Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Charity Never Faileth

September 4, 2017

Hello again everyone! It has been a good week in the land of Elko. Can you believe I have been here for almost 6 months?!?!?!?!? Elko is awesome thankfully. My mission is just awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

Ok now on to the week. Something really funny happened this last Monday. Y'all remember how I mentioned I played the piano in sacrament meeting? Well there is this family name the Jones' that were, jokingly of course, mad at me that I had never played for them whenever I had been over for dinner. Well I told them it was because I never had my music. Well we made the arrangement that I would bring it and so I did this past Monday and they had me play for them before I could have my dinner. Sometimes we must work a little harder for what we need I guess. It was fun though I love getting to play. The next day we had an amazing Zone Conference, one of if not my favorite yet. Almost the whole conference was dedicated to learning how to recognize and understand the Spirit. The assistants gave a training on how to use our phones effectively which didn't really fit but oh well. President is inspired so it was for a reason. Side fact this is the last Zone Conference I will ever see Elder Latham and potentially the last time I will ever see him as a missionary! He goes home in 2 weeks and unless I go down to Sparks on the Tuesday of transfers if I get transferred I will never see him as Elder Latham. Next time he will be Brandon. (Weird) I got to give a talk at Zone Conference too which was really fun! They are just 5 minutes talks that we all have to prepare and President calls up 4 random people to come give them. I was one. The general topic was the same as what the conference was on so I talked about first how we know if we have the Spirit at all using the story from when I asked Elder Christofferson how we can have the Spirit more with us and then talked about how the Holy Ghost talks to us in small and simple ways using the scriptures Alma 37:6 and Moroni 7:13,16. It was a really fun talk to give.

I don't know if what happened in Texas is effecting us, doubt it, but we got a heavy rain for the first time I've been here for about 20-30 minutes. We were out in the trailer park area and it started to rain so we took over at Sister Prices. Talked to her while the rain subsided which was fun. It was really weird because the rain never really hits us here in my area at least it always just goes around us.

We got to have dinner this week at the band fundraiser. Every year the Elko high school band puts on a fundraiser with (at least for this year) a steak dinner. A member treated us to it and we got to be in the park. It was really fun. The band did a few performances and there was this really cool auction that took place. One of the things auctioned off was a pie that you got to smash in the band directors face. Went for 110$. Took some good pics and videos of the thing it was really fun.

Got to go on exchanges with Elder Hadley. Was really fun to get to go back with an old companion again. We went into his area. First time I have left my area here in Elko while on exchanges with the Zone Leaders! We spent sometime in the MeadowValley ward which covers a tiny part of Elko and these area's called Osino and Ryndin and a few other places. Very spread out and a LOT of missionary work there to do. We taught 2 lessons there and then went to Wells, this town that they cover that they go to about once a week. There is a Quiznos there that gives missionaries a free meal once a week. It was great! We taught this lady out there named Shaney said Shawn-ee. She is neat. At first you wouldn't think she would be interested by her appearance or what she is into. She has a ton of tattoo's all over and likes horror stuff, but while we were there she was very engaged and committed to baptism on the spot! She has already been reading a little bit of the Book of Mormon already from the previous visit she had from the missionaries. What was really neat was Elder Hadley felt prompted to commit her to the 30th of September to be baptized which is really soon. She has a lot to do to get there but she could make it anything is possible!

Elder Lee too has been doing really well. He is getting so much better at talking to people on the street and coming up with things to say. His exchange has already made a huge difference since he had to take over the area. It allowed him to see what he needs to learn. He is improving his studies and getting a bit more eager which is awesome he is such a great missionary! He will do so well out here!

This Labor Day weekend was also the Elko County Fair. We as missionaries had a booth out there with Book of Mormons, Pamphlets, and Pass Along Cards. It was really fun because we saw people of all types. There were some interested people, and there were some drunk people interested in one of the Sisters that was there when I was. Elder Lee and I got to help out on Sunday, which was surprisingly the day with the least amount of interested people. It was still fun though and we gave out some pamphlets and a few Book of Mormons.

We also this week got to have interviews with President Chesnut. This one was particularly powerful because I learned a lot about Christ like leadership. We have been trying to help out some missionaries here in Elko and were not too sure how to fully do it. Those involved trying to help, myself included, were not looking at it properly. During interviews I probably received one of the most amazing rebukings I ever have in my life, and President Chesnut never said a criticizing thing to me. He just expressed his love and just said things by the Spirit in a spirit of love that brought the Spirit in and the Spirit came in and helped me understand what President Chesnut was telling me. It was so powerful yet not a mean or demeaning thing was said! Just his own opinions of things and love. It took me twice as long to fall asleep that night because of what I was thinking about. (60seconds instead of 30). I testify that Charity indeed never fails. It brings the Spirit like nothing else can and does more good for others than anything else can. With it you will "always abound in good works." Alma 7:24

Love y'all! Love ya Mom Dad and Anna! Have a great week and Don't forget to Smile!

Elder Sorochan

The Elko Zone!

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