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Who's up for round 2?

September 18, 2017

Hello one and all! To start I came up with a really good phrase to describe us missionaries! Here it is: You never know what you are doing, you just learn how to know how to not know what you are doing. Genius!... if I do say so myself. Well everyone, transfers have come yet again(they keep coming faster and faster every time. I don’t like this) This time however it will not be my companion leaving. My turn has come. This next announcement should explain the title though. I am going to be transferring into the Pyramid Lake and Red Hawke wards in none other than Sparks Nevada! Not only will I be going there, but I will be joined by a brand new missionary who’s name will be… told next week because I don’t know yet. That’s right, we are double transferring in (or white washing depending on how you want to say it). That means the 2 previous missionaries who were there are being pulled out and I and my new companion will be going in. I AM SO STOKED!!!!!!! It will be a bit of a bumby transition at the start but we should figure it out soon enough. We will kill it! Fun fact I have been on exchanges in both area's and Elder Jones a previous companion served in Pyramid lake.

Ok now we had a zone activity this last Monday at Brother Stones house. It was sooooooooo fun. Got to play Werewolf which was awesome!

Ok now to the week. Monday night and Tuesday we helped the Spanish Elder's move some couches out of a member's house that live in our area. The nasty part though, is that they were full of cockroaches and it was a tight fit to get out of the house. It was a miracle we did. Really nasty though. STAY CLEAN EVERYONE DON"T GET COCKROACHES THEY ARE NASTY!!!!!

This week I also got to finish the deck I have been working on since I got here 6 months ago. It was really cool to see the finished product from where we began. Sometimes we get to teach people, sometimes we get to build decks. Missionary work is the best!

We had a few good lessons this week. One was with Ken. We brought brother Blair the Elder's Quorum President with us to introduce them to each other since they are home teaching companions and it went great. We read from 3 Nephi 18 and talked about the sacrament to help encourage Ken to go to church. With the miner schedules it is hard so it was a bit of a pump up lesson!

We found and taught a less active lady named Buelah, who goes by Marie! She has been inactive for almost 50 years and doesn't really consider herself LDS. When we first knocked on her door she didn't seem to open to us talking to her, but something I try and do is ask if we can come just get to know them. People here have heard the same pitch time and time again, so we need to show we care about them! If we take some time, not a really long time or anything, but take some time to get to know them, we can show that we are here for them! If they are interested in us teaching, we go back, if not, we don't go back. When I asked Marie my question she just barely said we could talk to her for a bit on her front porch. We talked for awhile and she began to open up! We eventually asked her why she left the church and she said that life just got in the way. She has solid visiting teachers and although isn't interested in coming back to church, let us come back later in the week to do a practice lesson to get Elder Lee more experience teaching! It was good.

Taught Thomas as well. We went in with a plan but during comp study just before we were done I decided to find one more scripture to use. It was some of the last verses in Alma 32 talking about how when we act our faith grows and when it doesn't it goes away. It was just supposed to segway into the lesson, but turned out Thomas hadn't been keeping his commitments so the whole lesson turned into those scriptures. As we explained just doing a little everyday helps it seemed to click! Hopefully he acts!

Sunday was crazy. Gave a short testimony/talk thing last minute because I was leaving and gave the lesson in Elder's Quorum. The high light though was all the people saying bye to me. I've made some awesome friends here and had someone give me their contact info. So cool. We also found a new potential gator! She was a referral we had tried a few times but hadn't been able to contact. Sunday she answered. What was neat is someone had given her a book of Mormon and I was going to ask if she had any questions, but last second I had the prompting to ask if we could come teach her more about instead. She said yes and set up an appointment with us! It is true the Spirit gives us in the very moment what to say.

Love you all and see ya next week! Bye! Love you Mom Dad and Anna!

Love Elder Sorochan

Deck I have been able to help build from start to finish!

 Zone activity

Lunch with the Spanish Elder's after service at FISH


Zone activity

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