Wednesday, 24 May 2017


May 22, 2017

Hello everyone how's it going?

The fun fact of the week comes from a move that Elder Clark and I helped out with this week. We were helping someone in the Sister's ward move since they are too little to lift really heavy things. It was a good thing too because if it weren't for Elder Clark and his massiveness we wouldn't have been able to move this one couch into the house with a stair case that was maybe 8 inches wider that the couch at best. Anyway the father of the family actually used to be a semi-pro hockey player! It is really cool because they had a hockey net and everything for their 2 year old son in their garage. I shot a tennis ball with a hockey stick for the first time in FOREVER!!!! It was great. He told us this story of this time he was 15 and at a camp where 2 pro's from the LA kings came and mentored them and he bunked with the NHL players. The funny part of the story was though was the first night he had a dream where his hand was stuck to the ice. The funny part was is that he sleep walks and so was out of his bed with his hand on the floor saying right in front of the NHL players that his hand was stuck to the ice. They teased him about it all that week.

Thank you Mom for the package. It will take me forever to eat all those cookies and all that candy!

I got sick this week for 2 days and was out of commission. There is a flu bug going around in Elko and I caught it. It wasn't that fun but I survived. That however means there isn't a ton to talk about this week due to the a lot of the rest of the time being taken up by 2 moves and 2 other service projects and what is about to come up...

Ruben and Amanda were baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a neat experience to finally be at my own baptism!!!! They are so prepared. They know so much, are reading daily, and have a very strong desire to be sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. At the baptism we had around 60 people there from our ward and 2 others of people that know Ruben and Amanda and helped them come unto Christ. President Shumway who is a big friend of theirs baptized them, and the Stake Patriarch whose wife gave Ruben a Book of Mormon confirmed them! It was a very spiritual time and Ruben came out of the water crying a little and gave President Shumway a big hug!

It was a great week. Y'all have a great week!

Love y'all!

Elder Sorochan

We get free ice cream at a place and while I ate I played Jenga while Elder Clark wrote letters
 My family sent me a giant package!!!!!!!!

 May in Elko

Ruben and Amanda and their family

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