Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Lord Prepares

May 8, 2017

Ok everyone welcome to another exciting episode of the Nevada Reno Mission Experience starring your's truly: Elder Sorochan! Ok the fun story of the week is this. This week I met a man whom I now call Sir Mario. Yes Sir Mario. He is a Knight for the Catholic Church. Fun fact everyone, the Catholic Church has knights. We were walking down the street and we saw him doing some yard work and we offered help. We started talking to him and we found out he is a Knight of Columbus. He has a sword, cape, and everything. This was news to me so now I call him Sir Mario, Knight of the Catholic Church. I think we need to do that in our church. We should be called the Knights of Moroni. It would be pretty awesome I think.

Ok so this week was great. I got to go to a meeting in Sparks on Friday and had a really great time. The weather was wacky while driving which made it fun. At the meeting I got to see almost all my favorite missionaries! I saw Elder Williams, Elder Hadley, Elder McKenna, and Elder Latham! It was so fun! At one point some of the missionaries had to try to make a pie without any instructions just the recipe in 7 minutes. That was Sister Chesnut training it was really funny. The point was that we can't just tell people things, we have to teach the details. It was really fun! I also discovered that the best pizza on the planet is in Battle Mountain of all places. Look it up.

I have some exciting updates! First off for those of you that have been with us since Canada I have received word that Andrew has been baptized and Cheryl and him and I think his step dad are coming to church now! As well even more exciting news is that this past Saturday Yvonne and her son Luiz were Baptized!!!!!! Woohoo!!! I am so excited for them this is such an awesome decision that they have made! They are going to be such great members! Lastly Brenda has resurfaced. I have been able to contact her and the last 6 months have been crazy and she has been all over the place but she is now in Carson and I am sending missionaries back to her this week! Everything is going so great!

Still struggling with finding people home, but when we do there are great miracles! Almost everyone we do find home we either meet with or are able to set something up! Elder Clark and I are really learning diligence in our work but we are having fun! One night we played hockey with the mini sticks I got this week. It was super fun to play hockey again after over a year! We had a best of 5 series and played games to 5 goals using boxes as hockey nets. Elder Clark won game one 5-3 but then I swept the series winning 5-3, 5-3, and 5-2. Rough start, great finish as they say.

Yesterday on Sunday we had Elephant Ears for dinner! Here they call them Navajo Taco's and we had taco stuff on them, but I also got powdered sugar and grape jelly. So good!

Ok now to the big news! Last week I mention that some people were getting baptized so here is the story! Ruben and Amanda have been investigating the church for awhile, just not with missionaries. They are this really cool couple that have been surrounded my LDS people in their life and have had a ton of discussions with their LDS friends. Over the past few years I believe they have been learning about the church and have been seeing the Lord's hand in their lives. Ruben owns a gym and one little old lady that comes to his gym gave him a Book of Mormon. After a few months he started to read it and through reading it and learning from his friends he has come to know that this gospel is true. Amanda has been reading as well and together they have been going full force into the church now. They have a friend named President Shumway who is going to be a mission President in Guatemala this coming summer and he has been helping them. With his and others help they are reading the scriptures every day, praying, and coming to church. They have 5 kids all Amanda's and none Rubens. Two are investigating as well. However yesterday all 7 of the family came to church arriving 17 minutes early! The kids are now coming to mutual and Amanda has said that she is going to have the older ones going to seminary these last 2 weeks of it! They know pretty much everything we teach them already and have let nothing phase them. They know this is true and can't wait to be baptized! It will be May 20th at 7pm pacific time. It is so exciting! This has been such a good week

Love you all. Make sure you are reading the Book of Mormon everyday!

Elder Sorochan

 A cake the AP's used in their training

 Elder Hadley

 Elder Latham

 Elder Mckenna (my trainer)

 Elder Vargas

 Elder Williams

 Sister Chesnut training

Stopped by Yvonne's on the way home to Elko!

Elephant ears

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