Friday, 23 June 2017

2 new gator's

June 19, 2017

Heyo! Hows it going everyone? This week was a fun week so listen up!

First off I had 2 exchanges. The first was with Elder Gourdin one of my Zone Leaders. He is from Globe Arizona. Ever heard of it? Me neither. He is super cool and really fun however, our exchange was a little weird. He got sick near the beginning of it and we had to come in for maybe a total of a third of the whole exchange. It was crazy. It was good timing though because back in Elder Gourdin's area Elder Clark and Elder Feichko were crazy busy. They had to go give 3 blessings and get to some other appointments whereas we didn't really have much going on. It was a blessing on timing so that the things the Lord needed to get done could happen and Elder Gourdin could rest which was awesome!

The other Exchange was with Elder Gailey. There was a couple really funny things that happened. First off we were just walking down the street and there was this little girl maybe 4 years old just sitting in the front seat of a car. We said hi and just kept walking. We are asked to be careful around kids so we say hi and just try to appear nice if we don't already know the kids or the parents. After passing the car she leaned out and asked what are names are. She then just started talking to us and asked if she could have a drink out of Elder Gailey's water bottle. We said no, told her to ask her mom instead and her mom came outside. We said hi to the mom and just started walking away. The girl called to her mom and said she had been talking to some weird guys. She just totally roasted us. We also got to eat at Costa Vida for free! We were at Costa Vida and we were just waiting in line and no one really talked to us. However when we got to the cash register this man came up and offered to pay for us! He was a member traveling through from California. Super nice of him.

This week we found 2 new investigators! One is named Matt he is the husband of a less active woman who wants to start coming back to church. We taught them the restoration and he seemed to be thinking about it a good bit while we were teaching. We committed them to read the Book of Mormon and they said they would. They will be gone for a few weeks on vacation but after we will get back to meeting with them.

The second is a woman named McKenzie. Met her while out trying a less active couple and she was outside and we just started talking to her. She has a boyfriend who's parents have been meeting with the Spanish Elders and she said she would be interested in meeting. We saw her the next day and she has no religious knowledge so we started clumsily teaching her from ground zero. It was a good lesson and she seems very interested so we are going to reteach the first half of the restoration again (that's all we had time for that day) from the pamphlet so she has something she can go back to later.

Love you all keep being great!

Elder Sorochan

PS. out of time so pics will come next week

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