Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fun week

November 13, 2017

This was a fun week, but first the funny story. Monday night we were going and trying less actives. We had planned to go try the Clintons who seem by the notes like they might let us come back. We went up to the door and there were more cars in the driveway than usual. Perfect lets go up! As we walk toward the door we hear noise coming from inside. At first we thought that it was maybe party noise. Perfect. Let's knock. As we get closer though, the noise seems, more aggressive lets say. We stop before we knock to listen. We hear a little mocking laughter and some loud comments. Then we start to hear some swearing and some very, attacking comments we'll say. At this point we realized that the couple was fighting. Loudly. At this point you might hear of a story where the missionaries knock on the door of the fighting couple, they see it's the missionaries, they repent and we all go on missions and to the temple and what not. We on the other hand were smart and realized that doesn't really happen and since the Spirit was not yelling at us to knock we just moved on to the next house.

On Tuesday we had a stellar lesson with Doug. He is so close. We finished up the temples and families lesson and he said that it filled a few gaps for him which was excellent. He wasn't able to come to church because of Lundy and her back but he texted us saying he read the scriptures instead since he couldn't come. Hey, he may have not been able to come, but he made an effort to do something which was very admirable.

Wednesday was Zone Conference. I forgot my camera cord I so silly sorry next week you will be overloaded with pictures I promise. It was a good zone conference. We got trained on the Light the World initiative. We will be getting pass along cards for it and working with our wards to share it. Our bishops wife in Pyramid lake is helping to set up a live nativity that will promote light the world at the Spanish Springs ward bishops farm. Oh and we won one of the cleanest car awards so we got a Walmart gift card! It was sweet I didn't expect to get it. We aren't messy, but...

Friday I had a super fun exchange with Elder Flores in his area, Sun Valley, Spanish Speaking. There were so many cool miracles that happened. We made the commitment to talk to everyone and the first person we talked to was not interested in barely talking to us, but the second person we talked to said we could come back! It was sweet! We got to talk to someone else that when we asked who she knew that needed a message on Christ she said her! It was so great. We taught the Plan of Salvation twice, once to a recent convert and once to a less active couple. Elder Flores was really smart and included me by telling me what point to teach and he would then translate. I would also once each lesson read a scripture in the Spanish Book of Mormon. I know what it says in English and I know how to read spanish words, so it was so fun! At dinner we had quesadillas and someone at the house we were eating at tried to argue with Elder Flores, and Elder Flores shut him down! He didn't combat he just bore testimony and taught doctrine it was cool, and all in Spanish.

Saturday we did service for a part member family helping load rock onto a place in their backyard. It was a fun project a ton of the Red Hawk ward came and helped. The wife is active and we are going over for dinner tomorrow. Super fun! We also that day talked to two people in this one circle road called Sacred Circle, where two people said we could come back! One even set up an appointment with us right there and the other said he would like to feed us and his wife might be a hidden less active member!

Sunday was a good day. Talked about light the world, first time ever got into Red Hawk ward council, and had a good fhe with the Healys who came to church! Sister Healy's schedule changed so she doesn't work on Sundays anymore!

That's all for this week. Till next time, don't forget to smile! Love you more bye!

Elder Sorochan

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