Thursday, 2 November 2017

When things work out!

October 23, 2017

Hello everyone! First off we have some birthday's we have missed so we will start with those! Happy Birthday Greg on September 13th! Happy Birthday Noelie on October 20th! Happy Birthday Benjamin on September 13th! Happy Birthday Jeremy tomorrow! Happy Birthday Tyler on September 18th! Happy Birthday Maggie on September 29th! Happy Birthday Aaron on September 26th! Happy Birthday Thomas on September 26th! Happy Birthday Emmett on September 27th! Happy Birthday Megan on September 11th! And last but certainly not least Happy Birthday Clair on October 31st coming up!

Ok so now the cool miracle from last week. We have a member of the mission Presidency in Pyramid Lake ward, President Perry. A couple of Sundays ago we met with him and his wife to get to know them and to talk about missionary work with them. We had an opening for dinner and they said they would sign up. They also told us that they love it when we bring people to dinner when they have us. We thought that was a really awesome idea so we worked hard all week trying to find someone to come to dinner. We don't know a lot of people we could invite yet but we tried those we did know. One of the people we had talked about was a lady named Greta, who was baptized in October of last year. She has had some trouble staying active for a bit with health and work but she is an amazing lady really smart. We had tried everyone we could think of, but then we realized that we should try to invite her! We hadn't caught her home yet, but we thought it would be a really good idea because she is really good friends with the Perry's and Sister Perry is her visiting teacher. We tried a few times and it was Friday and we still hadn't gotten ahold of her. We tried Friday morning and nothing. We planned to be down in her area later that day so we decided to just see if there was a sign of life at her house. We drove by AND HER INSIDE DOOR WAS OPEN!!!!!!!!!! We were so excited! We talked to someone outside on the way to her house after parking a little ways away. He was nice but was very not interested in religion. That's ok. When we knocked on Greta's door she was home and was super nice. She also accepted our invitation to come to dinner! It was a tad scattered the invitation. I was so excited she was home I forgot to introduce myself! haha it worked out! Dinner was awesome the Perry's are housing our first Muslim convert in the mission and so between her and Greta we got a lot of conversion story telling. We committed Greta to do the New Member Lessons because she got baptized just before Elder's replaced Sisters in this ward so it seems like she just slipped through the cracks. All is moving forward though!

This week we taught Doug and Lundy about Tithing and the Law of the Fast. He was totally cool with it and didn't really have any concerns. He was really funny though because when he explained his text as to why this Sunday would be the official start of them coming to church, he said that they had discussed it and that they were settled in enough now into the new house and healthy enough so they could come to church. While walking around Saturday we ran into them when we passed their house and he again said that they would be there. At church we didn't see them come in which at first was super sad. After Sacrament meeting though Elder Doig saw them so we went and asked when they came in. Apparently they came in about 10 minutes early and we somehow did not see them. THEY CAME THOUGH! It was so awesome!

Got to help someone prep to move to San Diego this week. She has a house in Red Hawk and was recently baptized in San Diego. What was cool though was her mom came to help who isn't LDS and we ended up teaching her the Restoration. She ate it up! She throughout it was saying that it made a ton of sense! She is in San Diego too but she is so prepared those missionaries there have a great investigator coming their way!

That's all the time I have for now! Next week will be pics of the pumpkin we carved for our zone activity from this last week! Take a guess at what it was hint: it's Canadian themed!

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