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It's Monday?

May 29, 2017

Hello everyone! I can't believe this week is done already it flew by. I don't like this. My mission is starting to go fast. STOP!!!!! ALTO!!!!!!! It's all ok. I'm better than Elder Clark's friend. He got arrested after his fifth armed robbery. That is going to be a lot of time in jail. Don't do drugs kids.

Well I forgot my planner at the apartment today has been weird and I was a tad forgetful so sorry everyone! I will do my best to remember what happened this week.

Tuesday was a neat day. We had 2 inspired stop by's from our planning session that morning. There was a name I suggested we try at a time and then Elder Clark thought of someone to try but then he thought that we should try them at the time I had said to try someone so we did a little switch aroo and it worked out PERFECT!!!! The first people was Jaime and Tara. We have been really struggling to get a set time to meet with them, so we stopped by and talked with Jaime. We were able to just be his friend for a little bit. That seemed to help because we were able to set up some service with him weeding the rocks in his front yard (yes rocks. People try to do what's called zero-scape here in there yards. It's essentially landscape to where you don't have to take care of your yard with rocks and stuff that doesn't grow, but sometimes weeds still get in) We also set up us being able to wash our car at his place today which was super nice to do it for free! We also have been able to talk with his wife Tara a little more which will help us hopefully be able to get in and have appointments with them where we can teach and read the Book of Mormon with them. They are great people. The biggest challenge is his work schedule. Miners have the craziest schedules. We make it work though!

After we stopped by the Cornelius's. Bro. Cornelius had surgery a while ago on his spine or neck or something and he can't really do anything. He has a rock solid testimony and so does his wife but due to this surgery they are house ridden so that he can recover. It is a super long recovery. Anyway we stop by every now and then to lift his spirits and to check up on him. Bishop wants to make sure he is ok so we help with that. When we stopped by his daughter answered the door. Bro. Cornelius was currently unavailable so we started talking to her. She is a chatter box and we just were talking for awhile. After some time I checked my watch and realized we had been talking for longer than I would have liked, but I have seen that when something like this happens, it's because Heavenly Father needs us to stay for something. We kept talking and sure enough Bro. Cornelius came around and asked us for help in giving his wife a blessing. She had severely twisted her ankle and we later found out it was broken and he was just going to call someone to come help. We came in and helped him give the blessing and shared a scripture with them as well. It was really neat to see the timing!

I got to go on exchanges with Elder McGee this week and we did a lot of service. We helped at the food bank which I always love to do. It is always fun helping at the food bank. You never know who you are going to see there and the service you offer is a good one. And I just like the feel of Food Banks for some reason when I volunteer. We helped someone move in too which was fun. We had our dinner fall through so I asked Bro. Norton if he would give us a ride to Costa Vida since we are super low on miles. We only have 275 this month. We had a really nice dinner with him there and had fun joking around.

Sunday was really neat too. There is a recent convert in our area who has been struggling to come to church due to work and health. Things just keep happening that have stopped me from meeting him but his wife texted us saying he was really sick and asked if we could say a prayer over the phone. We texted her saying we would be happy to come over and give a blessing. She didn't want us to get sick but we told her not to worry that we would be right over. We went over and he did not look well. We talked for a bit just to kinda break the ice and then Elder Clark gave the blessing. It was really powerful and the Spirit was really there. You could tell Elder Clark's words were inspired. It is so nice having good, hard working, obedient companion. It seemed to help him and they are moving forward getting him the medical help he needs.

Everyone, it is really important to have a joyful, optimistic attitude. We are children of Heavenly Father, who is truly our Father in the very literal sense of the word. He is guiding us and helping us. We just have to do the simple things that He asks as best we can and keep trying to get better. If we do that, everything works out! Be believing, don't worry, just keep trying, and it will work. He will provide if we just trust. Sometimes that means winging it a little bit, but if we are doing the simple things we need to do, we can know that the Spirit is with us and that things are working out. Have a great week everyone! Don't forget to smile!

Love you Mom, Dad, and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

My family sent me a giant chocolate bar! 

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