Thursday, 9 November 2017

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November 6, 2017

Last Pday was super fun. We went to Wendy's with Hunter and talked to a homeless man I met last time I was in Sparks. We went to Scheels and then played games at his house.

This week we got to help with the Baptism of Annie. She is a neat girl who is 9 years old. She has the mental age of 4 but her parents decided on having her baptized with her 8 year old brother. It was interesting to teach her but it was great for the family and they are so great. They are so nice and generous. The Mom gave us a hair cut, they always give us a ton of leftovers from dinner, and just overall they treat us great! There is a longer story to this family but I can't share it over email so one day!

We have been having some hard days of going and trying person after person and having them not home or not interested. I sometimes struggle with taking rejection personally. There was two things that happened this week that helped with that though. One was a visit with Greta. We stopped by and she was home. There is now a plan for her to be taught by some other missionaries. It's kinda sad because I would love to teach her, she is awesome, but it is what is best for her so it is ok. She works for the Sparks PD and we were able to talk about how to be neutral in dealing with people. It helps not take it personally. I am excited to try it this week. The other time was having dinner with Bishop Kahumoku in Pyramid Lake. As we were talking about people we were able to give info and reports on people. It was a big confidence booster.

We on Halloween got to go to a Halloween party for a bit! We were allowed to go to "ward activities" and a member invited us to come. We were able to associate with some people and be seen for a bit it was fun! The rest of Halloween was taken up by a short lesson of reading the Book of Mormon with a less active and a 3 hour medical trip for some biking area elders. Office miles! We had to go in early at 7 that night too.

Got to go to a meeting and see Elder's Jones, Hadley, and Clark it was super awesome! A great meeting too.

Had a fun family home evening last night with the Mundt and Healey family. The Healey's aren't active but live with members so we teach them at family home evening.

Love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Sorochan

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