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Viva Canada!

September 25, 2017

It is PDAY again hurray! Well what a crazy wild week this has been. It has been awhile since I have felt so lost in my area. Double into an area is a crazy experience let me tell ya. You are deer in the headlights for a few days and everyone is talking to you as though you know what’s going on. After awhile you are just EVERYONE STOP I DON’T KNOW WHAT I AM DOING JUST LET ME FIGURE OUT WHAT MY NAME IS FIRST STOP!!!! And then you calm down and everything is fine and works out. If my mission hasn’t been a testament of it yet I testify that even though it may not ever seem like it this week alone has shown me that as long as you keep trying everything works out. Oh but before we move on I have a joke for y'all courtesy of Brother Anderson of the Elko 4th ward. Q: Why do Missionaries always cross their legs? A: Because they only get one P-Day a week! XD HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m so funny! I bet you p’d yourself laughing! Ok sorry I’ll stop. Don’t give me that look. :D Ok now on to more serious stuff.

Monday was a great day. I don’t really enjoy packing, you have to go find all your stuff and try and fit it in your suitcase. I’m not always that great at either. That night was awesome though my last dinner in Elko was at the Nortons/Garcia’s and it was awesome! At the end we roasted marshmallows and I got some sweet pictures with Elder Lee. They have helped us out so much I am so grateful for all they did over my 6 months there. After dinner we had a lesson at the Martins. We were planning on inviting them to church. I honestly don’t know why they don’t go so my plan for my last night was to invite them, but during the lesson as I looked at them I received a distinct impression not to invite them to church or do our lesson plan on it. A few minutes later I started to feel like I should invite them but I received another prompting not to do it. I was then “Alright Spirit what should I do intead?” And I got the idea to commit them to have Elder Lee and his new companion Elder Abbott come and practice all the lessons with them so I shared a scripture and committed them to the practice lessons and they accepted. I don’t know why it changed to that but that’s what the Spirit said and who am I to question Him? We also got to go say bye to Amanda and Ruben which was nice. They are really cool people I’m glad I got to know them and will be able to stay in touch.

Tuesday was crazy. Saying good bye to Elder Lee was sad. I love Elder Lee a lot he has been a very good companion. He has made a lot of strides in becoming such a better missionary than when we were first together it has been neat to see. He knows the first vision, can talk to random people on the street and have a conversation, and so on. He is awesome and very funny! Then it was a long drive to Sparks where I picked up… Elder Doig! You will never guess where he is from… Cardston Alberta Canada! HE IS FROM CANADA AND LOVES HOCKEY HOW AWESOME IS THAT!?!?!?!? Pretty dang awesome that’s how. Everyone loves that we are both from Canada it is pretty great. Anyway we got to our appartment which is brand spankin’ new by the way. No previous missionaries which means it’s CLEAN and we will be able to keep it clean. I have so much more motivation to clean right now and with having a car we can do what we want on PDAY and set aside time to clean thuroughly. Heck yeah! That night we got to go do a Q&A with the Red Hawk ward youth which was really fun. They had some good questions. Wednesday we went shopping and got groceries, had Elder Renniger who was serving in our wards plus Spanish Springs ward last transfer go over some stuff with us. It was all confusing and random didn’t really do a lot for us. That night though as I thought about how to do it better received some inspiration on how to better go through the area with Elder Renniger and to write what he said down in a specific spot. We did that the next day and it worked so much better! Wednesday we also got to drive some spanish Elders to the eye doctor. I got to drive someone somewhere! I’ve never done that that I can remember on my mission! BOO YA! We also got to meet the Pyramid lake Bishop Bishop Kahumoku. He is a rock star he knows what he is doing. Our other Bishop Bishop Gonda so far seems really good to we are setting up a meeting with him soon.

Thursday we met with both our ward mission leaders. Bother Lane is kinda intense and goes about it almost like a college professor where he just goes straight into the material it is neat. Our other one Brother Wales is very chill and just down for anything. We have a plan and when we suggest an idea he comes up with ways to make it work. Both are great. Brother Wales’ wife hooks us up with dinners too we didn’t have any this week due to how the wards last transfer divied up the days and she got us a dinner for Thursday on. Also with the move we helped with on Saturday she texted out to people for help because we know nobody.

Friday we had our train the new trainer meeting and there were at least 26 companionships in there it was cool. Introductions took about 45 minutes though which was crazy but sometimes some people need to let us know about every awesome thing about their companion but hey! At least we know we have some stellar missionaries right? President gave a really amazing training during it too. He has this parable of the bike ride experience of where he talks about a bike ride he did across the whole US. Best rendition of the story I have heard him give of it yet. We also had an excellent meeting with one of our investigators, Kevin. He has a goal of being sealed to his wife in the temple. We on temporary exchanges so that Elder Renniger could pass off Kevin and his wife Teeara to me and the lesson went really well. Brother Wales and Brother Lyman came and we taught mostly on the Word of Wisdom while touching on a couple other commandments but the word of wisdom is big for Kevin right now and trying to overcome some stuff. We talked a lot about how we overcome things through Jesus Christ with a lot of great testifying from Brother Lyman and Wales. Both were perfect for the lesson Brother Lyman had some amazing insights and Brother Wales was able to share an experience on how he overcame an addiction.

Saturday was a crazy wacky day. It started in the morning. We had planned on going to get our car checked since we have a dent in it from previous missionaries and we need an estimate on how much it will cost to fix it. However, just as we were leaving to do that we got a call from the Reno North Zone Leaders asking us to help move someone from their area into ours. We had to find the place first however and after a scramble to first get some gas and then check out one place then ask a worker at where we were where the place we were looking for was. The feeling that sentence gives you trying to read it is about how we felt at the time. Turned out the place we were looking for was all the way out in the middle of Uganda down Pyramid High way. Lets just say our miles got    W R E C K E D that day due to how many times we had to go up and down that road. It wasn't even to get stuff to move but we also had dinner down there with an appointment in between in the other ward we cover so it was crazy! We got permission to go into Stead which is a ways away to help more with the move. We helped move Guillermo (SP?) who is a really cool guy from the Dominican Republic. He has a lot of potential we are going to start working with the members in the area to befriend him. He will be solid. This move however took forever and we ended up being super late to both our next appointment and dinner. It all went ok though both families were super chill about it. The appointment was with our investigator Doug. He has some really good potential just has to start coming to church. We just had a brief get to know meeting since our time was short.

Sunday was cool. I haven't been to church at 2 wards since Dayton so it was really fun to be able to do that. We got to go to a family home evening with a family which was super fun. For the activity we played this shocker game where there is a generator thing that sends a current through these two metal bars. We all hold hands and the two end people hold the bars. We all feel the current go through us and it keep getting stronger till one of us quits. I never quit, though at one point I could no longer grip with my hands so my hand slipped out of the person next to me. It was fun. I had a neat experience with fasting though which is what I want to testify of today. Fasting and prayer works when it is according to the Lord's will. Since this last Sunday was fast Sunday, I fasted. Surprise! What was neat about it though is I didn't know what to fast for, so I prayed asking for suggestions and right away I got something. It was something I had been praying for throughout the week so I did and by the end of my time fasting right before dinner an event happened that answered my prayer/fast and helped improve immensely what it was about. The Lord will answer our prayers in His timing as we put in the work. I know this to be true. It happens all the time for me. Love you guys! Stay awesome and don't forget to smile! Bye!

Elder Sorochan

 Bye Spanish Elders!  Thanks for all the rides!

 Elder Lee signs the companionship jersey

 The jersey!


 The Garcias and the Nortons

 Goodbye Elder Lee


 The perfect marshmallow

My new companion Elder Doig!

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