7pm! Invite your friends! Just kidding most of you are in Canada! There will be pictures so that will be great. Yes we are really excited for them they couldn't be more prepared. Amanda is already taking her kids to seminary and mutual. She is already teaching them gospel standards and she was doing it before she even knew the gospel! Ruben is seeing the blessings of living the gospel with his gym that he owns being busier than he can handle. He actually has been paying tithing to the Catholic church since he really wanted to but didn't know how to at our church. Now he knows and will be able to see even more blessings. They are awesome!

Well that's all for today. Love you all! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Editors (Elder Sorochan's mom) note: I have no idea what the pineapple is all about

 Zone hike at Spring Creek

 Me and Elder Turner

 Elko Zone!

 Big hills aka "Mountains"

 Nevada is beautiful

Elder Sorochan's mom here again.  Like I said, no idea about the pineapple :D 

Elder Clark and Elder Sorochan 

The baptism of Yvonne and her son Luis.  Elder Sorochan taught her for a long time in Sparks.

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