Thursday, 29 June 2017

"No one lives here"

June 26, 2017

Hello everyone we have lots to talk about to today so lets gets started!

First off a funny story for you. We were trying a less active in the trailer park area that we cover and we knocked on the screen door. The front door was open and you could see the guy we were trying to talk to sitting on his couch. However after knocking on the screen door we just hear him say "No one lives here." ??? Ok. I said "what?" He said again "No one lives here." I asked "No one lives here?" He said "yep." XD I laughed and said "Ok have a great day!" and walked away with Elder Clark.

Ok now for the next update transfers! Elder Clark is sadly leaving us to go to Reno North to be a district leader woohoo! Sniff, so proud! It has been such a great time being with Elder Clark! He is such a great missionary and has done so much good here. He is going to do so many great things over in Reno North. He is actually going to the area that Elder McKenna went to when he left me. Elder Clark has taught me so much about being happy, being humble, and how to work hard and have fun at the same time. He has become a very close friend of mine that will last well beyond the mission. I am so glad to have served with him. My new companion is Elder Freeman! Elder Freeman fun fact trained Elder Clark and is going home in 6 weeks so I will be his last companion. Fun times. This is going to be a great transfer!

First off from the week we went and had Carter help us get a crib for a potential investigator named Hillary from Ryndin (sp?). One the way there we ended up getting a flat tire. The only way back home was on the Highway and we had put on the spare tire that looked pretty sketchy. We weren't sure whether or not to go back so we prayed and we all felt prompted to drive back to Elko, just slowly. It was cool that we all received the same prompting and got back safely.

We had a zone activity where we went to Brother Stones house. Brother Stone is a big time business man in town and loves the missionaries. His house is super sweet and big and he had a Foosball table and a volleyball net. It was super fun. We sang a couple songs too.

We also got to help with Carter's brother's eagle scout project. We had to talk wheel barrow's of gravel up at least half a mile up a hill. It took about 4 hours and I am still feeling it and it was on Saturday.

We got to have a lesson with Thomas one of our investigators and it was super powerful. We were really guided by the Spirit and for the first time he prayed with us it was super great!

Well I was silly and ran out of time. More to come next week. Love y'all! Love you Mom, Dad, and Anna!

Elder Sorochan

Elder Sorochan in the back of a car with the crib they're helping someone with 

Elder Sorochan and Elder McGee 

 Elder Sorochan, Elder Clark and ward members

 Changing a flat tire

Helping at an Eagle Scout project 

Zone activity 

 Zone activity

My zone!

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