Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Sometimes you feel like nothing ever goes according to plan

August 28, 2017

Ok hello everyone. First off Shout out to my Dad for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! 50 years old everyone. Hurray! I will give shout outs to everyone in the fam who has had bdays so far this year next week. Too much to do so little time. Ok so this week was a week where you just kinda go with the flow. Nothing really ever went according to plan.

On Wednesday I got to go on exchanges with Elder Chesley. He is a brand new missionary from Oklahoma. He has a great desire to do this work! We helped Robin move on exchanges. She is staying in area which is good. That means we still get to teach her!

On Friday I rolled my ankle again. It was very annoying, but I kept a good attitude about it fortunately! That day was mostly sitting around doing nothing except for a solid appointment we had with Thomas. He attended a baptism recently and he expressed his concern of how he didn't feel anything at it. He was super distracted by his kids which made a lot of sense, but we also talked to him about in order to get an answer from God we have to be willing before hand to do whatever God says. We related that to praying, talking to God about these specific concerns, reading looking for answers, and acting in other ways like coming to church. It seemed to make a lot of sense to him and he committed to do these things. On Sunday he didn't make it to church, but hey that is just how it goes sometimes. You just go with it.

Saturday was a crazy day. You all remember how we lost our car? Yeah so with my ankle I can't bike anywhere for a few days but I can walk. On Saturday the day started normal with going and trying less actives. We found a guy who got baptized for a girl. Note of advice don't do that. Then we met with an active member Brother Anderson. Followed up on the Book of Mormon initiative and he is doing great! He then was very kind and gave us a ride to a baptism. Robin was supposed to come but she got rather sick that day and couldn't make it. Since we didn't have anyone we didn't get to watch the baptism but we did comp study instead. Then 5th ward drove us to the trailer park area where we found out two people on the ward list have passed away and another member is moving next week. We also found out our dinner cancelled and our original ride out of there fell through but we were blessed that the people who gave us a ride last minute fed us pizza that they were just going to pick up. Thank you Garcia's!

Elder Lee is doing well. He has trouble with memorizing but nails the first vision every time now he is getting so much better! It is also really hot. Well I did not do a good job preparing for this email there have been a lot of other crazy stuff going this week with helping other missionaries and battling my weaknesses. It's so weird how I know they are there and I don't want to fall to them, but then just watch myself do it. It's like one time I was rock climbing. Sometimes your arms get really weak and you let go because of how weak you feel. One time I decided to fight through that and fight to hold on. As I tried that with everything I could muster I watched helplessly my hands let go. I did everything I could and yet I still fell. The feeling I got as I did that was just so depressing. I felt like really my strength was nothing. It's like that in life. We do everything we can and we end up having to just watch ourselves fail sometimes and there is nothing we can do about it because in all reality, our strength is nothing. That is why we must go to Christ. Without His strength we can do nothing. It is so hard sometimes, yet we must never give up. I will never give up out here. I have only 8 months left, now is not the time to quit. I haven't for the past 16, no reason to quit now. There is such joy in trying, because sometimes you get to see how the Lord magnifies your efforts. It was told to me recently you do more good than you know. So true. It is my trial right now to be patient and to remember that. Keep being awesome everyone and don't forget to smile! Bye!

Elder Kynan Sorochan

Here's some pics of me and Elder Lee

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